Slog AM: Congress Confirms Biden's Win, Trump Promises Orderly Transition LOL, WA Releases Vaccine Tiers




Tuesday’s twit from that cowardly fraud James Comey that Tr666p should never ever be prosecuted for anything sure has aged well.


No one seems to notice that his statement does not say a transition to what.


“As the violent mob incited by President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, some West Wing staffers panicked that they were possibly becoming participants in a coup to overthrow the government. ‘What do I do? Resign?’ one nervous White House staffer asked a friend on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after news broke that a woman had been shot and killed inside the Capitol.

The West Wing staffer told the friend that White House Counsel Pat Cipollone was urging White House officials not to speak to Trump or enable his coup attempt in any way, so they could reduce the chance they could be prosecuted for treason under the Sedition Act. ‘They’re being told to stay away from Trump,’ the friend said.”


nope, sorry Derrick, ain't buying it.
Doesn't matter if you had 'negative interactions' with the police or not, you were there.
Like Gus told Jake in 'Lonesome Dove', "you ride with the outlaws, you die with the outlaws"


Shame only 4 of you twats got popped. Can’t wait until we all get to play outside again ;)


Impeachment and conviction. 25th Amendment. I don't care. It's time ASAP to forcefully remove Trump from office. Time perp walk him outta there. Time to embrace the notion of "President Pence." Does have a certain ring to it.

My only concern is that all this Biden 46 swag for sale is suddenly going to become obsolete. The vendors are going to have to do what they do with the pre-printed "Super Bowl Champs" T-shirts for the team that loses the Super Bowl.


No way Trump wrote that. As soon as his Twitter account is unlocked he'll be back at it.


All these people resigning think they are doing something noble, after going along for the ride for months only to finally say "nope" with all of two weeks or so left in the term. Lol


There's plenty of culpability for yesterday's Tr666p-fascist terrorist attack, starting with the Republinazi Party. These illegitimate traitors need to be expelled from Congress immediately for sedition and plotting to overthrow the US government.

Then there's the Capitol Police/FBI/DHS. They're either grotesquely incompetent or they're in on it. Either way, anyone responsible for planning our national security needs to be sacked immediately, since their complicity and stupidity is our greatest national security threat.

Finally, there's the deranged morons that carried out the attack. They paraded the Confederate flag through the US Capitol--the flag of traitors that enslaved and murdered Americans and waged war against the United States. This was a national humiliation, and they have to be prosecuted.

They all need to pay dearly for this living nightmare if we're ever gonna recover from this insanity.


Mulvaney saying that Trump's "not the same as he was eight months ago" is laughable. He's exactly the same; The only thing that's changed are the circumstances around him, namely those that provide compelling evidence that he's not the messianic savior he paints himself to be.


And fuck Zuckerbot and @Jack 4ever for enabling these Tr666p freaks to terrorize us for years on end.

The rewards in our society are so fucked up: Isolated, quarantined, terrified people are more likely to turn to social media, so it's in these sociopathic oligarchs' best interests to destroy our society since it "increases user engagement" and makes them richer. They need to be taxed into oblivion, since they're more than happy to harm us.


These are the fleas who were on the rats that already left a sinking ship finally hopping into the ocean.

Notice how yesterday all the MAGA trolls here magically claimed they never voted for Trump? Hahaha. See that? That was great.

Yeah. I guess the grift only lasts so long. Until the next Rightwing grifter comes along, that is.


The woman who was shot used the Twitter handle "CommonsenseAsh".
Common sense says not to storm a building with a mob then smash through and attempt to clamber through a window behind which our nation's leaders are sheltered, yeah?
I imagine the scene from the other side of the glass was reminiscent of a zombie movie with a horde trying to bust through and eat brains.



She’s going to be the next big martyr murdered by the deep state.

See. She was just minding her own business, violently smashing through the door of a federal chamber with a mob attempting a coup to overturn a free and fair election — and bam — the deep state merc’d her.


"Nothing will stop us..." says the woman in the cited tweet. Someone should add, "Well, except for a tiny, 50-cent lead slug; that will stop at least one of us."


When someone comments that they voted or didn't vote for a particular candidate, I take them at their word.


Trump loses all three branches of government for Republicans, and then encourages his supporters to stage an insurrection at the Capitol yesterday, and still gets a standing ovation from the RNC today. This shit is never going to end.



That's because you're a credulous, slack-jawed rube with the critical analytical skills of a baby ragworm...


This was not the first time a mob of angry white guys broke into our Capitol building. The British did so during the Anglo-American War ("War of 1812," in American English.)

This was not the first a time persons was shot and killed in the U.S. Capitol. Puerto Rican separatists shot several persons in the 1950s, and a Capitol Police officer was shot and killed some decades later.

Yesterday's riotous assaults and vandalism did not stop our Congress from certifying our recent Presidential election. (In fact, the rioters may have expedited the very action they were trying to stop, by convincing several Republican legislators to drop their objections to the vote count.)

Now, it's time for charges of sedition against the rioters and President Trump, per 18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy. Gathering the evidence will take far longer than his remaining time in office, so we may as well wait until he's again a private citizen. Everyone charged shall enjoy the right to a speedy and very public trial. Everyone else shall enjoy the right to mock anyone found guilty.

Is 2020 done with us yet?


Obviously there is no way of knowing who someone actually voted for & you can either take them at their word or not but it doesn't matter. They are being judged for their behavior and no one cares if someone voted for Biden when they constantly troll for Trump. Literally no one asked who anyone voted for.

It's such a weird move to respond to a sloppy failed white nationalist coup like 'im not mad im actually laughing lol my stock portfolio is so awesome rn' and then retort by insisting you voted for Biden as though you haven't been nonstop MAGA in the comments here for the last 5 years & aren't blind with rage because the whole movement is coming violently unglued like everyone you hate said it would. But sure, you voted for Biden. Why not.


@10 Actually, I think Mulvaney's right. Trump's always been selfish and evil, but he's clearly been even less stable (maybe unhinged) since he came down with CoVID. Interestingly, a research article this week looking at people who died of CoVID found myriad micro-aneurysms in the brain, causing permanent brain damage. So I'd urge Pence to use the 25th Amendment now, get Trump out of office and into Walter Reed Hospital. If it comes out that his brain is damaged, he won't be trying again in 2024.


Capitol police says the terrorists were heading to the area where Congresspersons were sheltering when the woman was shot, so it sounds like the cop is a hero.


So here's a fun headline:
"America's military allies believe Trump deliberately attempted a coup and may have had help from federal law-enforcement officials"

@20 So I take it now one of our trolls I block is suddenly all "I never voted for Trump!" or something?

Haha. Man. This shit is so predictable it's like reading a script that hasn't even gotten a rewrite.

For the last five years there has been a cluster of the same trolls (usually they appear most virulently when the Sawant Beacon is lit) that has done nothing but regurgitate MAGA propaganda. Over and over.

It was a daily feed line of talking points direct from NewsMax/Fox News to Facebook and the Trump cesspools of Reddit to here. As predictable as the phases of the moon.

And suddenly when it's clear that Trump has been nothing but a total insane disaster that has burned, fallen over, fell into the swamp and sunk... these same Trolls are like:

"NEVAR HEARD OF THE GUY! Did I mention I own a castle I bought with Bitcoin!..."

Hahaha. In three years the RNC will pretend Trump never existed just like they did with GW. And there will be whole new pseudo Fascist that spews racism they will be in love with.


@ 23,

Now they act like this latest act of treasonous barbarity has retroactively destroyed Prezinazi AntiChrist’s entire presidency.

“It’s worse than the series finale of How I Met Your Mother!”


23 I'm referring to the guy in the PM thread yesterday who couldn't stop telling everyone how MAGA was just taking notes from BLM because i guess storming the capitol under the misguided belief that they could overturn the election is the same thing as people burning down a Target because the police -- you know, armed agents of the very government these people claim to hate -- killed a black person, & if you think the police shouldn't kill people for no reason you also support destroying property or something, therefore this is all BLM's fault. Or something.

Anyway yeah, somewhere in there he insisted that he voted for Biden as though anyone asked or gives a fuck.


Since 1980, and especially since 2016, the United States federal government has been transformed into one big "reality TV show".

It's hard to take it seriously any more. Right up until cops start gunning down innocent civilians exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and freedom to assemble and to ask for "redress of grievances".


@ 23

"NEVAR HEARD OF THE GUY! Did I mention I own a castle I bought with Bitcoin!..."

That's exactly what dipshit donny would say.

They all want to be him.


Man, I loves me some AOC.
This letter she drafted asking Cruz and Hawley to resign or be expelled from the Senate is just over-the-top wonderful.
Of course it will be dismissed as mere 'political theater' but it is not merely political theater, it serves a valuable purpose in expanding the greater discourse.


@22. Well, I don't know about "hero" but the policeman may have felt that he/her had no choice if there was a direct threat to the members of Congress. Do you know if the woman was armed? Was she alone or with a group?


@28 Credit where it's due, Cori Bush was the one who started beating that drum, Ocasio-Cortez joined in a minute later.


@29 It was a mob of people. You can see the video of the officer shooting after issuing warning. Others retreated and she lept onto the door to continue to smash the window.

Warning Graphic video of the shooting in question:


@29 What, no questions about her criminal history? Shouldn't we dig into who she dated and whether or not they had rap sheets, too, or gang affiliations? Was she drinking at the time? Taking drugs?

Or are we only interested in all that when a, um, different kind of woman is killed by the police.


@30 fair enough, didn't know that.
At any rate I think it has helped in giving D leadership a useful push in calling for Trump's ouster.


Yeah. As predicted there are already memes zipping around of this lunatics "heroic" martyrdom and how the Secret Service deep state murdered her.

Prepare. There is going to be more of this stupid shit and it's going to get very ugly unless craven monsters like Cruz come out and admit the election was fair.


Oh Rudy, please call. We'll chat about your pal Larry Silverstein.


@31. Thanks for the link



That's certainly an interesting theory. I think I stand by my assertion that he simply is and always has been a childish, egomaniacal demagogue, and that this sort of behavior was inevitable once he finally had power cruelly wrested away, particularly as it happened by way of a popular repudiation of him personally. It'd have been devastating for him to lose back in 2016, but far moreso this year as his own self-image has only been even more elevated over these past four years. I feel like it's probably not anything more than the fallout from the glorious shattering of a gigantic, fragile ego on this biggest stage possible.

All that said (and regardless of it's veracity) your case to invoke the 25th in the wake and context of the Covid diagnosis is certainly worth pursuing if it had a chance at success.


Being fed alive to starving pigs is too good for Trump and his trough of slop.


'A newly sworn-in West Virginia lawmaker was among yesterday's mob: Rep. Derrick Evans (R) livestreamed (and then deleted) videos from inside the Capitol building.'

Filmed himself breaking and entering, then bragged and posted smoking-gun evidence on social media. A man for our times.


@37 The chance of success is always going to be zero if you won't let anyone anyone attempt it on the grounds that it might not succeed.

What you're saying, de facto, is that you are in the present moment and context opposed to invoking the 25th.


Rudy Giuliani has behaved despicably, deceitfully, disgustingly. Criminal and, or civil case against him aside, he must--must--face the harshest discipline the legal profession can muster. That has to start with permanent disbarment. No appeals, no second chances. Permanent disbarment. And then go after Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. I hope Dominion sues these people for 20 million each. Giuliani is as bad as Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, who actually was disbarred just before he died. Giuliani must face the harshest possible discipline. No competent, credible attorney would behave as he has. Permanent. Disbarment. No. Second. Chances. For. Giuliani.


Republicans are just as duplicitous as they've always been. Their sudden support of removing their insane leader is only arising because they got what they wanted out of him already.

Tax cuts for billionaires and monied corporate interests. Done. Now that he's been voted out, they're throwing him under the bus.

Republicans are horrid creatures. Never, ever trust anything they say.


I find it worrisome that many of you label those who do not amplify your echo chamber in these comments as a "Troll". The folks you seem to call out (such as rainy) are not spewing QAnon and crazy right wing rhetoric, they are just not spewing extreme progressive rhetoric! It saddens me that someone with independent thoughts is shouted down by the mobs on both the right and left sides of the aisle.

@Professor - Even though it was horrific, thanks for the video. I was wondering what pre-empted that shooting and now it makes sense.


@43 Care to give an example?


If people only come around to agitate & annoy & don’t respond in good faith when challenged they are by definition trolling. It’s possible to have contrary opinions & not be a troll about it. It’s a matter of behavior, not beliefs


@44 Yeah. The term "extreme" progressive is pretty funny. It's sort of hard to take that rhetoric seriously when our last "progressive" healthcare reform act was written by for-profit insurance companies and laughably called "socialist" anyway.

"Extreme progressives!" Like. What? Does he visualize a bunch of Gortex wearing vegans holding him down going:

HAHAHA. "Extreme progressives!" I mean, get THE fuh-uuuck out of here. Not only that I'm hardly really much a very good progressive. Let alone a leftist. But I'd sure like to see example of who we treat unfairly.

Well. I treat everyone unfairly. Because it's my way. But you know.


That's not a good look for you West Virginia:


@29 - "Hero" gets tossed around too easily these days, and maybe the cop was/is a Hero and maybe not, but the fact that the woman insurgent wasn't armed does not matter in this case. It may not be popular to point out in this forum, but there are instances when using deadly force against an unarmed assailant(s) is justifiable and even necessary. They're rare, but they do exist.

Of course, when that happens, the review of it must be done with a fine-tooth comb, but if this cop was protecting his charges, Senators and or Congresspeople, and he could not retreat lest doing so place those charges at imminent risk of death OR serious bodily injury, he can use whatever force is necessary to protect those charges. Hell, he can use deadly force to combat insurrection generally!

When you're vastly outnumbered by a violent mob, and you must hold your position, a baton or taser just will not cut it. I'm sure he had no rubber bullets or tear gas at his disposable in the moment, so he must use what he does have, his sidearm. That's assuming that that's roughly how it went down, of course.

There's another video of the violent insurrectionists bearing down on a single hapless cop in a stairwell. He uses his puny nightstick to threaten them, and the results are sadly comical. A bullet or two may have stopped his would-be assailants, tho. Most of whom I'm quite sure proudly wave their "Thin Blue Line" flags at their trailer back home in the holler.

These were violent insurrectionist assaulting those cops inside the Capitol who chose to try to fight them off and these insurrectionists were using force to shut down our seat of government and stop the people's representatives from doing the people's business and impose their own authoritarian will by force.

That is the textbook definition of insurrection. And insurrection clearly and by statute warrants the use of deadly force to fend it off. These seditious mother-fuckers are phenomenally lucky that plenty more of them weren't they probably should have been.


The security seems to be the same as it was in 1996 when all you had to do was walk around and sit in one of the balconies until some tour guide comes along and informs you that you have to have permission to sit in there. What a bunch of rent a cop morons.


@45: Expressing contrary opinions ignites fury on Slog, resulting in hostile trolling of those with contrary opinions.


as does


@50: Nah.. its the idiotic dribblings you post here that pisses folks off... No one has to tolerate jackasses. If we were stuck on a lifeboat or desert isle with you-- trust me you would be the first one thrown off and fast.


great, as a scumbag restaurant worker (yet ESSENTIAL!!!YAAY!!) maaaaaaybe i can get vaccinated by summer after the homeless and criminals in jail. sweet. thanks.


@9 - it's time for some serious de-Nazification of the police. Way too many of them seemed to be just fine with all this.


@48 - dead on. If the first dozen who smashed their way in had been taken out, the rest would likely have hit the road. Next time, what needs to happen is clear.


@52: Whether they're contrary opinions are idiotic drippings, typically only the trolls get furious. The rest of us just simply comment or scroll past.


@48: It was hard to watch but thanks for the explanations.


@54 - Unfortunately, it's only going to get worse. No one decent wants to be a cop anymore and recruitment has been on the decline for years, by up to 70% by last summer in some places...and that was before the bulk of the anti-police demonstrations. No, the vast majority of people coming in the door to be cops now are Trumpers. And PD's gotta fill ranks, and they can't force more desirable people to be cops.

I'm not sure how to fix that. Draft people? Idaknow...

I am heartened to know that over 50 Capitol cops were injured with a few hospitalized, if only because it tells me they at least chose to fight these assholes knowing how hopeless their efforts would be. The cop that shot the woman did his duty as best as I can tell.

The Chief of the Capitol Police is apparently resigning, as is The House Sergeant-at-Arms. The Senate one will probably follow. Video will allow investigators to determine which officers were guilty of rank dereliction or even aiding and abetting these mother-fuckers...and stabbing their more righteous and injured colleagues in the back.


Well, you'll never guess who it is who thinks all of that violence yesterday is just hunky-dory ...
Rush Limbaugh.
Asshole can't succumb to that cancer fast enough to suit me.