2020, The Year Death Became a Major Political Party in America



Death has always been a major political party in this country. Pretending otherwise is revisionist history. This country was founded on death. This country has relentlessly allowed the deaths of its people, almost ALL of whom it considers disposable like trash, whether it was by outright murder, labor practices (starting with slavery), poverty, lack of food, lack of health care, lack of clean air/land/water, lack of protection against corporate interests, lack of accountability, etc.


Such a delightful epiphany.


It’s a death cult over all else, propped up by our predatory, abusive, destructive, kleptocratic government. They have no other goals than stealing all of the nation’s wealth for the insatiably greedy oligarchs and destroying everyone that they hate.

I want all Americans to benefit from living wages, job security, clean air and water, healthy food, a world-class infrastructure, top-quality education, and unassailable equal rights.

Republinazis scream “SOSHALIZM!!!” and want to hang me because I’m gay.

You cannot negotiate or compromise with psychotic religious fanatics that want you dead.


White supremacists are eugenicists by design, even among their own race.




@8 Professor_Hiztory: Those are horrifically sad COVID-19 related infection and death statistics, from December 26, 2020; particularly here in the U.S. The fact that those deaths were all preventable makes this global pandemic particularly tragic.
Thanks for the warning. I will indeed keep on the lookout to report trolls, like @6.
Willful disinformation is killing a lot of people.

Everyone stay masked, healthy, enlightened, and safe.


When white people get unemployed and face hard times, especially when they're racist white men, they start shooting everyone else.

Been true since this country was founded. Only now a small proportion actually end up going to jail for it. They don't get shot for it, they get arrested.


Trump pardoning war criminals will be remembered and not just by Iraq. If the United States does not give a shit about punishing military personnel who murder civilians, they better get ready for other countries to return the favor. We will have absolutely no right to do anything when American citizens are murdered by another country and nothing is done about it.

Of course, America is so busy murdering its own, there really is no need for another country to even bother. More Americans and people detained at the border will have been murdered by Trump and his administration and his minions of white supremacist terrorists than all of the wars combined before its over. 1.1 million people. We're nearly halfway there already.


500,000 people died in the Civil War. And by inauguration day it is likely we will have 500,000 dead from COVID-19 (if there aren't that many already, which is impossible to know since we know that people like Florida's Governor DeSantis hid the number of cases and deaths from COVID "to help Trump out" in the election. Given Trump's destruction of the CDC and all of the information Trump has destroyed and contaminated and just flat out made up, who knows what the real numbers are and who know if we will ever know.

COVID-19 right now is the #1 cause of death in this country. 20 million people traveled for the holidays, ignoring orders to stay home.

Where I live, we get a text every day and today's text said 22 new cases (20 in people 40 or under, including one child and 2 people between the ages of 40 and 60). There have been 150 cases since Thanksgiving (in a county where there have been 551 cases since March). We're expecting at least 200 cases from Christmas and 200 more from New Year's. Meanwhile the PR teams keep pumping out ads saying "come to the coast!" Those of us that live here don't want people coming here. We want them to stay home. 44,000 people live in this country. There are fewer than 50 hospitals beds and it is unknown how many of those beds are ICU beds (and it is also unknown how many of those beds are available). 3 people have died so far. And at this point we're looking at a vaccination window of late spring/early summer.

And still people snicker when I refer to this situation as a zombie apocalypse. That's what is, though. Zombies aren't going around biting you, but they are sick and they are spreading it as much as possible and they do not give a fuck who they infect or who they kill.

A nurse posted on Instagram today that she had a COVID patient who was prone, paralyzed, vented, and dying and she had to set up a holiday "goodbye" call with the patient's family. When she got the patient's family on the video call, they were all gathered in one place (over 20 of them) having a holiday party. If that doesn't prove that this country if full of psychopaths and this shit show is going to go on at least 10X as long as it has to because of how fucked up these people are, I really don't know what does.


@12 & @13 xina: Ageed and seconded. If we could only find a vaccine to end the terminal stupidity of MAGAs, Proud Boys, and other Trump terrorists. The sooner the better.
What are all these defiantly unmasked idiots thinking?


All americans have been conditioned to seek validation and avoid disapproval and prove themselves better than the others. This is all the american will is trained for. It doesn’t know how to find satisfaction in the doing of less or in avoiding a negative collective outcome. It can’t imagine a greater good anymore. It gets antsy when asked to forego constant affirmation. It must judge lest it be judged. It is like a shark - if it stops swimming, it thinks it will die. This is why the obsession with executions and the willful refusal to heed COVID. No, you must constantly swear allegiance to the Great Gatsby self-made cowboy fable or else risk being exposed as a defeatist loser, and nothing is worse than being a defeatist loser. Earn, consume, earn more, consume more, before someone else does. Stop worrying about the waste or the sickness. We’ll get a vaccine you can buy - attack, consume, repeat. All those centuries of western development have led to the creation of a needy, narcissistic, voracious and painfully dull beast. It is why the population is placidly starving to death as the winners detach themselves from the losers who are suffocating as half the economy is rendered moot, rather than rioting in the streets. To be a starving loser is okay. To admit you’re a loser is a fate worse than death.