Luke Letlow trumps Herman Cain. And the year ain't over yet...


To assert death comes to those who has different politics is cheap amateur drivel. You're typically more intellectually honest Charles.


@2 One can appreciate dramatic irony made manifest in the world without wishing harm on another human.


People throw the word "tragedy" around a lot, but COVID is real deal: hubris, nemesis, catharsis. The works.


Death comes for those who do not respect it. Anyone who has ever worked a real job knows that.


Herman Cain is the only one I feel bad for, mostly because no one cared that he died. Even his family or whoever took over his twitter account after he croaked was cranking out party-line propaganda. His death was barely mourned let alone treated as the object lesson it should have been but no time is wasted on the dead for these people. Trump uber alles.

It’s all the more amazing in hindsight, after witnessing how quickly and unceremoniously trump’s grip on the national conscience deflated after he lost. He’s barely even pretending to care about being president anymore. It really was all for nothing — reputations, principles, whole-ass lives sacrificed in service of one pathetic man’s fragile ego.

RIP, Herman! You weren’t great but you deserved better.


The trusty ol' anagram machine spit out a couple decent entries, among them March Inane and A Charm Nine.


Also Charm Inane, though I like March a little better I think.


@6: Paragraph 2, indeed!


@2: Nurse Ratched hasn't dispensed out your daily meds I see


Another possibility worth considering is that the universe is fundamentally unfair and arbitrary about how it metes out death, neither smiting the most deserving nor sparing the least.


In the competition for "Most Noted Republican Killed by Covid", Herman Cain is a far second to actual elected but dead congresscritter Luke Letlow (R-LA)

I'm hoping there are a lot more contestants.

Perhaps, Charles, instead of publishing a one-off, you should take a poll: "Who was the Most Noted Republican Killed by Covid?"


Noted in this context means famous, well known. Until Letlow died outside of his district he wasn’t well know. Cain was known on a national level. And Godfather’s pizza.


Raindrop his politics did kill him. He was a vocal Trumper and his belief in those policies killed him.


@15 - I consider not wearing a mask more of bad judgment than bad politics. But I won't argue with those who want to blend the two.


All you have to do is Google search "COVID deniers who have died of COVID" and you will see that the list is fucking long. And it's not going to end anytime soon. There are tens of millions (if not over 100 million) out there in this country alone. And they all don't give a shit until they have killed people in their own family or they themselves are dead (and their families are insisting people NOW take it seriously, because, it's like, for real)!

As for those who say this isn't about politics BULLSHIT. Trump denied, lied about, downplayed, and purposely did nothing. Republican governors and politicians nationwide have done little to nothing for their states and constituents. Florida has lied so much about how many cases and deaths they have they are months behind reporting actual numbers (something DeSantis did to, and I quote, "help Trump out.") Every single Republican in a position of power that has refused to acknowledge this pandemic and how serious COVID is has literally killed people. Every single denier out there who worships Trump and spouts his lies and has screamed HOAX! FAKE NEWS! NOBODY IS DYING! or any of the other bullshit they have been screaming into the void is PARTISAN, HATE FILLED, AND PSYCHOTIC.

It's really rich that the people on this forum who have continually spread misinformation and lies and denied what is happening and pivoted their message as time has continued and more and more people have died and this shit show has gotten worse and worse (remember how it was so funny to them when it was only blue states where people were getting sick and dying? I mean talk about owning the libs!!!) are offended that Republicans are being called out for their own deaths when they actively, willfully, purposefully chose to not wear masks, attend mass gatherings like Trump rallies and White House events and lied to every single one of their constituents and have proven over the last 10 months that they truly, in every possible way, DO NOT GIVE A FUCK WHO DIES OH EXCEPT IF IT MIGHT BE THEM OR THEIR FAMILIES!!!

This is political. This is about Republicans. This is about Trump. This is about the people in power in our government and how they have chosen treason and death as their platform of existence and they are demanding to remain in power (and they are shoving people out of the way so they can be the first in line to get the vaccine, for a virus they have claimed for months is not real, not killing people, no big deal, just like the flu, or whatever is the fucking like of the day).

Please fuck off. Fuck off and shut the fuck up. Those of us that live in the real world, who have watched this situation unfold, who know people who died early on, who know doctors and nurses so fed up with people and their denial behavior as they have watched an endless slaughter and are burnt out to the point leaving their professions --- those of us that are watching now as hospitals are FULL, as ambulances are turned away, as people drop dead in public (on airplanes, in the streets, at their jobs, in their homes where they have been sent to "rest and recover") are too through with you. Enough of your bullshit. SHUT THE FUCK UP. YOU ARE A PROBLEM. YOU PROVIDE NO VALUE TO THIS SOCIETY OTHER THAN BEING A TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT. Congratufuckinglations. Fuck off.

Yeah you know exactly who you are and this is not a dialogue. I am done with you. Every last one of you. The repeat flyers, the ones who aren't banned trolls, the ones who pretend they are contributing, take your bullshit and shove it. Fuck the fuck off.


Not convinced you can separate bad judgment from bad politics in this case. It’s a snake eating its tail, just the same failings mounting on top of each other in an infinite loop.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year xina.


Raindrop I would agree it was bad judgement. Bad judgement caused by his politics. A point of his politics was not masking and ignoring the risk. It killed him.



That figures. Because among your many other inferior attributes is the preternatural ability to ignore even the most obvious contravening evidence against literally any argument you put forth.

For example:

And just to remind you about Cain's own politicization of the issue:


“This Is How Black People Get Killed”:
Dr. Susan Moore Dies of COVID After Decrying Racist Care

As the United States reports record deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 in the final days of 2020, we look at how the pandemic that ravaged the country this year has shone a stark new light on racism in medical care.

In a viral video recorded by Black physician Dr. Susan Moore, she describes racist treatment by medical staff at a hospital in Indianapolis and says they did not respond to her pleas for care, despite being in intense pain and being a doctor herself.

In the video, Dr. Moore says she had to beg to receive pain medication and the antiviral drug remdesivir, and accuses a doctor at Indiana University Health North Hospital of ignoring her pleas because she was Black. “I put forth, and I maintain: If I was white, I wouldn’t have to go through that,” she says.

Dr. Moore died December 20, just over
two weeks after she posted the video.
She was 54 years old.

tonnes more at


There were anti-maskers 100 years ago. Their defiance is denial that it can happen to them or they evaluate the risk to be worth it. It's a visceral human condition that drives this. Then, of course you layer it with politics and politicians and how they exacerbate the problem. The quest to pronounce whether it's mostly politics or mostly bad judgement is interesting, but ultimately irrelevant because it all comes down to a lack of morals.


That tacked-on "closing note" is a pretty sharp illustration of the hazards of getting a year-end column in the can a couple weeks early so you can run it during your holiday break.


@23 The problem with "evaluate the risk to be worth it" is that masks don't prevent an individual from contracting COVID-19, they prevent an individual (possibly asymptomatic) from transmitting SARS-COV-2 to others. The risk is borne not by the mask-deniers, but by all of the other people who have to share public spaces with them, and by the people who in turn share homes and other private spaces with those others.

Rational Actor cost/benefit or risk/reward calculations produce adverse aggregate outcomes when the actor gets even a small reward and all or most of the risk is imposed on someone else.


@25: Yes, but studies also show that weakening a mask helps prevent the mask wearer from infection.


@25 I'm not just making my usual point about your refusal to improve your language skills when I say that "weakening a mask" is complete gobbledygook.

Maybe just link to the studies you have in mind so we can figure out what the hell you're trying to say?

The only qualified advice I'm aware of on any benefit to the individual of wearing a mask came in a revised statement from the CDC a month or two ago, and if you went in and read the whole thing you'd have found that it was simply a reiteration of the long-established knowledge that we all benefit from greater protection when a higher percentage of the population wears masks, but contorted into individual-responsibility phrasing for the benefit of those who might not be able to understand any other form of ethical argument.


@26 of course. Numbers are hard eh.


And I suppose that should be "willing to accept" rather than "able to understand." The problem with conservatives usually isn't that they can't understand a thing, but that they just don't give a shit unless it affects them personally, and they think everyone else shares this miserable attitude.


@29 I'm thinking that if you turned that filter off, you might hesitate before singing the praises of The Stranger's newfound commitment to comment moderation.


@27 - Sorry. Not in the mood for rebuttals to tangential debates, especially in regard to covid. Find someone else to play with.


@31 I think it might be as much "countries that had some sense scared into them by SARS" as countries with "consistent top down policy which emphasizes strict adherence to epidemiological evidence." And it's not particularly encouraging that these two descriptions apply to pretty much the same set of countries.

I'd note that COVID-19 death rates are also low in countries with low life expectancy-- it's hard for any disease to kill people over 65 when they're already dead.


@33 Here, you forgot your ball.

I don't blame you really, I'd scurry home too if I couldn't find a single peer-reviewed study to cite in my first couple-few Google searches.





@36 Yeah, trolls were a hell of a lot more fun before the professional ratfucking industry figured out how to weaponize trolling, weren't they?

But I'm dating myself, that era was already in decline when Facebook was still a hotornot clone for rich kids.


@35: Good. However you look at it suits me just fine.



Even when you give up completely and just phone it in you still sound like an idiot...


I liked this impromptu obituary for Herman Cain:


@42: Your disappointment is duly noted.

Very interesting...


This breaks my heart. Mary Ann dies from covid.



Now you've descended into doing bad Arte Johnson impressions? At least when HE played a Nazi it was funny...


@46: I was thinking you were going to find a way to fire at me over @45.


When does a new strain of coronavirus earn the right to the number to Covid-20 (-21?)

I'm not sure why we should believe the Covid will go away quietly and that the worst is over.


Another asshole who used his public forum to misinform (and sicken and kill people) who is now really sorry because he's sick. Fuck these assholes, every single one of them.

Dr. Drew started 2020 downplaying the pandemic, he's finishing 2020 trying to recover from COVID-19

In a viral TV interview on March 2, he called the coronavirus pandemic “a press-induced panic.”

“Way less serious than influenza — that should be the headline,” he said during the interview with KTLA-TV. By April as the virus spread to millions across the globe, Pinsky apologized for his ignorance in a series of videos shared on YouTube. The videos consisted of clips from both his online show, “Ask Dr. Drew,” his podcast, and other media appearances during which he claimed the virus was not a big deal.


The good news is that the vaccine will likely affect the new strains, and the presence of multiple vaccines will create large variety in the antigen immunity in different populations. It would be bad to have a single vaccine and no variance in the mechanisms of action because that would be readily overridden by these new strains all at once, but the more variance in vaccines and the greater sample size of similar immunity, the easier to contain the varied strains. But of course this depends on people continuing to wear masks and to obtain mass vaccination, as well as to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices. We're not out of the woods for a while. I would expect Summer of 2022 to be the first time people can start to go around maskless with piece of mind again and things to somewhat resemble how they were before 2020.


Peace* of mind (and body and soul).


When and why did Dr Drew go from a late nite radio jock giving out reasonable comments to misinformed teens to a reich-wing tele-doc? That's an interesting story I would like to know.



Well, as you've proven time and again: thinking is not your strong suit...


@53: Nor yours. It took you 11 hours to think of something stupid to return. Stop embarrassing yourself.


Raindrop has a certain style, with a hint of patrician flair that I actually find refreshing in a sort of loyal-opposition way here in a sea of outraged judgemental wastrels and layabouts.

Comte, on the other hand, is merely a demagogue.


@55 - Well, Cheers Swiftress - here have some bubbly - only the best

You too COMTE, looks like you need a topper.

Oh dear, it's empty.... oh well - you've had enough already.


It's actually pretty embarrassing that raindrop responded within 5 minutes.


@57: It's never too early to respond to pleasant comments appropriately.


Personally, as this year draws to an end, I have to say that for the most part I have a soft spot for all of you. Raindrop, Comte and I are old hands here and I would miss them both the way I miss Eva Hopkins, Mr. Harriman, TV Dinner, 5280, Outer Cow, Scary Tyler Moore and many others were they to stop making this their hang out. Even Period Troll, though they still show up under other iterations. And I worry about Theodore all the way in Virginia and wonder if he’s all right, pompous mother fucker though he may be :)

I think at heart most of us are people of good will as angry as we sometimes make one another and I just want us all to have a better new year than this last one.
You’re my Sloggers and I wish you the best


Buonanotte pendejos


May Herman Cain continue to Rot In Pieces! A timely death indeed!



No, it was because I generally have better things to do, such as - well, pretty much anything, than to sit on the edge of my chair in rapt anticipation of responding to your latest déclaration idiote; unlike yourself, since you clearly pound the refresh key with the same fervency you do your own perpetually flaccid member.

And I wouldn't touch that tepid bottle of Cooks you're pouring with a ten-foot gaff pole...



To quote Inigo Montoya, "I do not believe that words means what you think it means"...


@63 OK, I'll put it in terms you can understand. Raindrop is fun. You are a loudmouth jerk. Clear enough?



Ah, a concern troll concern trolling on behalf of another concern troll. Is there a term for a group of concern trolls concern trolling, like, a murder of crows or a gaggle of geese? I propose "an irrelevance of concern trolls"...


rainclod's 'fun' alright
but not funny ha ha
. {sad}

perhaps a dipshittery
of the Concerned

oh and speaking of going off The Rails
(on this crazy train) happy new year!


64 Like assholes are fun eh? Hey, hey, hey Compte is cool.

Its not just republicans that made millions off of our tax dollars and labor. Herman Cain was like a lot of politicians a psychopath,

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