Seattle Police Union Contract Will Determine Whether Subpoena Powers for Oversight Agencies Apply to Cops



cops'll still get three or four days to get their Stories straight, yes? I mean, you Cannot rush that shit. will they still have access to their camera's on/off switches (assuming they're in [defacto] Charge of that [optional?] function, presently)?


gosh mistrial you DO
live in Fantasy Land --
are you selling Tickets?


If you are going to defund the police, my goddamn taxes better go down too. I'll be using that money for shotgun shells.


Reform starts with the contract. The pressure needs to be on the council to get this right.

And, the work starts now for the contract that will be up three years from the time this one is ratified.


@5: You're reacting strongly to some pretty weak tea. What other government group is exempt from subpoena power from an oversight agency? We're simply bringing our police kicking and screaming into accepting 19th century policing standards for any other developed nation.

To your question, here are a few more:

The Office of Police Accountability (OPA) and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) should have the power to fire officers for cause and refer them for federal prosecution when they break the law (see 2 below)
Police investigations, prosecutions and judges should be handled at the federal level by an outside body that specializes in this. Time for local internal investigations and prosecutors to stop covering for their criminal friends within the department.
Strip police of qualified immunity and prosecutors of absolute immunity.
A prohibition on police and prosecutors discussing open investigations with the media to ensure a fair trial, which is standard in other western countries
The end of mass surveillance of the public. All collection of data is surveillance and the police should not be doing this without a warrant. This will involve removing all lifestyle crimes (7) since the police cannot monitor and arrest peaceful consenting adults without robbing them of their autonomy and treating them as a crime scene.
Train police and prosecutors to defend the Constitution rather than spending all their time finding corrupt ways to circumvent it as they do now.
End to all lifestyle crimes.
There should be no laws passed involving the police that do not include sanctions when they break the law. The "good faith" doctrine should be thrown out.
Like in Germany, becoming a police officer should be a real profession involving 4 years of training, not a job for college drops outs that couldn't find work elsewhere.
Police and prosecutor unions should either be banned, or severely limited to only negotiating on pay.
There should be a federal license for all cops so when a cop commits a crime his license is pulled. This will keep criminals who are fired from simply joining another police force.
There should be a ban on all local law enforcement working with federal law enforcement agencies.
All federal grants to local police should be ended.
All traffic enforcement should be handled by a civilian authority.
Like in non-police states, the police should only get involved when someone calls them for help. For the same reason we don't have firefighters knocking on every door looking for a fire, we don't need thousands of armed police roaming the streets trying to invent some crime.
All private money should be banned from police departments and prosecutors. Taking bribes from private groups warps the system and allows others to set priorities for the police.
End cash bail.
End civil asset forfeiture, especially in Washington state where it is rampant. In a recent rating on this Washington received a well earned D-


@5 above should have been @6


Three more:
-The cost of incarceration should come directly out of the Prosecutor and police budget. They should be directly impacted by the bill they regularly generate the rest of us end up paying for.
-An end to children being tried as adults. From alcohol, cigarettes to sex and gambling society has consistently raised the age of consent while dropping the age of incarceration. That should end. There is nothing a prison has to offer children that cannot be better handled in a non-prison environment. For those who say "but we currently incarcerate them with adults" I say you need to stop that too. Doubling down on a bad policing does not create a better policy.
-An end to the sexual offender registry. It is cruel, Unconstitutional and does nothing to increase public safety while placing thousands of children who end up on the list at greater risk from sexual predators.