Politics Dec 29, 2020 at 9:20 am

They're pro-choice and pro-weed, but don't expect them to defund the police.



Even Bernie Sanders is pushing back on the stupidity of defunding the police:



These candidates clearly fail the Leftmus Test.

Off with their heads, and leave the troglodytes in charge.


@1 We know that you willfully ignore the fact that the biggest debate on the left regarding police reform is what terms are used to describe it, not that our current law enforcement system needs reorganization. Demilitarizing the police and expanding community mental health resources is just specifying how one is defunding the police. Even when Biden talks about more money for police training, and an end to the widespread transfer of military hardware to local police, that's just another way to accomplish the same goal. But we know how much you authoritarians love jack-booted thugs with badges.


Pretty rad that you can win a senate seat with a platform of giving your personal friends lifetime jobs instead of giving unemployed Americans a check to cover half the rent. I mean theoretically you could do both.


This isn't your father's Georgia, the state is veering slightly left, and it's worth nothing that progressivism dovetails with economic prosperity, as we've seen with blue or at least purple Virginia, and North Carolina where Democrats are winning and social diversity is being embraced. Hopefully this blue wave that produced a record outpouring of Democratic votes and swept Biden-Harris into office will result in some serious redress to the COVID debacle, perhaps even a New Deal level of federal funding to confront the economic damage and swiftly deliver the much-needed vaccine to as many Americans as possible. Hopefully our own Representative Jayapal can spear head this endeavor, as Trump is buried at sea like a bad memory, Osama bin Laden style, and we move on with our lives, enlightened and healthy--an America reborn if you will, although Mike Pence is waiting in the wings, like the Demon in "Paranormal Activity".

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