Slog PM: Trump Basically Concedes, 20 Years of Fibs, Carmelo's Tacos Expands



Is that squint supposed to convey Dirty Harry like determination and resolve, or is he just too vain to wear cheaters when trying to read off the teleprompter?


Very happy to see Carmelo's succeed and expand, used to love those tacos every day as my reward for walking up the steep Denny hill.


He did not concede. Every one of his surrogates is out there claiming a massive election fraud conspiracy and Biden is illegitimate. You can’t concede what you claim is a fraudulent election.

He’s doing this for the same reason he always has lights. To prove cover and see confusion.

Unless he is convicted and jailed for sedition America does not come back from this. Not in our lifetimes.


Hahaha. Oh Tim Eyeman. That pathetic corrupt small time grifter.

I told you guys Eyeman was likely going to jail before 2024. I know people who worked with him who took one look at his sad schemes and ran.

Let’s just say “sloppy accounting” will not be a defense. And nobody is going to run interference for him.


So now, Trump, you express a bit of conciliatory remorse, an iota of concern for electoral integrity. Why should anyone believe a syllable you say after four years of lies, obfuscation, narcissistic self-promotion, and petty vilification of anyone who disagrees with you. You've proven a hideous failure of a human being, and you're not much of an entrepreneur either. So now, Trump, without any ten-day investigation or post-electoral commission or whatever Cruz and Hawley had cooked up, you DO acknowledge your defeat. You only cared about electoral integrity? But in one day, you go from spewing denunciation and doubt-mongering to acknowledgement--which means you never cared about integrity. You only cared about winning, because you're big insecure bloviating self cannot endure the taint of appearing to be a "loser." Your sense of manhood could not endure the shame of not appearing "great." That's all on you, fool. Some men do grow out of adolescence. Some men do grow past their insecurities about success and reach genuine loving maturity. You're a pathetic, weak, fraudulent, approval-obsessed failure of a president and failure as a person. Go away, turn off the television and the computer, and aim high--let's say the maturity level of the average fifteen-year-old? Would that be asking too much? After that, the sky's the limit! You like to say "never forget." Well, the good citizens of this country will not forget your betrayal of our constitutional republic, your sick egotism, your pathetic need for constant approval. And, hopefully, there are enough of such citizens to keep you from ever, ever holding office again.


"like all Americans I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem."

Well not quite ALL Americans - for example this recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom who still commands a radio audience in the millions and has been an honored guest at Trump's White House countless times was just tickled pink by all of that violence -


This is Trump's playbook. He enables and backpedals. Then he does it again. He did it after calling them very fine people. He did it after telling the Proud Boys to stand by. He is just paying lip service and his followers know it, and once the slap on the wrist fades he will push back even stronger until there is nothing left of what America ever was. Fuck these stupid pieces of shit who can't stand up for America and have betrayed the sacrifice of entire history for one wannabe tin pot dictator who panders to the lowest common denominator of abject hypocrisy. Fuck all these phony apologists trying to deflect from their own enabling and shared responsibility for this shit. It's time to clean fucking house and punish wrongdoing. Justice demands accountability and retribution. America better step the fuck up and stop being meek and gentle and complacent with high treason and traitorous fucks. And fuck the police who allowed this to happen, they are traitors as well.


If you think Trump can be taken at his word you are naive as shit. His followers already showed what they are willing to do and they threatened to come back. You think with Covid and the compromised security that his followers won't return, armed this time, and be shown the red carpet by the loyalists who have infiltrated the police? Sure, eyes are on them now, but unless this is met with anything other than complete and total subjugation and containment and removal, then you're just asking to lose everything. These people are who they say they are. Looks like a duck talks like a duck sounds like a duck, IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING DUCK. They are FACISTS. Do you understand what that means? DO YOU? It's REAL! You can't make fascists stop being fascists by being nice to them! They don't respond to it, they won't trust you, they are insulated and their brains do not process reason the same way. They will not accept your kindness and enabling, they will only respond to force and defense and fear for their own security, which can only be secured with equal application of the law and a deterrent force. There is a reason we have a nuclear arsenal, not to use it, but to prevent others from doing whatever the hell they want. I wish we didn't have it, but when people know they have a lot to lose, they think twice or at least are not encouraged to do whatever they think they can get away with. Well, they're getting away with ANYTHING THEY WANT AND THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED, NOW GOD DAMNIT, NOW!!!!!!!!!


Dope. Now Carmelo's can donate even more money to SPD. Didn't this used to be an alt weekly?


Just Impeach him again.

Ignore all those who want you not to.

Ten year jail sentences for all the Insurrectionist Traitors who attacked the Capitol and Impeach Trump.

Accept no substitutes.


Its becoming impossible to be President.


"Three days before the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, the Pentagon asked the U.S Capitol Police if it needed National Guard manpower.

And then as the mob descended, DOJ leaders reached out to offer up FBI agents.

The police turned them down both times"


@8 You have become what you hate.



That squint was bizarre and even distracting from his overall message. I gotta figure he was reading from cards or a prompter and couldn't see, but is also obviously far too vain to wear corrective lenses.

That dead woman was trash, but I gotta wonder if her family has a case against the Capitol Police for not making any effort to prevent the breach. They could probably at least file suit, then look into cashing in on a settlement. They're likely fellow patriots after all, and I don't think there's anything more patriotic than cashing in on a big ol' settlement. They'd actually be paying honor and tribute to her.


You know what a crazy, overwhelming news day it is when the normally diligent Chase Burns leaves this jaw-dropping news item. The United States set a record for COVID-19 deaths today, the first day the number of reported deaths exceeded 4,000:

I'm saddened to hear about the police officer who died from their wounds after getting hit over the head with a pipe by one of the rioters. I haven't come across a written report of that. That officer was trying to honorably do their job, and they had to die a miserable death in the process. I hope the killer spends the rest of their life in prison. But really, the cop was let down by the police leadership. I'm seeing that 56 officers were injured in the melee, and I can only think that, being so overwhelmed as they were, their only hope was deescalation. Not to say that some of them weren't just fine with the Capitol being breached by a bunch of thugs.

Of course, none of this would have happened without the incitement of Trump and his enablers. That crazy QAnon woman who was shot and killed would be alive today too if people in power who knew better hadn't egged all this on.


the capitol police were either unimaginative or complicit. And, I don't think DJT is done yet. No way he goes quietly.

I hope the FBI, CIA, & NSA looking out for obvious tricks Team Trump would try to instill martial law -\? real or 'fake' terrorist attack, more riots, anything would not surprise me. Seem crazy? Impossible? I thought so, until yesterday. Would any of those MAGA-ites put on a suicide vest for Trump? Especially if God told them so?

I hope team Biden leaves nothing to chance.


@15 - US Capitol Police say officially no cop has died, although some are hospitalized with the one rumored to have died in Intensive Care.

More than 50 other cops were injured to varying lesser degrees, some of whom refused treatment to stay at their posts. These cops should be celebrated, as they were fighting a hopeless fight let down by their own leadership and stabbed in the back by their own colleagues who stood aside to let the insurrectionists rampage through the Capitol.

As massively outnumbered as the cops who did their duty were, they were far more so than they should have been by the cowardice of others in their ranks, and the intentional betrayal. Hopefully, the investigations to come will rid this force of the cowards, prosecute those who actively aided and abetted this insurgency and rebuild around those officers who stood their ground and did their best to beat back the mob.

@14 - At first glance, I can't imagine her family has a case, but then I had to reconsider. This cop did his duty, and his one shot did indeed stop the mob trying to break through the door he was himself at that moment, before some sort of response team appeared outside after the shooting. There was no other way he was stopping the mob in any other way at the precise moment he fired his gun. I can't imagine any court holding him liable.

The Department, however, is another story. I can see a case in which the family can claim with some credibility that she would not have been killed had the Capitol Police Department taken sufficient measures to prevent the mob entering the Capitol in the first place. Because it's probably true that she would not have been.


I forgot to add that I'm sure damn near every one of these fuckers attacking the cops fly their "Thin Blue Line" flags back at the trailer park. My own cop experience tells me these assholes are all "Back the Blue"...until they're not. That was true in my day, and I'm sure it's doubly true now.


@16 -- "I hope team Biden leaves nothing to chance."

Jesus, 2CV
the Inauguration
springs right to mind
let's hope our Evesdroppers*
are up to the task


*no not Russia


@14 - I wouldn't say she was trash, but misguided. People do work themselves out of cults. She was young.


Who cares what that criminal in the white house said?

He is on record speaking sedition. He is a traitorous criminal. Arrest him, fucking now. What the fuck are they waiting for??


@19 that's what I meant. I hope the folks that missed the obvious warning signs and threats from the President about the Coup are paying much more attention these days.

I do think the FBI, CIA and other DoD intelligence agencies are still on the side of the US (with all of our flaws) and not with the Orange one. I just hope they are on hi alert for any more treason that he or his handlers will try to pull.


@19 and please Secret Service, do not let Harris, Biden and Pelosi be in the same place at any time for the next year or two.

Also, what will the GoP say when Trump pardons all the rioters on his way out? You know he will. I hope the Prosecutors don't name and charge some of them until after he leaves, unless there are state crimes to charge them with.


The motherfucker did not concede. He said a new president would be installed on the 20th, not that Biden won and he lost. He will never admit defeat because he's a sore fucking loser and he'll be a loser for the rest of his pathetic life.


@21 they're waiting until he's out of office so he no longer has pardon power. Then he can and should be prosecuted and locked away somewhere with no access to social media. Solitary confinement couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Let him rot until he dies.


good points, 2CV, and perhaps trumpfy, maverick that he is, will just Blanket-Pardon the whole Proud Boys movement for all time? what's to Stop him? certainly not the feckless Senate, not if KkKonnell's et al's nearly-perfectly-unblemished 'record' is any indication, and why not the USSC? I bet they could easily get on board, 'specially with 'Uncle' Clarence Thomas, Covid Barrett, Alittle, Kavanughtiest Maximus, and there's four or five more I think but only god can remember that many 'justices' at one sitting.



Always appreciate your input on cop related matters. Though I was actually thinking more along the lines of a suit directed at the cops who just willfully removed the protective barriers from the building itself. This widely circulated video...

I guess not any sort of murder chargers, but 'willful endangerment' or some other such charge? I dunno, probably not, but that just seems like a pretty wanton disregard for one of their basic and primary responsibilities there.


You're right and I shouldn't probably have called her trash.

Also, not sure if this has already been reported (it's hard to keep up with the shitshow) but Betsy Devos resigned and ripped him on her way out. I wonder who'll be the worst or mostly despised person to condemn or denounce him over the next two weeks. Kim Jong Un? Maybe that Pharma Bro guy, Martin Skreleki or whatever his name is? It's kind of a shame Charles Manson finally died, as it'd have been interesting to see where he came down on recent events.



I'm not satisfied with waiting until he serves out his term. He SHOULD have been arrested yesterday at the very latest. He is a danger to the entire world. Jesus christ the fucking hand wringing about worrying if they should do anything. He's a god damned criminal and maniac with access to nuclear weapons. Arrest him now!


@27 - It's very tough to hold anyone civilly liable for simply being a coward, and they'll just say they were scared or were deescalating or some other dodgy bullshit that's impossible to disprove.

Nah, just fire their asses, charge any with aiding/abetting if corroborating evidence of that can be found, and family will make far more headway with far greater damages suing the department. What would they get out of these low-level cops anyway? Can't get blood from a turnip.


Morty @17, here's confirmation that the officer died. Identified as well:

So much needless death and suffering in our land today. And to think there's so much more yet to come.


Reminde me how many cops BLM and Defund the Police protestors have killed?


Breaking Gen Honore Accuses DC Police of Complicity

Military personnel are supposed to avoid politics and explosive public statemens like this. For any officer to make a statement like this is extraordinary, for a three star general it’s nearly incomprehensible.

To clarify, his statement was against the Capitol Police, who have been confirmed as being complicit in letting the terrorists into the Capitol Building.

Here is some video


Trump’s terrorist mob killed more Americans than the Benghazi attack.

But her emails!!!


@13. Now imagine I am the president with a violent cult that has widespread police support.


@13. I am aware that spreading fear in the name of righteousness and using demagoguery is unsound and emotionally driven, so if you can tell me your secret to zen and calm in the face of what we saw (to say nothing of the fact that I am not the commander in chief), I am all ears.


Well, that cop did die now. So, the Thin Blue Line crowd is now murdering cops. I'm not the least bit surprised, although plenty of other cops will not know how to process what to them is this contradiction.

It's actually worse than that, because too many of his supposed brothers in blue turned aside and let the insurrectionists in without a fight. They're now complicit in the murder of one of their own. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced being a cop how abhorrent and galling that normal times anyway.


@30 - Thanks. I made my post before seeing yours.


@31: Why should the answer to that question make any difference? All loss of life is tragic.


Two trumpist boogaloo boys (lol that already feels like ancient history) killed a cop in Oakland last summer, because of course if you actually hate the government you hate cops, too. A few years earlier a couple killed 2 cops in NV after leaving the bundy ranch standoff, so this isn’t some new phenomenon.

It’s really shocking how many on the right truly do not understand the fire they are playing with by mainstreaming anti-government rhetoric. People like cruz & hawley are smart enough to know better, but more likely are too smart for their own good because they are arrogant enough to think they can control it.


@38 no it's not. why would you mourn for terrorists?


before you answer, realize this is a rhetorical question. I know why you would mourn terrorists.


@13. And 8 refers to Inaugeration Day. They broadcasted 1/6 and followed up. Emotional meltdowns aside, this threat should be taken seriously and prepared for, and there should be no leniency as there just was when the crowds return. Do you feel they are prepared? When Trump uses his indirect mob boss wink wink nudge nudge dog whistles like not mentioning which new administration will be inaugerated and that this is only the beginning, how do you suppose his armed radicalized followers will respond?


@40: Circumstances do justify the killing of evil, but still a mother will mourn the loss of a tragic life.


Even I could not have predicted that blue lives matter protestors would beat a cop to death. But Huckabee basically executed 4 cops in Tacoma so that’s my bad, I should have known.


To me the Harlem Globe trotters and the Washington Generals are the same. Both sides. I don’t want to hear how Meadowlark committed a foul by bringing a t-shirt cannon on to the court if we don’t also talk about Mike Smith double dribble.


Do people really believe real-estate is going to cost $4b more, or is it more likely Sound Transit lowballs the fuck outta their estimates to get voter support?
I mean, cost overruns happen, I get it; but ST are so bad at planning (so they claim) that they are bringing in a third party consultant to tell them how to do their jobs (more likely to get a stamp of approval on taxing at the maximum allowable rate: "see, the expert says we need more money!"). As is the way around Seattle, our institutions happlessly fiddle their way through policy and projects then pay for people who actually know what the fuck they are doing to come in and tell them how to fix it after wasting untold tax monies.
And with rail ridership at 80% of previous levels, questions about whether the downtown workforce will be returning to the same levels ever again, and rapid bus coming in ubder budget...why are we still working on funding these rail projects?


@46: "and rapid bus coming in ubder budget..."

Ah yes, BRT. The favorite mode of "mass transit" for people who hate mass transit and wouldn't think of riding it themselves.

Yeah, I'm disappointed at seeing this report from Sound Transit. It's not like any increases in real-estate prices in the four-plus years since we voted on ST3 should come as any surprise to the people planning the project. And I do believe we need to get to the bottom of why this was not anticipated in 2016.

But unlike you folks who are constantly salivating to kill light rail no matter how successful it has proved to be, I'm the kind of person who isn't about to jump to the conclusion that, say, just because the cost of college went up 50%, it's no longer worthwhile to go to college. (Of course, it depends on what the major is...)



Ye of little faith. Rapid bus is fantastic. Here, check this out.


@48, ah, the Velocibus. I believe the predecessor to the Velocibus made its debut back in 1968 when Seattle was considering its first Sound Move ballot measure.




@47 do you keep paying for college if your 4 year degree is taking you 15 years and untold amounts more dollars to complete?


@48 -- Danke!


@51, good snappy comeback. But who are you really convincing here? We all know that the thing that bothers you and your lot about light rail--the thing that scares the hell out of you about light rail--isn't that it's been such a failure in this region. It's that it's been such a success that is already showing the ability to transform this region. The thing that fills you with fury isn't seeing taxpayer dollars being wasted because light rail trains are running empty; it's the sight of packed light rail trans, at least prior to the pandemic. (And I'm sure you're celebrating that side effect of the pandemic.)

And let's also be honest here. You would be just as opposed if there were no cost overruns as you are with them. In fact, I'm sure your real reaction to the cost overruns is glee at the thought that they might be making things rougher on Sound Transit making progress with its projects.

Anyway, I doubt there's anyone else left reading this thread, so I'll let you have the last word. I'm sure it'll be a real zinger.


@54 having voted FOR ST3 I will bitch about perceived mismanagement and waste all I want, thank you very much! I'd love to ride the rails to all the new destinations, doubt I'll still be living here when (if) they ever finish the lines, though. I'll be one of those people Seattle residents in 20 years are bitching about having given them rail lines to nowhere and being left saddled with debt.
Your college analogy has left the rails! Heyooooo



Okay, boomer...


Oh, I'm sure they'll try, but regardless of other circumstances this person knowingly and willfully breached a security barrier and illegally trespassed on federal property as part of a violent mob intent on inflicting damage and death on the rightful occupants - and then suffered the consequences for her own actions. I can't see how that would get much sympathy from a jury - unless it's comprised of a dozen Duck Dynasty dipshits...


I am in full agreement with Garb Garbler and Urgutha Forka: Impeach Trump through Article 25 NOW! Arrest and convict Donald Jackass Trump, his entire Cabinet, and insurrectionists right fucking NOW! But instead of prison, make them face a firing squad. Do NOT wait another second, or the twelve days remaining in what will undoubtedly go down as the the four darkest years in U.S. History before we return to a real U.S. President and Vice President. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have a ton of work to undo the unsurmountable damage done by Donald Jackass Trump and his equally crooked cronies. May this truly spell the official end of the GOP, and for all the MAGA tools who put Der Gropenfuhrer in office, including the rabid white trash fighting to keep DJT illegally in office, getting their voting rights permanently revoked.

@55 COMTE: Have you ever noticed that the men on Duck Dynasty all look like they haven't once shaved, bathed, flossed or brushed their teeth, or even changed into fresh clothes in six months, while the women on the show all have to be well dressed and carefully made up neat and gorgeous without a single hair out of place? Oh, the irony of them swamp critters.... and the MAGA dipshits who consider them the law of the land......

Which reminds me-----is there any news yet on giant mutant alligators taking over Mar-a-Lunatic as Already-Below-Sea-Level Florida keeps on sinking deeper and deeper into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean? If Trumpty Dumpty isn't done in by its final fatal BigMac or a reptilian mutiny on the golf course, DJT's surrounding property owners might oust him with an unfriendly lynch mob, complete with hot tar and feathers.
Oh, how I'd love to see Trumpty Dumpty getting dragged out of the White House that he so willfully trashed, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman. May true justice be served.