Reverend Warnock also went to Union Theological Seminary in NYC (aside from going to Morehouse). The Senator-elect has a very impressive background.


Religion has nothing to do with what happened yesterday or any other day here on earth. Human beings are responsible for all of it and there is no god and there is no devil. There is only humanity and its deep seated sicknesses of white supremacist ideology, policy, behavior, and violence. Human beings have committed all horrors in history and they will be the end of life on this planet by their own hands. One can believe in the unexplained universe at large and be an atheist. God is a man made construct. Always has been and always will be. God has nothing to do with anything. Science does. And science does not care what anyone believes.



While I completely understand your position, I do have to say that it's not Science that has anything to do with anything, it's nature, or more accurately natural processes, from quantum mechanics to biological evolution to weather and climate; science (chemistry, physics, biology, et al) is just the methodology we've developed for understanding those natural processes.


@3 I agree with your point (though I'd say chemistry, physics, biology exist without our methodology of understanding them - for they would exist whether we had a methodology to understand them or not).


It's strange to read so many articles that use white as a synonym for bad person.


Rather than being sidetracked into a debate of God vs. Science (or Nature) what I am seeing here is a nostalgic Charles looking to the underpinnings of Black Christianity focusing on what he calls "love, care, and human solidarity" as part of the "moral-mode" of the faith community of his youth that seems to be lacking in the White Evangelical folks who seem to continue to justify oppression and historic slavery through their reading of the Word. Charles is just saying he is having a hard time remaining an atheist, not that he now is Christian, but the point, as far as I can see, is that Senator Warnock could be the "Balm from Gilead" to help heal this nation.


@5 -- I know!

and it seems
like only Yesterday
they were using 'Black'
for Everything bad. What's UP with that?


“There is nothing about abortion in the Bible, or smoking pot or a sin that can never be forgiven. There is, however, lots about love, care, and human solidarity. These are the kinds of things that the majority of the black Christian community feels not as a theory or a commandment but simply as a fact of life.”

so dang Glad the Thumpers didn’t solidly thump their way into my brain….

‘… so much of their [white Evangelicals’] religious feelings haven't been unmoored from the racism that was needed to keep slavery morally viable for the main chunk of this nation's history.”

Well put
thnx, Chas.


I didn't know where you were going and ended up loving the trip. Good one, CM.


Welcome to agnosticism Charles.



Spoken like a true equivocator - is there ANY fence you won't solidly plant your ass on?


@11: That's pretty clever actually. Good one COMTE!




Atheism and agnosticism are not on the same dimension. One can be both atheist and agnostic at the same time.

Atheist = not theist.
Theist = belief in a supernatural being or beings

Agnostic = not gnostic
gnostic = knowledge of mysticism (e.g., knowing that mysticism exists)

To be agnostic is simply saying "I don't have knowledge (proof) of the supernatural, I don't know if it exists or not"

An atheistic agnostic means: "I don't believe in supernatural beings, but I don't know if I'm correct"

An atheist gnostic means: "I don't believe in supernatural beings and I know I'm correct"

A theist agnostic means: "I do believe in supernatural beings but I don't know if I'm correct"

A theist gnostic means: "I do believe in supernatural beings and I know I'm correct"

Most people in the world are in category 1, 3, or 4. There are almost no atheists who claim to have proof they're correct.


Sorry, but from the perspective of the LGBTQ there is no difference between the various colors of Christianity.


speaking of keeping
the White Man* down:

"… so much of their
[white Evangelicals’]

religious feelings
haven't been unmoored

from the racism
that was needed

to keep



for the main

of this
nation's history.”

--Chas [for short], brilliantly

*oh and did I mention
I'm White too?
it's True!


Thank you, from this slutty gay divorced priest who was educated at the same seminary as The Rev. Warnock and who belongs to - and preaches - the religion of solidarity.


You don't have to be an atheist to not practice religion.
I learned a long time ago that "A believer without organized religion, is like a fish without a bicycle".
And as for all that nonsense that clergymen give you, about "you have to go to church, even in the middle of a virus epidemic", I would gladly remind you that god can hear your prayers, even if you do your praying at home.

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