Look, I'm sure you think we can save the salmon, but the only way to do that is stop driving. All the tire chad from your cars is literally killing them, and the return numbers are WAY BELOW where they should be.

E-bike or e-scooter or walk or bike but STOP BUILDING HIGHWAY LANES.


@3: COVFEFE!!!!!!


My understanding is that a particular compound used in tires appears to be killing the salmon. See:

If it is doing that it probably also has bad effects on other organisms as well. The obvious solution is to stop adding this to tires (and probably other things).

The other point is that we need to stop letting unfiltered runoff from streets go into the water. A study a few years ago showed that simply filtering street runoff through soil could remove the things that are harming coho. This is true not only for this particular compound but or things like road salt, particles from brake pads, etc. And those things are present whether they come from cars or from buses.


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