Slog PM: It Certainly Looked Like a Coup



@111 Ignorauns: Agreed and seconded. The sooner the better.


@105: Yeah, I noticed that too. He's smart enough to not weigh in on topics where he has absolutely no leg to stand on. Unlike these others who revel in their repugnance.

@109: YUP. And let's keep in mind that this is nowhere near an exhaustive list.
I remember that Trump has had white supremacists in his cabinet - Bannon and Miller for sure, likely Sessions too - as well as one actual goddamn Nazi: Sebastian Gorka.


@Auntie: Digital high five in love and solidarity. Thank you for your service. My father in law dropped on Normandy, Arnhem, fought in Korea. My Dad served in Korea. I shudder to think about this unspeakable tragedy happen.. where you, my father in law,my Dad, and so many others gave time and lives for this country.. and for making my life possible.. This idiocy shall not stand.


Rep. Omar is already doing what needs to be done: drawing up Articles of Impeachment.


Now they are just doing strong arm robbery of news equipment, cameras and such to just smash them. Guys, don’t be stupid. Your probably going to get arrested so at least sell that shit so you can get a good lawyer.


@109 xina: I knew this, too. All factors you cited to have Trump removed as he should be now---he should NEVER have been declared the President of the United States--EVER!--were all so largely why I knew to vote for Former Secretary of State, Former First Lady, and Former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary was rightfully #45, and infinitely better qualified.

@114 Knat: Yep. Agreed with you and xina. Donald Jackass Trump, an atrociously spoiled rich, racist, misogynist, arrogant, psychopathic, tyrannical, and narcissistic baby who never once served its country or held any prior public office--should never have gained control lof he White House. Period.


Senate is back and of course they begin by fellating the Capitol police who completely abdicated their duties. We'll never learn.


So like, where was the FBI on this one? They were able to thwart the kidnapping of that governor but somehow completely missed a planned attack on our nation's capitol?


@116 Knat: Thank heavens--FINALLY! Bless Rep.Omar for drawing the Articles for Impeachment. Let's hope the Pigfucker-in-Chief gets hauled out in an industrial sized garbage bag this time, and its equally criminally insane co-conspirators are dragged out with him.


@120: ....said the hopeless MAGA troll with typically nothing much to say. Begone before you draw more of Pence's flies.


@120: If somebody pointed a gun at your head, fired, and missed, I suppose you'd say "That wasn't much of a murder."


Round them up. Unlike Britain who shipped off the scum of society to the nether regions on Earth.. Let's just fly them the fuck away towards Mercury-- and they can have their own little piece of paradise to start up white bubba Valhalla. I'll be happy to provide Bud light and Skoal's money to keep them occupied


@121 tmplknght: I know--where the fuck was the FBI during this whole time? All the better reason for Article 25 Impeachment now on Donald Jackass Trump and its cronies now. Trump ordered the Proud Boys to terrorize the Capitol Building by merely tweeting those dangerously crazy asseroles to "Stand By". President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President -elect Kamala Harris should be taking over the Oval Office NOW.


Also, maybe congress could pass some laws preventing twitter from being a platform for violence? I know it's tricky because free speech and everything but are they willing to keep risking their lives so twitter doesn't have to do anything?



Oh, if only that were so. But his track record demonstrates otherwise. He not only enthusiastically weighs in on topics upon which he has no knowledge, experience or understanding, but appears, in typical Dunning-Kreuger style, to genuinely believe he knows more than he actually does. The only possible reason I can think of for why he hasn't weighed in on this particular thread is that he perhaps finally realizes how rightfully he'll be excoriated for his willful ignorance and equivocation. I admit that's a real stretch; more likely he lost power or was in a car accident or somehow managed to break every finger on both hands, but regardless, we must be thankful for whatever little gleams of light we can wrest from such a dark day.


@120 Hahaha. Oh. Riiiiight.

Hey guys he's mighty stock player! He was all like "SELL. BUY! MARGINS? ARBITRAGE! FUTURES. PINK SHEETS! BOURSE..." and maybe other very convincing market sounding terms.

"That wasn't much of a coup."

If there's any thing that defines the behavior the MAGA Death Cult over the last four years it's their willingness to accept realty and defeat gracefully and just muck in with democracy.


Ah. So now suddenly it IS a "coup." Okay. That's progress. I guess.

Glad you're at least on board with attempting to seize control of government to overturn a free and far election as a coup. For a guy who believes we just had a free and fair election you're pretty blazé about people attempting to subvert it by force. Well. Whenever the coup is white people, anyway.

You know an attempted coup is still a coup. A failed coup is still a coup.

And who knows what going to happen tomorrow or next week. Or next month. But I guess you just close the book and say "everything is fine now" because you have the attention span of a cracked out squirrel. Why do you even bother to comment of none this matters and sooooo beneath you?

Anyway. We're sure glad we have principled patriots such as your self willing to arm themselves with a loaded shrug and a steady mighty "meh."

But you sure got to score some sweet rhetorical points calling everyone hypocrites. So you'll always have that!


@125 Ignorauns: Or, if Trumpty Dumpty and its crime syndicate are so hellbent on keeping us in the Dark Ages, and they so desperately want a bloody revolution and Civil War re-enactment, I say let's certainly round them all up, but have 'em all beheaded, instead. Melania is nothing other than a modern day Marie Antoinette, saying 'Let them eat cake'.
I'm sure Vladimir Putin might find good use of Der Gropenfuherer's orange rug by his fireplace in Moscow. Vlady SHOULD get DJT's toupee---he paid for it four years ago, helping rig the 2016 election.


@127 COMTE and Knat @114: Agreed, seconded, and thirded. Thank heavens for some light on an otherwise dark day.
Hey--- in brighter news: thanks to Jon Osoff and Rev Raphael Warnock winning two Senate seats and flipping Georgia blue ,Democrats have flipped the Senate since 2007!!


So many eaten up with hate. And I don't mean recently.


Every single cop at the Capitol today must be fired.


Na, I was just busy and glued to MSNBC. Nice to know that I get missed though.


Xina @132, who in the fuck elected you?


FUCK. I should have known it was too good to be true.

Well, what fresh hellish idiotic utterances do we have to look forward to?


@131 and @133: Begone, lil MAGAs before you draw Pence's flies.


@131: says you through the years has spewed forth your pathetic share of it. Go tell your hard times to the wall or a rock-- your whining along with the rest of the MAGA fuckwits is beyond anyone sane person's tolerance. Suck it up buttercup... If your life sucks what are you doing about it to make it better. Bitching, pissing, and moaning ain't going to work.


@134: Shoo, fly, shoo!



Well if there's one thing we've learned about you over the last five years it's your consistent commitment to honest debate, love, and compassion. It's like your middle name!


@134 -- well, I Voted for her, dipshit.

I do not, however, recall
ever having voted for you.
where were you borne?


@133: Believe us, you weren't missed, Rainy. Go drink your Kool Aid and lie down.

@140 kristofarian: As always, you're right as rain, Kris. @134 is truly borne, alright---like DJT he's a disease.

Any updates on our thrice legitimately elected Governor, Jay and Trudi Inslee are doing?
WTF is the MATTER with these neofascist Proud Boy weirdos?? They're like rabid dogs!


@133: just like Herpes. Now go away.. like forever.


No one asked me but i'll tell you what I think about today.

First off, I never voted for Trumpet, four years ago I voted for Dori Monson because he made the WA requirements to be on the ballot. Would I vote for Dori again? No. This last election I wrote in Borat for President. Why? Because anyone running for an elected office is only thinking about themselves not the citizens. When was the last time we had a true Statesman Elected? Go back 1 or 2 hundred years maybe.

Anyway what happened at our Capital today was outrageous. They busted in the Houses of Congress not even knowing what they would do. Trashed it and walked over our Constitution on the way out. But we've seen basically the same thing here in our City this past year. Mob rule. The quick political change of our elected officials from one year ago of supporting Police, increasing their budget and numbers to mob demands.
What gets me is the hypocrisy of both sides. Nothing more.



I'm in line with you on some parts. Our government--our society, really--is terribly broken. Neither the democrats nor the republicans can fix it, and in fact, neither of them want to fix it because to them it's not broken. They both pander largely to billionaires and monied corporate interests. Actually, I have no idea if that's what you believe, but in any case I agree government has major problems.

That said, some of the side effects of the legislation democrats and republicans pass DOES impact non billionaires, and in my opinion, the side effects from the democrats is more helpful than the side effects from the republicans.

Are you saying that both democrats and republicans are equally bad? That everything they enact has identical bad consequences? If so, that's where I disagree. I think they are bad in very different ways. I would gladly make major changes to government and society if I could, but I cannot, not alone. And writing in Fred Flintstone is the same as not voting at all. So I vote, reluctantly, for the group that I know actually has a chance to win, and is the least likely to transfer all wealth and power to the already wealthy and powerful.


Saying both sides are bad benefits the worst side the most. Big difference between finding and old cat turd under your bed and coming home to fresh dog diarrhea.


So I guess another impeachment absolutely COULD happen and it doesn't sound especially far-fetched.

Assuming Omar follows through and gets it brought to the floor, I'd have to imagine it'd stand a decent chance of passing. He won't get removed though. 2/3 is just too high a bar to cross for a senate whose right wing faction know it'd probably still amount to career suicide to convict him.

I'd still be perfectly happy to see it happen. Though honestly, as I've been saying for years, he really just needs to fucking die already.


"Cunning projection. Condemning the outgroup for the same thing the ingroup does effectively distracts on-lookers, making it complicated for them to figure out the cause-effect. For instance, demagoguery that condemns outgroup self-defense as “just as bad” as ingroup offensive violence necessitates that on-lookers investigate the chain of events carefully enough to figure out who was the attacker. Since on-lookers generally don’t want to go to that trouble, they are likely to make the determination on the basis of which party seems more likeable. Hence, cunning projection coupled with an attractive persona is likely to enable the continued violence.

If condemnation of outgroup behavior is performed with a very likeable persona, then on-lookers are likely to conclude that the rhetor would never engage in the behavior s/he is condemning. This maneuver is especially effective with people who believe that you can know what someone believes by listening to what values they claim to espouse, and with people who think you can predict behavior by listening to values talk (who believe that “good” believe—that is, people who say the right things—don’t do “bad” things).

Thus, when cunning projection is most effective, rhetors manage the condemnation of a group who has done nothing, or done very little compared to what they have done (what Allport called the “mote-beam” projection).

Even if it doesn’t achieve that end, cunning projection generally muddies the waters enough that the ingroup can continue its policies, as on-lookers are prone to declare a pox on both houses."


from the nyt: Trump Is to Blame for Capitol Attack

The president incited his followers to violence. There must be consequences.

President Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress incited a violent attack Wednesday against the government they lead and the nation they profess to love. This cannot be allowed to stand.

Mr. Trump’s seditious rhetoric prompted a mob of thousands of people to storm the U.S. Capitol building, some breaking onto the House and Senate floors, where the nation’s elected representatives had gathered to perform their constitutional duty of counting electoral votes and confirming the election of Joe Biden as president.

Few have been as explicit as Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, who earlier Wednesday suggested, “Let’s have trial by combat!”

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, invoked the 1877 commission that resolved the disputed presidential election of 1876 as a model for what he described as addressing reasonable doubts about the 2020 election.

There is no factual basis for such doubts about the 2020 vote, but Mr. Cruz's choice of analogy is historically resonant.

In the 1876 election, white Democrats used widespr ead political violence to prevent Black people from voting and then demanded the end of Reconstruction as the price of the survival of a compromised Republic — ushering in an era of racial terror and cementing the exclusion of Southern Blacks from participatory democracy.

by The NYT Editorial Board
The editorial board is a group of opinion journalists whose views are informed by expertise, research, debate and certain longstanding values. It is separate from the newsroom.
Jan. 6, 2021


@143 Ah. So you're just squealing nihilist trolling dipsht that doesn't do anything.


@135. You jinxed it. 😞



@130: Yes, GA going blue is some good news out of today. In this timeline, I hadn't hoped for a win, especially when we had to get 2/2, but at least it's a ray of sunshine in this otherwise very terrible day for the history books. The first half of the term is going to be dominated by cleaning up the mess of his predecessor, but that's always the case for a Democrat administration, isn't it? I trust that we can still have the investigations and trials that events - and our democracy, if it still exists - demand.

@133: Much like SRotU, SeattleBlues, fairly.unblanced, and hemorrhoids are missed, yes.

@149: We already knew that though. As I said earlier, he revels in his repugnance.

Since this story seems to have played out, I don't see the point in returning for more comments. Good luck to those of you feeding the trolls/ enjoying their antics.

And don't forget: the R doesn't stand for Republican. It stands for Ratfucker.


@144, Too bad I'm older (70) and the bars are closed, love to have several beers with you some day. You know, talk about cabbages and kings and such.


@143, there is no hypocrisy "on both sides." one side is protesting to end myriad injustices and the other is petulantly trying to breaking shit to preserve those injustices. one side has exhausted legal remedies to address their grievances because the justice system and government have repeatedly failed them, and the other is trying to stage a coup drenched in white supremacy to preserve the oppression of others.

Have you ever considered that there is never anyone worthing voting for because jackoffs like you don't take the process seriously and vote for fictional characters and Dori Monson? Like a snake eating its tail.


Funny how suddenly all our MAGA trolls who have done nothing but bleat MAGA talking points and fallacies for four years are suddenly claiming how they never voted for Trump.


4 dead now.


Remember, it's not a real coup unless it happens in the coup d'état region of France. Otherwise, it's a sparkling authoritarian takeover.


Absolutely love this quote from Ted Lieu (D)- CA -
"Let me be very clear: if all we do is accept the certified Electoral College results and go home, we would have failed our country. We must impeach Trump, or have the 25th Amendment execute, or have @realDonaldTrump resign. Congress cannot just go home like nothing happened."
Beautiful clear, concise language. very powerful.
Oh, btw - has anybody heard anything from either of our two Senators... what ARE their names...? should we maybe send out a search party or put their pictures on milk cartons or something?


@157, Thanks, I needed a laugh. Looks like credit goes to @Remy_Anne on Twitter.


I'd like to thank Loeffler and the other Republicans apparently doing the honorable thing by rescinding their objections, but it's like forgiving a serial abuser because they faced consequences for their actions. The only remedy is consequences and removal. Our institutions will have no integrity if they cannot enforce the law with equal justice for all.


@120 You really think it's over? You can clear the Capitol and suspend Trump's social media accounts for a little while, but his shit kids and enablers at Fox News will pick up the slack for him and encourage more violence. I'm sure a lot of the terrorists at the Capitol today will be back on January 20th, if not sooner. Have you not learned anything about this cult in the past four years?


Washington D.C. has more cops per capital than any city in the country. The Capitol alone has 2000 officers. They are TRAINED for a terrorist attack.

Anyone who believes the cops were not 100% complicit in what happened at the Capitol today is sitting firmly in their white privilege, acceptance of domestic white supremacist terrorism, and has embraced fascist violence as their preferred and most comfortable form of existence (because it affects everyone other than them).

Fuck The United States of White Supremacist Terrorism.



And I'd gladly join you for a few rounds. Cabbages and kings indeed. Now there's an old idea... old yet always new. If you just work a little harder, you'll be a millionaire too! The wealthy have owned this country, well, since its inception. Greatest country on Earth, Absolutely... if you're a billionaire. Not a billionaire? Well, best of luck...


@154, No, Wrong. Why do you think Protests happen? Oh Yeah, it can be absolutely true or it can be perceived that way and to each of them its worth fighting for. Today for example. Boy, the far right knows how to protest. But I don't agree. Last summer I didn't agree either. In fact its gotten worse. Ask anybody.
Remember 10+ years ago when all the homeless in the streets were there because Amazon had hired too many people who's influx created a shorting of housing and everyone who's rent was too high immediately got tents from REI and hit the under passes and parks? It had nothing to do with Seattle becoming an open market for drugs. Unrestricted underground Capitalism at its best.
Yes, people were forced out by rent hikes but most of them weren't penniless on their last day of rent, ditched all belongings and family and moved to an underpass.
We (The City) have spent over a Billion Dollars on homelessness. Its your nickel. Money well spent I'd say.


Some of my favorite people on Slog have been those I disagreed with the most.

Old time Slogger 5280, rest in peace, was a fun motherfucker to hang out with, despite his adherence to "the 2nd amendment is all that matters" rhetoric. Slog is enriched by dissenting opinions, it isn't diminished by them, in my humble opinion. However, strong edit to say that only applies to facts, not trolling opinions... from either side. Back your shit up or GTFO.


@98 - the woman who was shot appears to have been a Grade A Trump-fluffing MAGAt. The video (I won't link to it but it's easy to find) clearly shows here being shot as she stormed a barrier doorway in the Capitol. See:

@156 - the other three deaths are being reported as "medical emergencies" in the crowd. My guess is that some of those fine physical specimens who were so proudly waddling around with their flags finally paid the cardiac price for a lifetime of Chick-Fil-A and Wal-Mart snacks.



Wholeheartedly agree. I fondly remember 5280 was the first person to ever @ me on a comment (I had a previous profile that's still active, but that I somehow lost access to after one of the site redesigns a few years ago.) I was up late watching a Mariners (I think?) game and posted something about it and we had a short little exchange that probably wound up playing a role in keeping me around here for over a decade now. Miss him and quite a few others.

I've traded barbs with Theodore Gorath on quite a few occasions and always found him to be insightful, even if and when I disagreed with him, which was fairly often. I've also always thought it odd when a long time and prolific commenter abruptly disappears the way he did, and so I did a random google search. I found an active youtube profile with that name and so maybe he just got bored with us. What an asshole...


@165: I remember 5280 - had a gentle looking avatar of him with a sheep (or dog).


In the House debate on the objection to certifying the electoral votes from Pennsylvania, Rep. Herrera-Beutler (Vancouver) just spoke against the objection. So, it was nice to see at least one Republican speak against the coup attempt.


@166 dvs99: MAGAs and Proud Boys. If their self-induced criminally insane level of violence and terminal stupidity won't kill 'em, clogged arteries surely will. It just isn't happening fast enough.

@158: kallipugos: Thank you and Rep Ted Lieu of California (D) on speaking out for starting Article 25 Impeachment proceedings against Donald Jackass Trump.
As for Washington State Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell? I haven't seen nor heard any news about either of them since the election. I am hoping all is okay.


These people are supposed to be the adults in the room. WE ARE SO FUCKED.


2 House members confronted each other during the Pennsylvania objection debate. Here's what happened.

From CNN's Kristin Wilson and Daniella Diaz

Two members of the House confronted each other on the House floor over a push to strike another members' remarks from the record.

It began when Rep. Morgan Griffith, a Republican from Virginia, objected to what Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Conor Lamb said during the Pennsylvania Electoral College challenge debate.

This is what Lamb said that led to GOP members objecting:

"Enough has been done today here today already to try to strip this Congress of its dignity and these objectors don't need to do anymore. We know that that attack today, it didn't materialize out of nowhere, it was inspired by lies, the same lies that you're hearing in this room tonight. And the members who are repeating those lies should be ashamed of themselves, their constituents should be ashamed of them," he said.

Rep. Andy Harris and Rep. Colin Allred yelled at each other to “sit down” “no, you sit down!” from across the floor.

They both then confronted each other in the aisle. At least a dozen other members bench cleared from their sides. Rep. Al Lawson of Florida, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, and a senior Democratic staffer helped break up the confrontation.

According to CNN's Kristin Wilson, who was in the room, the situation diffused fairly quickly but tensions were high.

The deputy Sergeant-at-Arms showed up in the scrum.


Patty and Maria? They're doing fine. They just like taking it easy and staying away from the public eye. I wouldn't worry.


@164 time to take your meds grampa you are evidently sundowning and ranting incoherently


Well, that was the world's stupidest roller coaster, but I couldn't get off until the end. G'night, y'all.


a) I believe Patty Murray gave a televised interview and put out a message strongly supporting President Trump's removal via the 25th Amendment. And Cantwell was audible during the roll call votes, so I assume she's all right. b) One name I haven't seen much of on this blog thread is someone who deserves complete, absolute condemnation: Rudy Giuliani. He has behaved despicably. He helped incite the violence, and the past two months he has conducted a disgraceful disinformation campaign. I pray for his immediate, permanent disbarment. And disbar Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, as well. I know many lawyers: most are fine people and work hard for their clients. But... yes, there are crooks, liars, bullies, and conmen in that profession, and the Giuliani of the past two months is as low as it goes. There must--must--be a radical accounting for his disgusting betrayal of all fair legal standards. Disbarment is the least of it. Dominion Voting Systems suing him for millions would be completely justified, too.


Will Trump's and his inner circle end more like Adolph in the bunker, Jim Jones (maybe a final stand at Mar-a-Lago) or an Orange Idi Amin flying off to Saudi to live out his last days?


It's plain as day :
If these had been black people, they'd all be pushing up daisies by now.
The cops would all be pinning medals on each other, giving each other high-fives, and congratulating each other on their new promotions. Plenty of extra money for all that "overtime", too.
The streets would have been echoing with shouts of "He's Got A Gun", right before the volley of gunfire from the cops.
And no cops would be arrested, either, no matter what laws were broken.
Instead of 4 casualties, there would be 4 thousand, or forty thousand, or even more. Entire neighborhoods would be burned down. The corpses would be stacked up like cord-wood.


So whaddya think the odds are of Merrick Garland doing what needs to be done and going after not only Trump and members of his family but some of the more egregious offenders in the Trump orbit such as Giuliani and Meadows?
My guess is that we are all going to be disappointed... his primary goal will be to restore public confidence in the impartiality of the Justice Dept and actually pursuing justice will be sacrificed in effort to placate his political opponents.
Hope I'm wrong.


Remember when the biggest piece of shit was Matt Hickey? Barely a cold turd now. Simpler times.


The Capitol building must be an IT security nightmare. Like, do Pelosi and all these other old farts just leave their computers unlocked while in-session because they can't remember the passwords?


@178 considering Garland was originally intended as the compromise to appease Republicans (as the SCOTUS nom) it doesn't exactly bode well. I guess he's better than Doug Jones. I would have preferred Sally Yates or Preet Bharara.


@56 I believe you meant to say what a utopia we would be in if Clinton and the DNC had not rigged the primary against Bernie, divided the party, and elected Trump. She was the worst possible candidate to run against Trump, and Biden's large majority in November proves that. The Democratic Establishment was more than willing to risk losing to Trump, as long as they stopped Bernie.



Not as easy as it is to be a MAGAT who can barely compose a sentence...


“ Did ...Anything interesting happen while I was gone?”

Hahaha. Yeah. You went into some MAGA fugue state for several hours to suddenly emerge first thing this morning with the delusional need to convince total strangers you have “off shore accounts.”

Well. Not exactly interesting. Sort of sad, really.

I guess this imaginary Gordon Gecko thing is the new magical “house in Italy” or mythical “quail hunting in Alaska” troll envy bait.

Ps. Pro tip: Putting a Walgreens coupon in a Mountain Dew can and throwing it the muddy ditch outside your trailer isn’t an “off shore account.”


@184 Bernie still worked hard to prevent Trump and elect Hillary. Like an adult should.

Any Bernie supporter who sat out or voted Trump is partially responsible for what we saw the last 4 years.




"America's military allies believe Trump deliberately attempted a coup and may have had help from federal law-enforcement officials"


@187 Agreed! One of the reasons I came to regret voting for Hillary was how she and her cultists blamed Bernie and his supporters for her loss, after he and the majority of us who supported him worked to get her elected. As I said, Joe pretty much proved that Hillary lost because she just didn't run an effective campaign.


@190 My trollflake that was even less convincing that your bizarre early AM screed about how you're really Thurston Howell III.

But one day, if you keep saving mommies pennies and your state disability (and collect cans on weekends), you might almost afford to lease a used German car.


@191 one of the most effective tactics Trump and his handlers/minions used was creating divisive issues to exploit and dividing progressives, liberals, and liberal 'moderates'. That and exploiting the fear of the other.

He was able to do it in the GOP primary, and continued into the 2016 general election. Was it purposeful or just a horrific feature of his nature. I dont know if we'll ever know for sure.

Joe had the wisdom and/or luck to have some amazing surrogates helping Abrams in GA. She was one miracle that we should all be grateful for.


Well, the verdict is in: President Biden has been confirmed as President and we have confirmation that you are a right-wing, flannel-eared baboon if you voted for the hairy, orange-green howler monkey, who at this moment is pacing the hallways like Nixon, asking Abraham Lincoln’s portrait for guidance (“take an overdose of elderberries like Zachary Taylor, you dip”) and waiting for the Navy Seals to storm the White House premises and put the diminutively endowed one away in the big house with the rest of his minions for an extended, mandatory concrete prison cell vacation. There can be no doubt that Washington D.C. is a de facto police state when law enforcement stands down during a Trumpinista insurrection, then wantonly denies people of color constitutional rights for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being people of color. This may be a turning point in American history, like R. Buckminster Fuller’s “The Greening of America” ushered in by the Biden-Harris team, with legalized marijuana and national health care, at long last. Come on vaccine and the springtime awakening of progressivism and socialism in America.


@193 I have to disagree. Hillary, and especially her cult of personality, were vastly more divisive for the Democratic Party than Trump. He certainly took advantage of that division when he could, but it was Hillary and her cult blaming Bernie for her loss and bashing his supporters for the past four years that made it possible. Fortunately, Joe Biden is a much smarter campaigner, and realized once he was going to be the nominee that listening to Bernie, bringing some his best people to his team, and picking a VP to the left of him. He has really done a good job of drawing the party back together. So much so that I went from being a reluctant Biden supporter right after the convention, to an enthusiastic one when he came out of his shell and ran an excellent campaign in the middle of a pandemic.


@195 Nobody takes your bullshit seriously anymore.