SPD Finally Confirms: They Have No Reports of Extortion in the CHOP



Another day, another explosive candle.


City departments need not be required to create records concerning anecdotes.

Matt, strange that you don't consider murder a crime:



Matt, you earn every dollar.


well, since they're OUR Airwaves
why don't let's have them issue
Corrections equal to 20% of
the Hysterics they'd Broad-
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or, they can just shut off
for a few hours daily
if republican Utopia
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let's stick with that
Theme, for clarity.


So basically the SPD engaged in the kind of "I don't know, but I've heard.." rumor mongering common with sleazy politicians. "There are unsubstantiated allegations that my opponent has been having sex with farm animals.". Yeah, by whom? Who are these people making these statements? Your own staff?

The fact that there was not a single person who bothered to step forward means that someone (or more than one person in the department wanted to spread a rumor to make the occupiers look worse, and drive a wedge between them and other parts of the community. This is bullshit, and it is disgusting. It has been almost ten years since federal investigators found "a pattern or practice of constitutional violations regarding the use of force that result from structural problems, as well as serious concerns about biased policing", yet very little has been done to address these systemic problems. You can't police a community unless you have the respect of the community. You can't do that if you have an "us" versus "them" attitude towards the community. The SPD still has that, after all these years, and this is but the latest example.


@2 Keeping records concerning anecdotes is precisely what the city department in question is required to do when you file a police report.

Your anecdote might not even describe anything that qualifies as a crime, and its veracity may or may not be verified at some point in the future, but the police are absolutely required to make and keep a record of it anyway, for reasons that ought to be perfectly obvious.


@5 If police investigations didn't start with hearsay, there wouldn't be any police investigations. The problem here isn't that the police heard a story and decided to look into it, the problem, as you correctly say, is that they didn't drop it after the first hour or two of phone calls to check things out.


6 Like using informants that are under duress (threat) to go back to prison? Or paid to lie?


I'm not sure why this is a story. A simple Google search shows that the SPD walked back the claims of extortion back in early June and stated no one had filed a police report. The Stranger must really be struggling for something newsworthy in 2021. In the last two days we have a propaganda piece for Socialist Alternative, a butt hurt piece by Rich over the Bellevue PD putting up a banner and now a story about an incident that was resolved over 7 months ago. Is that really the only newsworthy things happening right now?


@9 As the story plainly tells you, the public records request took seven months to come back, thus the timing of the story.

The reason the PRR is worth reporting is that right-wing extremists are still circulating the CHOP extortion story. The non-result tells us that there were never any police reports of crimes, which is new evidence that the story is a fabrication, and should be treated as such by media reporting on CHOP in the future.


Well I can tell you one thing. I can't remember so many young black men being shot or murdered on Capitol Hill in the last 30 years.


@11 then you my dementia riddled friend have very poor memory.


SPD should recognize real extortion. I'm surprised they were so easily thrown off by the scent of anecdote, given their experience.


Love this piece, Matt. More like that, please.


ok, great - i guess that means that the episode of larping "activists" was all super awesome then.



The reasons may be perfectly obvious to us rational and sane people, but to people like Raindrip and his ilk nothing is obvious unless it can be explained to them in terms simple enough for a three year old to understand; and even then you'll have to repeat it about seventy-bazillion times before it begins to sink in.


@10 What did Matt expect to find when the SPD confirmed back on June 10th that the allegations were not true? From the Seattle Times:

"The Seattle Police Department walked back its claim, widely repeated in the news media, that denizens of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone are extorting businesses.

"That has not happened affirmatively," Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best in a news conference Thursday afternoon, adding that the police department had based earlier claims on anecdotal reports, including in the news and on social media. "We haven't had any formal reports of this occurring."

So basically Matt submitted a records request to confirm what the SPD said back in June and now it's some sort of aha moment? Seems pretty lame but whatever gets the clicks I guess.


Any police reports of violent assaults or murders? Because both of those happened there.

(Then again, there's little reason to file a police report if every piece of evidence -- other than the anecdotal ones, of course -- was removed, destroyed, or otherwise contaminated.)

The question The Stranger won't ask is, if the police were hearing rumors of illegal activity taking place DOWN THE STREET FROM THEIR EAST PRECINCT HOUSE, then why were they not immediately restoring police presence to that precinct house?


@6: Nobody filed a police report to include the anecdotes.



Great, now you're a self-proclaimed expert on police procedure - is there ANY subject you don't think you know more about than anyone else?


REPORT THE NAMES OF THE CHOP SECURITY WHO SHOT THOSE TWO MINORS! This is madness that nobody talks about this. I guess everyone has their own Thin Blue Line.


Translation: like so many things the far-right media pretending to be local TV stations repeats from the SPD, another LIE.

This is why extremist white terrorists tried to take over Washington State Governor's Residence and will try to assault, with weapons, the State Legislature this weekend.

This is why extremist white terrorists tried to take over Congress and why you must report any you know of to the FBI (use their FBI Washington Field Office or the direct link to submit, but also store it in the Internet Wayback Machine so it can be used as evidence).

Democracy is literally under assault by the far right and their fellow travelers in Russia and China.


@21: The initial claim from SPD stated flatly it was based on anecdotal evidence. The SPD then publicly retracted that claim when they found no evidence. That's not evidence of lying, but of telling citizens of dangers they may face, then updating it as evidence directs. Having done all that, they fulfilled the Public Disclosure Request when they had time to do so. They'd already publicly answered the Public Disclosure Request in full, so they had no reason to hurry.

There are plenty of actual liars for you to attack out there. Doubtless some do wear badges and carry guns. Enjoy.


Thar's rich, the Stranger calling out others for misrepresenting the facts.



The Seattle Times scooped you to this story by about 6 months, Matt.

Slow news day?


I'm also still trying to figure out, Matt, why you felt the need to say this:

"And while I wouldn’t call the false narrative around extortion helpful, it’s at least a useful lesson in who you can trust. For example, KOMO repeated Nollette’s claim, without checking anything; so did KIRO and MyNorthwest, along with conservative jerkoff sites like Fox News, The Daily Caller, The Police Tribune, and Town Hall. Obviously, you’re smart enough to know that you can’t believe everything you read; but the next time you’re wondering if you should believe anything you read in a particular outlet, consider how they handled this little saga."

When you yourself say earlier in your article that Nollette said:

"We have heard anecdotally of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area. This is a crime of extortion."

If you don't understand what the word "anecdotally" means, you should perhaps invest in a dictionary.

You wrote an article about an email you got from the SPD saying "we don't have any records related to this", when the Seattle Times already said back in June that they hadn't had any reports - even though Nolette had asked people who had experienced this to come forward because it was a crime.

The entire rest of your article is misrepresenting the situation.

I've read some utter tripe in my time but this is worse than the fucking Enquirer. Is it a slow advertisers click-thru day or something? Because this outrage bait you're trying to peddle is palpably pathetic.