This Is What Dating Was Like During 2020 According to My Single Brother



People still hate vegans?


It is fascinating to me that he’s worried about infecting his roomies by bringing someone home, but he isn’t worried about kissing someone he just met or being in an enclosed space indoors with someone he just met. The risk he would infect his roommates over time after getting exposed by a date is probably even higher than the risk of bringing someone home, so he’s engaging in some serious cognitive dissonance. I don’t think this makes him uniquely worse than anyone else at navigating this pandemic, which is a big part of the problem. People are very inconsistent in where and when they assign risk to an activity and how they make tradeoffs in worthwhile gain for ostensibly acceptable risk. Even in this article, family gatherings are “ill-advised,” but dating during the pandemic is in a different risk category?

Sorry, but it’s not.


it amazes me how everyone 'hates' on-line dating but those sites only increase in users and $ every year. i have never met someone who 'loves' on-line dating. the people who do won't admit it.

this story is truly 'fake news'.


"one girl picked up and told him never to call her again (and then kept him on the line to chastise him)"
Has bro never dated white women before?


hard to Argue
with @2.

here's what Ahnald
has to say about
online 'dating:'


Nobody knows how to fold fitted sheets. Instead maybe he could be clearer about what he’s looking for... Like “A girl who loves a good steak, likes to get her hands dirty in the garden, and wants to find the guy she can add to her covid bubble.” You’ll save the the vegans and yourself time and energy by being specific.


@6 has some good points. Also, invest in a pop up shelter tent with 4 open sides you can set up for a COVID friendly date in a scenic spot. Have her help set it up. Shared activities - and common mistakes and a display of humor - help with bonding.


Hmmm! All this stereotypical dating procedure and rules getting in the way of being creative. If eating takeout is bad because you can't go to a restaurant and do datey, restauranty stuff then maybe it is how people approach these things. Does it have to be:
-in a restaurant
-they chat about likes and dislikes
-decision made (reject or accept)
-he pays??
-they leave with Kiss expectation (reject or accept again)
-second date??
-all the way up to poss engagement, married ...on and on. So damn typical.

if there is a pandemic then slow down and get creative with meeting up and dining. Laugh at the odd circumstances and embrace being respectful of boudaries, It might just create a better bond. Online dating is factory assembly line dating. The only thing that comes from assembly lines is the same thing over and over.


@7 exactly


"Michael and his date had to eat their takeout in the trunk of his car."

did they leave it open, for ventilation?
(is he Crumbophobic?)

I dunno. someone asked me to join them in the trunk of their motorcar -- for takeout or pretty much whatever -- I'd be looking for the nearest cell phone\wifi hot spot. 'say, have you seen my Cross? it's really Shiny!' (& quite Pokey, too, if one knows how to Wield it.) I 'spose, being your Brother, he might get a pass but I'd still want some sorta money-back Guarantee (he doesn't wear that helmet on his Dates, does he? to me, that's def a Red Flag).

[oh, and he's a guy
so it's not gonna work]

Good Luck, Michael!
Hang in there!

there's gonna be a LOTTA single
womenfolk plenty soon enough.


didn't I Tell you, Michael?
you're In Demand:

"The Sperm Kings Have
a Problem: Too Much Demand

Many people want a pandemic baby, but some sperm banks are running low. So women are joining unregulated Facebook groups to find willing donors."

well, there ya Go!
speed dating never
looked so Promising...


oops, so sorry, nyt

By Nellie Bowles
Jan. 8, 2021

Whoa, nellie!