Pro-choice demonstrators just before the Argentine Senate voted to approval voluntary abortion in the Catholic country.
Pro-choice demonstrators just before the Argentine Senate voted to approve voluntary abortion in the Catholic country. Marcelo Endelli/Getty
Two more Louisville police officers involved with the killing of Breonna Taylor to be fired: Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes have been given pre-termination letters by Chief Yvette Gentry, reports NPR. Cosgrove was one of the officers who shot Taylor while Jaynes was responsible for obtaining the warrant that led to the raid.

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R) from Louisiana dies of COVID: The 41-year-old was set to be sworn into Congress on January 3 after winning a runoff earlier this month to represent Louisiana's 5th District. He leaves behind his wife and two young children.

On the eve of the deadline, British lawmakers approve Brexit trade deal: More than four years after the UK voted to leave the European Union, the trade bill passed 521 to 73 in the House of Commons, setting up the island nation for a clean break come 2021. Prime Minister and noted clown Boris Johnson said that deal will allow the UK to take "control of our laws and our national destiny." Still sounds like a bad idea.

Mitch McConnell is Mitch-McConnell-ing: The Senate Majority Leader introduced a bill last night that combines the $2,000 direct payments bill with a repeal of Section 230 and the establishment of a commission to study voter fraud, reports CNN. With those poison pills, it's unlikely that the bill will get passed should it be brought to a vote.

A bomb threat in Leavenworth: Caused a hospital to go on lockdown and partly evacuate after the threat was called into a 911 dispatcher last night. Around 8 p.m. a "difficult to understand" man reported an explosive device in an unspecified location, says Newsweek. But by 2 a.m., officials said the area was clear and people were allowed to return to the hospital. The investigation continues.

Culp literally has nothing better to do: Washington's "mini-Trump" and former gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp is suing nine county auditors. The claim? "The process by which this election was held was unlawful under both state and federal law." The evidence? None :)

Hold onto your butts, there's a new ferry terminal in Mukilteo: It's the state's first new ferry terminal in 40 years (!!!). The $187.3 million upgrade meets seismic standards, improves safety, and relieves traffic congestion for walk-ons and cars. There's also a waterfront promenade that will link up to a city park. Washington State Department of Transportation worked with 11 tribes on the terminal and prominently features the work of Tulalip master carver Joe Gobin. After a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony, the inaugural sailing departed at 6:10 p.m last night. As a low-key ferry geek and lover of liminal spaces, I'm excited to check this baby out!

The news of that UK strain of coronavirus freaks me out: The Seattle Times did a Q&A with Fred Hutchinson scientist Trevor Bedford about the strain. Maybe it'll calm your nerves (it did mine)!

A Capitol Hill goose wanders off: 15th Ave mainstay The Wandering Goose has closed its doors. “After eight years in Seattle and over one million biscuits baked, we want to take this moment to thank all of our extended Goose family and our amazing supportive community," they said in their closing announcement.

Third person falsely arrested based on bad facial recognition match sues police: And before you ask, yes, all three people are Black. In February 2019, Nijeer Parks was wrongfully accused of shoplifting and trying to hit a police officer in Woodbridge, NJ after being identified by facial recognition software. He spent 10 days in jail and around $5,000 in legal fees before the case was dismissed. Parks is now suing the police, prosecutor, and City of Woodbridge. His case further demonstrates the racism built into technology being used by police across the country.

The United Kingdom becomes first country to give emergency authorization to Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine: The vax is cheap and easy to store, making it ideal for use in many parts of the world. In an interesting move, the British government has decided to speed up inoculations by giving as many people as possible a first dose, rather than saving half for a second shot. The effects of delaying a second vaccine dose are not currently known.

And now China's state-owned Sinopharm says they have a vaccine that's 79.34% effective: Analysis of Phase 3 clinical trials have shown that the vaccine is safe and produced a high-level of antibodies. The company will now seek formal approval from the Chinese government to distribute the vax to the public. While its efficacy rate is low, it's higher than AstraZeneca's. Its approval could mean a large-scale rollout both in China and globally.

This headline is for millennials only: "See Why the 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' Host Says MCR Were One of the Best Guests."

Argentina legalizes abortion: In the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The win came via senate vote, 38 to 29 with one abstention. This victory is huge as the predominantly Catholic country is the largest in Latin America to approve elective abortion; currently only Uruguay, Guyana, and Cuba allow elective abortions. Hopefully, this pro-choice momentum will reverberate throughout the region.

Do you remember the news this year? For all the nerds, overachievers, and Virgos out there that need validation-via-test, the New York Times has you covered. Take their Great News Quiz of 2020 to figure out how much of this hell year you purposely blacked out for emotional purposes. It's hard.

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Neighbours needs our help: After a wave of break-ins, the iconically grimy gay club on Capitol Hill could be forced to close. According to KIRO 7, "squatters and looters" have "stripped nearly everything valuable during the current COVID-19 forced closure." Neighbours performer Roxy Doll has set up a GoFundMe with a goal of $100,000 to go towards the club. Click through to check out pictures of the extensive damage—and donate!!!!

In-N-Out could be coming to the Portland-area: The California burger chain is eyeing a spot in Beaverton, Oregon City, Hillsboro, and Vancouver, WA. Would you drive 3 hours for a burger? (Yes).

For your listening pleasure: I have the distinct honor of writing the very last Slog AM of 2020. Of course I'm going to close it out with Gaga!