The Bald Eagle of Beacon Hill Frustrated by Crows



... so trumpf's disciples are the crows
and Democracy is the Eagle?

or are you the Eagle
and we're the Crows?

I'd rather be a Raven.


Bald eagles in my neighborhood steal crow chicks. I've seen flocks of crows chase off an eagle and make it drop a chick. The crows are not thwarting the eagle out of boredom.


None of them can outrun birdshot.


Fucking birds. Turd Bombers, one and all.


@2 a few times people put up bald eagle cams at their nests and found that they will eat anything. Including ducklings kittens and puppies.

No, I'm not joking. I grew up along Kootenay Lake, we had nests of bald eagles all the time.


@5 I mean, if the world were your claw machine, why wouldn't you?


This sounds pretty delusional but not surprising from someone who seems to think the world after 'late capitalism' (which has been now going on, what, 150 years?) is going to resemble the afterlife as envisioned by Jehovah's Witnesses. What will exist after civilization collapses will no doubt very closely resemble what existed before it began: some pockets of humanity, some of the time perhaps, living peacefully, cooperating. Elsewhere frequent paroxysms of unspeakable savagery.


For shame, Charles! So much corvid inaccuracy and you just a few miles from one of the world's preeminent corvid researchers, John Marzluff. Crows frequently work cooperatively not just when a threat is perceived. They roost at night in groups of thousands to not only keep each other safe but, many researchers believe, to pass along information. Crows lie to each other (pretending to cache food in one place but actually caching in a second location when other crows are watching). They steal from each other (see previous statement) and they cheat on their spouses. Crows teach their offspring to fear a threat they may never encounter (see Marzluff's famous mask study No scientific proof to back this up but I think crows are probably far superior to humans when it comes to cooperation.


Thanks Charles: Keep them coming)


Eagles are scavengers.
I live in an area whith thousands of them. They are usually seen doing what seagulls do, scavenge.
I saw crows diving relentlessly at a great horned owl 2 weeks ago. Usually they are diving at Bared owls in this area. Crows ,along with robins, hummingbirds, chickadees all dive at raptors. But I can understand why you picked crows because they all seem more menacing than let's say a hummingbird.
Also Eagles are very social. I have counted 30 catching the warm updraft above the mountain behind our property. They just look like they are gliding around on a sunny day but it is all checking each other out and meeting up socially often mixed with other hawks.
It is somewhat of a stretch to use your Eagle and crow interaction as a metaphor for the second part of your post. For the crows and many birds, diving, is just an auto evolutionary response to a raptor (they sometimes do it to humans). But as far as Eagles being predators, I would choose Owls, Falcons and Hawks first.
Eagles seagulls and crows... mostly scavengers after easy pickings.


I worked on a project on the edge of Hood Canal and kept hearing an Eagle's (distinct) call; it sounded distant/quiet yet as I worked and narrowed the source down it seemed to be coming from inside a smallish bush on the property and when I peered in it turned out to be a Corvid -- a Steller's Jay...

elsewhere also on the Canal a client informed me he'd lost two cats to Eagles as they (the former) gazed at the Scenery from the high bank.

and in Ketchikan they gathered like crows in the trees above the fish processing plant. I counted thirty before continuing my stroll...

and another client on a Whidbey Island high bank overlooking Puget Sound who frequently fed them chicken thighs. they'd Swoop in and grab them (75% of the time) in (the first) passing. they are Quite LARGE when one sees them up close.

oh and damn near Hit one on the freeway when it came abruptly in front of me after some Roadkill. from my vantage point its wingspan seemed wider than my car.

is it Fitting we have a Predator cum
Scavenger as our National Bird?


k one more
as I followed a car thru Lake Forest Park
a small bird flew out of some bushes directly into
said car's back car's wheel, where it dropped to the pavement and
before I passed a crow was all over it. breakfast served! I wondered if the crow
(or one if its buddies) instigated the wee bird's Panic...