The Police Were Totally Asleep for the D.C. Siege, But They Were Wide Awake for the BLM Protests



They were not asleep. They were complicit. Watch the videos. They let them inside. They took selfies with the terrorists. They showed them where to go. They are terrorists, just as they have always been. Every last one of them needs to be fired. Not one arrest at the Capitol today. NOT ONE ARREST.


I am just sick about this. And these deranged pigfuckers WANT CIVIL WAR NO MATTER WHAT.


8 days of protesting vs spontaneously storming a building...a bit different scenarios, not sure how you prepare for a spontaneous event of massive stupidity.
If it makes you feel any better former Chief Best said on MSNBC that this type of showing should be met with the same force as she showed in Seattle with SPD. Would love to have seen some potbellied neckbeards get beat down, myself.


@1 at least 13 have been arrested and the police chief declared the attack a riot. Not sure what you're getting on about the police are being complicit. Got that info from Seattle Times.


3 "not sure how you prepare for a spontaneous event of massive stupidity."

Except it wasnt spontaneous. These terrorists, including Trump himself, have been telegraphing this since the states certified the electoral votes back in mid December. There is a Trump tweet from December saying "Jan 6 is going to be wild, see you there"


DC cops proved they were no different than Kenosha cops.
Or Minneapolis cops.
Or Florissant cops.
Or Portland cops.
Or Columbus cops.
Or Seattle cops, for that matter.


Amen, Charles. But I wouldn't spend too much time on the rednecks or the pigs in the near term. They're known quantities. What needs to happen first is that the disgusting piece of filth inside the White House be both impeached and convicted unequivocally by Congress. And once out of office, federal and state prosecution needs to commence until this world class puke is behind bars, sleeping on a hard mattress, eating shitty food, and fully isolated until Lucifer welcomes him home.


@8: You're not much of a commenter. Begone lil MAGA,before you attract any more of Pence's flies.


@1 13 people were arrested, but not at the Capitol Building. They were arrested in North D.C. - stopped and detained on weapons charges.

There are numerous videos on all news, social media, and other internet sites of cops letting the terrorists through the barriers, opening the doors, taking selfies and doing absolutely fucking nothing to stop the terrorists. I'll provide one. Denying reality when it exists on video may work for you, but the rest of us see clearly.


BuzzFeed (sigh, I know) actually has a good breakdown of comparing the two.


@8, and why the fuck were they able to go home and not straight to fucking jail after illegally and violently storming the Capitol building and disrupting Congress?


@13 that's qWhite a good question


How long until all of these terrorists are publicly identified? I can't imagine this will turn out well for them back home.


Nobody remembers that in Fahrenheit 451, it wasn't the authorities burning the books, it was the populace telling the authorities to burn books. The big reveal was that we are the monsters.

WWII Germany was chock full of good people who loved their families, worked hard, treated their neighbors well, and loved their countries. None of that saved the Jews.

WWII USA was also full of god-fearing, honest, salt of the earth people that didn't lift a finger to help the Japanese Americans that had their property stolen, and got shipped off to concentration camps. Miller Freeman stole Japanese Americans' hard work to enrich himself and his family. Kemper Freeman, who opposed light rail because it might bring African Americans into Bellevue is rich because of stolen wealth:

We are all monsters. Every single last one of us. The only defense against monstrosity is to admit it and face it head on. The people who voted for a man that liked to call newspapers posing as his own publicist in order to talk himself up, and failed to sell vodka to Russians believe that their choice was absolutely, 100% justified. That choice lead directly to the events we're witnessing today. It's everyone's personal responsibility (I fucking hate that phrase) to look at themselves in the mirror and ask, "how have I been a monster today" every single goddamned day.


@16. That's a very long-winded way of deflecting from the perpetrators of today's actions by demanding self reflection and making a false equivalency from universal culpability for others' actions.


This is an important topic, but it's secondary to a much more important topic:


ITMFA. Even more important, disqualify him from ever holding political office again. No more possibility of 2020! He must be stopped!



@17 It wasn't intended to be a deflection at all. I'll quote myself:

"The people who voted for a man that liked to call newspapers posing as his own publicist in order to talk himself up, and failed to sell vodka to Russians believe that their choice was absolutely, 100% justified. That choice lead directly to the events we're witnessing today."


Unless you're trying to say that people who voted for Trump were innocently trying to make things better for everyone, and were lead astray by a brilliant trickster. In which case, shove it. You voted for an obvious psychopath, you have the character judgement of roadkill.


@17. Fair enough, but how does facing my own monstrosity give me agency over the actions of other monsters?


@21. No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I guess I just misread your meaning. I suppose you meant that if the good people had held themselves accountable for enabling the bad people to kill the jews and intern the japanese, they wouldn't have been allowed to do so. Which makes sense, but I don't think that those people were directly responsible for the actions of those who perpetrated the evils or just followed orders etc. Like today, for instance. How does reflecting on my own wish for Trump to burn for eternity and facing my own capacity for monstrosity make me the same as the people who stormed the capitol? I blame the Rashomon effect and my own fatigue.


@8: It was very much an attempted coup.


24 - Gee, maybe 20,000 counter-demonstrators to occupy the thugs even would have prevented this. I'm sure it would have, actually.

@1 - There were individual cops here and there that did their best, but when you're massively outnumbered and undermined by the Trumpers in your own ranks, well... Hell, one heroic cop even shot one of them. It's a pity it was only one.

Given that this is actual insurrection, every damn one of them that breached the Capitol should have been shot! To anyone who say it isn't insurrection, these thugs invaded the established and lawful house of government to prevent by force the people's representatives from doing the people's business and to impose their own will instead. That's insurrection.

While it is damn sure true that the police response would have been vastly different had everyone of these mother-fuckers been black and swinging BLM banners...vastly...I don't have a problem with decisively and forcefully shutting down insurrection in that hypothetical case; my problem is that the same was not done in this actual case.

So yeah, any white person who denies their own privilege going forward only need be pointed to this travesty.


*2024, that is.


@23 Facing your own monstrosity is just a step towards not becoming a monster, but wishing for Trump to burn for eternity doesn't make you as monster.

The rant wasn't really directed at you anyway. You don't have agency over the actions of others, but even making a stink, or voting against horrible people helps. It's been a wet shart of a day, maybe I could have written more clearly too.

It's just that the question of how to be a good person is difficult, and the usual answers of patriotism, family values, and supporting order aren't really sufficient. The ones in the capitol never asked themselves, "Am I doing the right thing?" they just told themselves they were doing the right thing. I think the people who are genuinely good people question themselves on a regular basis, the people who aren't don't.


@25: We're in a pandemic. So you want to mix and match demonstrations where people get hurt and have to go to the hospital?


HaHa, is that the best ya got? Consider me slayed!

From this point forward, anytime we hear of a Maggot March, as many non-maggots as possible need to show up simply to counter. We outnumber them! A wall of counter-protesters would have prevented the Dipshit Brigade from breaking in the gates of the Governor's Mansion, too.

And Raindrop says be sure to where your masks when you go!


The way the police handled this provides more proof of what we already knew.

By any standard this was a crime and the police did nothing. For the millionths time this year, the primary purpose of policing is to suppress minorities and those with minority views.

It's why the majority of police time and spending goes to surveillance and enforcing lifestyle crimes against minorities. It has never been the purpose of the police to prevent crime, stop crime, provide public safety or protect our Constitution. There were formed to capture and return slaves in the south and break unions and suppress new immigrants in the North. It's been over 100 years since they and there mission has remained the same even if their PR has improved.


can we talk about the elephant in the room here? QANON is the guiding force behind this shit. This is only the beginning of these extremist group who are willing to die for their literally insane beliefs. Goon squad


Many of them are being identified by their social media posts. The woman shot and killed was a MAGAt. Live by the terrorist act, get shot like a terrorist. Bet she never expected that to happen. Though Trump did call on them all to die for him. Stupidity kills.

Ashli Babbitt, Air Force veteran, identified as woman shot and killed at U.S. Capitol riots


Can we just be real, cops are mechanisms of the officials over them. They didn’t come out because Trump controls DC and he didn’t want the levers pulled to have security cooperation. You know the problem with cops is? It’s us, we don’t want to pay college educated officers, we don’t want to repeal the racist laws, we don’t want to do our part to police our own neighborhoods and know shit about our neighbors. So we rely on paramilitary cops we get at budget prices (look up what private military contractors make, way more than spd). This is all the same crap we pulled here, just the flip side. More will come til the democratic experiment fails because liberals and conservatives break all the damn toys when they don’t instantaneously get their way. Everyone needs to grow the hell up and use the institutions we have to make change, storming the castles and burning shit down, occupying congress, looting businesses is idiotic and will destroy us all. Slow progress beats no progress.


Hundreds of Swiss Guards gave their lives in 1792 defending a palace that wasn't even of their own homeland. They are commemorated with a monument carved into living sandstone known as the Lion of Lucerne. And so we too should commemorate our own brave defenders with a monument carved from marzipan fondant and call it the Capitol Kid-Gloved Kitty Cat


@29: Well, Trump has now agreed to an orderly transition so we probably won't be seeing your theories played out.


and as anybody knows
trumpf's 'word' is almost
as good as Fool's gold so
good point as per usual


and maybe right wing terrorists
oughtta be treated with the
same kid gloves as

Breonna Taylor
Eric Garner
Michael Brown
Tamir Rice
Walter Scott
Alton Sterling
Philando Castile
and so on

the list is seemingly infinitely Long
and with all the mistrials around
bound to get infinitely longer


@35 - What "theories" are those. I've been addressing countering rampaging mobs of right-wing morons when they gather to do harm. Trump saying (which is gospel because he never lies about what he says) he'll have a normal transition doesn't mean his rampaging gangs of thugs will no longer gather.

Give me a fucking break. I'm sure I'll be here in a day or two with yet another "I told you so," but you seem like those, so whatever...


I think Charles will be doing Slog AM today and it will be predictably be scant and disappointing.


Yeah Jasmyne!


@36: The DC police budget of $559 million in 2019 went up $41 million over the previous 2018 budget.

The 2021 $568 budget went down slightly around $10-$15 million of the proposed 2021 budget - the bulk diverted to school security. Nowhere close to the Defund 50%.

Would you like to roll again ?


@43: I believe the official authoritarian talking point is that after 80+ years of year over year increases in police budgets and benefits, even the mention of future tiny cut in the police budget will lead to the complete inability of the police to do their job.

An actual cut of 2% of the police budget in DC after a 40%+ increase in the police budget over the previous 5 years has turned DC into a lawless wasteland where not a single police officer can be expected to lift a finger to protect the Capital.

As the Onion has reported, however, it appears the police failure to respond to the occupation of the Capital had nothing to do with 2% cut in the police budget:

"D.C. Police Lose Control Of Rioting Trump Supporters After Hundreds Of Officers Called Away To Deal With Black Jaywalker"


well Ld5
did they
Get that

how many Bullets
did it Take to make him Die?
they gonna Bill his Parents or Sister
or somebody, surely, for all those Bullets?

or is he gonna get away with it Scot-free?
so fucking Typical -- not even Pay for the Bullets
it took to take you down. the Coward's Way Out. Sad.


I don't always agree with Charles, but I do in this case. It's a shame more protesters didn't die, but I'm cautiously optimistic for a super spreader event given that Tim Gionet and others attended Covid positive.

These aren't your average Republican folks. These were mostly neo-Nazis. Giddy to see them kill themselves. As they are fond to say, "nothing of value was lost". May they choke on their own fluids.


@48: I disagree. It is good that the death toll was low: not only for the obvious reasons, but because it showed this protest to comprise a bunch of violent white supremacist looney conspiracy-minded losers.

We do not want them to be glorified as martyrs. We want them to be arrested, tried, convicted, and (as appropriate) jailed as lawbreakers.


The D.C. police are philosophically aligned with the hairy orange howler-monkey, and presidential power is like an aphrodisiac for trigger-happy stormtroopers with authoritarian personalities, so this bloody replay of Kent State is a sad reminder of the dysfunctional nature and inherent racism of police tactics, knowing that police use brass knuckles on people of color, yet stand down for orange and rednecks. The young woman who was gutted by gunfire calls to mind the young woman from Olympia who was plowed under by a bulldozer in Palestine some years back. A young, impressionable person who got caught up in fiery political disagreements. “The wages of sin is death.”


This is actually a great time for the USA and our future. For all of those people who have loudly denied the reality of "white privilege", this is what that looks like. White Privilege - front and center, documented in selfies, on video, on social media, on news outlets and in newspapers. Get it now? Those deluded racist terrorists have been exposed and they are finally outnumbered. The harsh light of Truth is shining bright on those foolish "Civil War re-enacting" man-children and there is nowhere to hide. For shame, all you poor deluded Magats. As for the rest of us, the sane citizens of the USA, let's sweep out the trash and get on with rebuilding our society.


Has it dawned on anyone here that the vast majority of BLM protesters here were white? White privilege(?) or just a different situation?


Say Hello to “America the White”, or “America the Duplicitous” where white insurrection is tolerated or even facilitated, while intersectional diversity is suppressed—or even assassinated, demonstrating irrefutable, troubling evidence of institutionalized racism. There can be no doubt, based on harrowing incidents of police brutality and racially motivated killings, that law enforcement hunts down and murders people of color. Conversely, as these images from the Washington D.C. incursion bear out, the police are reticent, even condoning when a white mob attacks our nation’s Capitol and treasured symbol of Democracy. Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer must force President Trump to resign or invoke the 25th Amendment, while the impeachment process continues in the background. It is imperative for the nation’s collective psyche and spiritual well-being to expel this bestial bozo who has excreted his patent mediocrity upon our Presidential Seal, and should be molested in federal prison, or relegated to performing in elder-porn videos or endorsing Orange Cheetles® on behalf of Frito-Lay. Needless to say, the stress from this white hillbilly upheaval may cause the dissolution of the Trump marriage, with Melania taking the Orange Fascist to the cleaners, and getting a stress-induced gender reassignment procedure so she looks like Bruce Jenner with all those hairy, feline good looks.