How We Could Get Rid of Trump Now



Sen. Inhofe reports that he shelter with Pence yesterday and that Pence was really, really pissed that Trump put his life in danger, so there's that.


Well good luck with any of that.

Any attempts to remove this lying homicidal psychopath Prezinazi AntiChrist will be met with articles of secession from the Republinazi traitors in CONgress and disbelief and denial from the corporate media about what’s going down.



@ 1,

Mother’s gonna have to ball-gag and peg VP Dence extra hard, he’s ever so pissed.



One doesn’t need a PhD in history to see this is obviously getting very national collapsey.

Business leaders are condemning Tr666p! Then shoveling more munnie at the Republinazis 4 tax cutz$$$!!!

The stock market will go through the roof!


I'm pretty sure the impeachment process could not be concluded in 13 days. Very likely it would stretch on and on as from what I have read there is no requirement it be completed before the end of a president's term. In other words it would wind up taking up valuable time in which the new Democratic controlled government should be getting busy undoing what has been done the last 4 years. Aaand not going to prevent the orange bag of radioactive diarrhea from issuing a blanket pardon for the entirety of his zombie army before leaving office. I fully expect that will be coming shortly.


Sources close to Pence think Trump set him up and needlessly endangered his life in the process, according to a new report from CNN.

"President Donald Trump and top White House officials did little to check in on Vice President Mike Pence while he and members of his family were inside the US Capitol when Trump-backed rioters stormed the halls of Congress on Wednesday, a source close to the vice president tells CNN," Jim Acosta reported. "Several of the violent Trump supporters who were rampaging the US Capitol were heard screaming 'where's Mike Pence,' the source said, frightening the vice president and his family."

Also, Pence's chief of staff has been banned from the White House.


Abort unwanted Presidencies.


@ 6,

In fairness, there wasn’t a baby around for Tr666p to hold up as a human shield.


25th Amendment time.


25 is too high to count. I seem to recall Trump requesting 2nd Amendment solutions in the past. Maybe that should be given a look. After all, it was put in to prevent this sort of thing right?


@5 Is right. Impeachment is a trial. It doesn't matter how much evidence you have, trials take a while. There is no way it would be done in time.

In contrast, the 25th amendment article four clause could be invoked in a day, if I understand it right. Pence gets together with Trump's cabinet, and vote to remove his powers with a simple majority. He is still technically president (which is all he really wants -- the title) but he wouldn't have any power -- Pence would. Then the president can essentially appeal the decision, by writing a letter stating that he is capable of holding office. Then Pence and the cabinet have four days to say "sorry, we disagree -- you crazy". Then the issue gets decided by Congress, and requires a 2/3 vote to hand power to Pence. Except here is the kicker: During that time, Trump is still out. The soonest he would have his powers back is 21 days. That is beyond his term. Congress really doesn't matter.

Essentially it is only Pence and Trump's cabinet that can remove him. They have all the power. Complicating things is that some cabinet members are resigning now, which means that the only ones left may be Trump loyalists. Nice summary:


Who cares if it takes a while. He committed a crime. Justice must be served.



The benefit of impeachment is that one of the punishments available is that he be barred from public office in the future. That scuppers a 2024 run. The big downside of the 25th is that the more cabinet officials that resign in protest over the attempted coup, the fewer are available to actually stand up if Pence tried the 25th.

Also, if the president doesn't want to be removed, you need 2/3 majorities in both houses to remove him/her as opposed to a simple majority in the House and 2/3 in the Senate. Given that nearly 1/3 of the House backed the challenges to Pennsylvania's electoral votes, it's hard to believe the 25th route would pass.


I'm afraid that any deals that it would take to remove Trump whether by the 25th or impeachment would have to involve a pardon.

I want to see his self pardon go to shit like its being extruded between his fingers.


@5 @11 No, impeachment is not a trial.

There are no standards of evidence. There is no right to an attorney. There is no jury selection. There is no presumption of innocence. There is no burden of proof. There is no set definition of "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors," and there is nothing to hold the legislature to any previously used definition-- there is literally no precedent in an impeachment proceeding.

Impeachment is a defined process whereby the legislature may, at its sole discretion, remove an elected official and bar that official from holding office in the future. It is a purely political act, not a law enforcement act; in fact, the constitution explicitly states that any violations of Law are to be handled outside the impeachment process, by the appropriate courts.


@16 Correct.


@16 Does not matter whether it is technically defined as a trial. It would almost certainly take a considerable amount of time. Only advantage I can see is that conviction would bar the fucker from running again. I am remembering the last time the Dems controlled the government. They could barely get the stimulus and health care reform passed, by the skin of their teeth, before the inevitable backlash from the 'throw the bums out' crowd two years later. Every minute counts when there is a shit ton of stuff to be done (and undone).


I think you're neglecting a third, more likely scenario for his immediate ouster-
take a few of the most powerful R Senators and a couple top military and CIA guys to go to his office and 'strongly suggest' he resign immediately.
He'd crap himself and sign anything and then negotiate any potential pardon with Pence.


@18 Precisely because it is not a trial, and requires no timetables for discovery or any other procedural guarantee of fair trial, impeachment could be done and dusted by Monday afternoon. Maybe sooner.

The only thing that would drag it out is obstruction by legislators who want Trump to run for office again in the future, or are too cowardly to risk the support of constituents who do.

And it might not hurt to turn on the lights and see who those legislators might be, in addition to the infamous six who've shown their stripes in the certification vote.


I have to confess it is immensely satisfying for me to witness the incredibly rapid and complete unraveling of the Trump administration.
Perhaps I am a sadistic monster but I feel like I did as a kid when the Wicked Witch had water splashed on her.
"I'm mellllting..."


@19 Trump purged the top military and intelligence officials and installed loyalists. And I'm having a hard time imagining what, exactly, he'd find intimidating about a few Republican legislators showing up at his door-- in the present-day GOP he's the boss, and they're easily replaceable flunkies.


The thing to have done was to remove him from office last night/this morning. Pence is pissed? Who gives a fuck. All of these assholes have supported this deranged dotard from day one. Sadly, they might have actually done something about Trump last night if any of the members of congress had been murdered yesterday. If Pence had been murdered because Trump is enraged and angry at Trump, we might be seeing
Trump rotting in prison TODAY.

Instead, we got over hundreds of members of congress supporting sedition (a felony) and a farce of an election "certification" (the election was certified on 12/14 by the EC), and they ended their night with a PRAYER. Because praying does so much to fight domestic terrorism. Trump must be punished for what happened yesterday as he is 100% responsible for it happening. Everyone in congress supporting his lies and engaged in the support of sedition and treason needs to be unseated from congress and held responsible as well. Who gives a fuck if that means we have to have 150 special elections (or state appointed representatives). NONE OF THESE FUCKERS SHOULD REMAIN IN ANY POSITION OF POWER.

And the cops who work at the Capitol (there are 2000 total) all need to be fired. When you can waltz into the Capitol, armed to the teeth, steal shit, break shit, and take selfies while doing it easier than you can buy a razor at a drug store, the people who have supposedly been trained to handle a terrorist attack but couldn't stop people from entering the Capitol building yesterday are either 100% complicit or 100% incompetent. Either way, they sure as shit don't deserve to remain employed. Why would anyone in congress or who works at the Capitol ever trust any of them regarding their personal protection ever again?

Someone else pointed something out yesterday that truly made me so much angrier about what happened yesterday. I lived in NYC on 9/11. On that day the passengers of flight 93 chose to take down that plane and kill themselves doing so in order to prevent that plane from being flown into the Capitol building or the White House. The people who engaged in domestic terrorism yesterday (including the MAGA hat wearing piece of shit who got shot and killed during her participation in the act of terrorism) deserve to have their lives ended. It is the least they could do for their country.


Even if he's never convicted or even tried in the Senate it would still be a fitting legacy for him to forever be known as the ONLY president to have been impeached twice in a single term; essentially relegating him to both a singularly shameful historical footnote, in addition to the answer to the most personally embarrassing presidential trivia question since "Name the Japanese Prime Minister then president George H.W. Bush projectile vomited on during a State Dinner in 1992?"


Trump really fucked himself with yesterday's stunt. He had one chance of avoiding Federal charges, and that was resigning at the last minute, and getting a pardon from a now President Pence. Feuding with Pence after risking his life like that pretty much ensures that won't happen.

Now, if Pence were smart, which I doubt he actually is, he'd realize that his future with the Trump Party is dead, and his best move is to resign from the Trump team, and join the Lincoln Project.


speaking of the Great Unraveling:

Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term

“We believe the risks of allowing
the president to continue to use our
service during this period are simply
too great,” Mark Zuckerberg said. kudos el
marko but it surely Took You LONG ENOUGH.

is Twitter next? They usually Copy each other but
boy oh boy without an Outlet trumpfy’s
likely gonna hafta take US to War.


@25, if Pence was a sly mofo, he'd tell Donald to resign and of course Pence will shoot him a pardon, along with the whole crime family. Then as soon as the fucker is out the door, renege. A man can dream.


@20 I think you are dreaming. I am not sure about the details but given that nothing would probably happen in the Senate until the majority has flipped there might be a decent chance of conviction this time around though. Like I said: only sensible argument I see here is that it would prevent him from running again. Never ever underestimate how many idiots there are in this country. He could be back.


Trump is a danger to himself and others besides being a fascist goon. He should be removed immediately to safeguard the people. This was an attempted coup by white supremacists attempting the 1933 one in Germany by (Mussolini imitator) Trump it looks like.

This was a taste of the coups perpetrated throughout the world by the CIA examples are many - Chile, Libya, Honduras, Nicaragua, Egypt and so many more. Like Malcom X said "the chickens have come home to roost".

And now from the rest of us? Where is our monthly stimulus payments of $2,000? Universal Health Care and UBI? Swallowed up by the donors, military industrial complex and prison industrial complex. Poverty is violence.


Amendment 25 Will Not be Invoked. Reason? Mike Pence Doesn't Want to Die.

Inside the capitol yesterday, someone was heard to yell, “WHERE’S MIKE PENCE!?!?!”

You see, the insurrectionists had built and erected a hanging-station outside the capitol building. A noose, hanging from a wooden structure. Elsewhere, inside the capitol, men were found to be carrying zip-ties and other implements that would be used to restrain those whom they wished to hang.

Mike Pence is a coward. He stood by Trump the entire time and now he's scared of being murdered by Trump and/or his minions. Fuck him.

This is what domestic terrorism looks like and it's white and it's male and it is toxic and deadly like cancer. It must be dismantled and thoroughly destroyed. Every single person involved, every single white person in this country who supports, enabled, promotes, and upholds this white supremacist ideology needs to be neutralized and eradicated. Period. Full stop.


would a Pardon stymie el trumpfo's ability to Pardon peeps like his Crime Family or Rudy (tooty fruity) or hisself, for instance?


I beg your pardon
no not a Pardon @31
(the 1st) an Impeachment.


Has anyone looked at who is ON Trump's Cabinet? Beyond CIA head Gina Haspel, which members do you expect to support an effort to 25th him?

Ben Carson? Wilbur Ross? Ain't happening.


Ah yes, Biden doesn't want to pursue impeachment or the 25th because uNiFy tHe cOuNtRy kid gloves. When are they going to learn?


"Amendment 25 Will Not be Invoked. Reason? Mike Pence Doesn't Want to Die."

Well. You know the old Crusader saying: "You don't get to heaven if you don't die first."

I'm curious why a man so supposedly devout would be afraid of heaven? Unless maybe he knows something about his mortal sins the rest of us do not.

But yes. It's nice dream to think that suddenly enough congressional republicans and cabinet members would grow morals and spine now. But they won't.

They are going to ride this bucket of dog shit right over the falls. And Trump will be rage tweeting on the toilet until 2am until the day he dies from an impacted bowl or stroke.


Welp he just released his "I'm sorry I hit you I promise I'll never do it again" video.


And the Blue Lives Matter crowd now has a cop death on their hands:


Pretty familiar talking points, no?


@34 This shit pisses me off so much. They better fucking learn and learn fast. NOW.


John Catanzara, head of the police union in Chicago said on NPR today that the terrorists at the Capitol did not commit treason, did not destroy property or loot or cause damage, and were not violent. They were simply a group of people who were pissed off about something.


Everything that was done yesterday, every single crime listed above and more is on video for everyone in the world to see. But we are expected to not believe what we have seen with our own eyes, listen to the lies of white supremacist ideology, and pretend nothing happened.



Pro-Trump rioters smeared poop in U.S. Capitol hallways during belligerent attack

The vile attackers, whose violent invasion of the Capitol left four people dead, apparently went No. 2 in a bathroom and then smeared their extremist excrement around the building, leaving behind brownish “foot-prints,” the source said.


yeah, xina, but to be fair they were used to nettles, and leaves, and old catalogs and didn't realize the shiny little tp dispenser held a product that'd allow them to not soil their handsies, nearly as much, so to get a little poo-poo on the walls and faucets (look at that -- water! inside! -- another surprise) and of course all over their feet, well, that's just Natural, to them.

didja notice the color of their shirts?


The Trump cabinet is bailing on him, so why not the American people? Trump the pervert and raconteur should be shown the door, as indelicately as possible.