Jess Stein
Spotted on Broadway.
Spotted on Broadway. JK
OK....................who asked you?

Ride the scenic gondola and meet Mt. Rainier face to face this summer at Crystal Mountain.
The summit is home to Washington State’s highest elevation restaurant, with elevated food and views.
"Handle with Care"
How do you feel about raccoons?
How do you feel about raccoons? JK
We should treat all creatures with kindness, but raccoons freak me out. I feel like those critters would actually fuck me up.

"We're Doing Everything Humanly Possible"
Love this gopher (meerkat?).
Love this gopher (meerkat?). JK
Thank you starheadboy and I can assure we, whatever the problem is, WE ARE.

"The Truth Is on the Side of the Oppressed"
Spotted somewhere on the Hill.
Spotted somewhere on the Hill. JK
I liked this sticker, but I realized the gross hair and other wet dust on this beauty while uploading it. Just ignore.

"Teach Me How to Love Again"
Is that Instagram?
Is that Instagram? JK
It's easy! Just do it with your heart. Also, I typed in "how to love" into Google, and the algorithm led me to Trump-supporting Wayne:

"Put Down the Bubble"
Put! It! Down!
Put! It! Down! JK
Would anyone care to explain what this means?

Such a cutie.
Such a cutie. JK
I didn't know who this guy was at first, but now I desperately want him on my island.

"Boba Tea"
I know its cold, but nothing hits like boba.
I know it's cold, but nothing hits like boba. JK
Have you tried out Don't Yell At Me yet?

"Give a Shit"
An oldie but Im pretty sure its still there.
An oldie but I'm pretty sure it's still there. JK
Timeless advice. Thanks Rudy.

"You Are What You Eat"
Ok, this isnt the best picture but you know I had to do it.
Ok, this isn't the best picture but you know I had to do it. JK
The person who is posting Minion stickers around Seattle absolutely must stop.*

*Continue their service to the community.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at