What Theaters Are Fighting in 2021: Entropy, Exhaustion, and Netflix



Will there be immunization-only shows for those like first providers who have had their shots (they give you a card, easy to check)?

Might be an incentive to get theatre-goers to line up first - and the events can be streamed on delay for theatre passholders, who can attend in person once they have their shot(s).


@1 That wouldn't be a smart move. Being vaccinated does not mean with this vaccine that you can't carry COVID and that you can't pass it on. It is why they recommend vaccinated people still wear masks. The vaccination means it won't kill you, but it still can use you to transport itself to other people in other households.

They have never had the time or ability to test if it prevents spread or not. :(

I hope they find out and confirm it does, but until they can do longer range tests that is why they are telling people who have been vaccinated to still wear a mask.