Right-Wing Lawmaker Tells Followers to "Dress Like You're Going to Church" for Sunday's Rally in Olympia

The GOP is going back to the dapper idea I guess.



Also not good to breach the mansions of city mayors and city council members.


they gonna also bring weapons
of mass destruction to their
little Nuremberg Rally?

say, that Reminds me
when are the next
Nuremberg Trials
scheduled? soon
hopefully... .


I bet the pass will be busy with garbage people coming over from eastern WA for this stupid event.


"the focus will be on restoring constitutional order"

I would sign over my next paycheck to this person if he could cite me even one paragraph of the WA state constitution without looking it up.


"'For that matter, please don't wear weird buffalo-head-dress costumes,' he wrote."

expect herds.
BUT it's Good to see them profess a Love for The Constitution (& not just a cherry-picked snippet of a certain Amendment) so perhaps there's Hope.

after all. we do have in Common
an Oppressor of the Very First Degree

Plenty Enough Wealth, right here.
it's just been allowed to concentrate
to too few and there's too many Without
and now guess what the Fuck Pandemic
so Adios KkKonnell and HELLLO lets-pump-
on-we-the-Peeps. Healthcare. Bailouts for the truly
Needy. Childcare. put Citizens BEFORE
Corps 'cause Corps* Ain't Peeps
my Friend.

@3 -- hosted by WasteMgt?

*corps' backing of trumpf et repubs and right-wing Radio brought us the trumpf Crime Fambly (sounds like a teevee Show) (hmm--the trumpf fambly live 24/7) (someone else suggested it, but Ivanta in her undies?) (whoa) and with it this foolishly AVOIDABLE Disaster so that's on Them.


apologies -- the trumpf
Crime Fambly In PRISON

sorry for all the confusion.


Gee I wonder what would happen if they searched each and every person there for firearms. I'll tell you what. They would find them.

THAT'S how "peaceful" these seditious terrorists intend to be.


Shucks, I always look forward to the usual "just stepped out of an ICP concert" look. Don't forget to tidy-up those neckbeards!




No buffalo head-dresses?
What about cowboy hats with big old belt buckles and boots with spurs? You're not gonna discourage that are you?
I mean, just suits and ties? Do you guys all want to look like Mormon missionaries?


@5 The problem with these Fascist CHUDs is that they take their Constitution like their Bible. They don't actually read the whole thing, or any actual scholarship of them; the just quote bits out of context that they think says what they want to hear.


I've always enjoyed the visual and contextual contrast in a group of tidy and well dressed folks going out and getting all scuffled and rowdy. The guys in AC/DC rocking out in their shirt/tie ensemble is a pretty great example.

That said, I'm not trusting these pea-brained shitheads to pull if off with any sense of decorum or self-awareness.


“Let’s be FOR restoring proper order and government
Let’s be FOR defending individual rights and librerty
Let’s be FOR our state and federal constitutions
These are the values that will get us thru dark times.”

You cannot be both for individual rights cum liberty
AND Corporate Rights. Shareholders simply won’t Allow it.

there’s an Elephant in the Room
and it’s Corporate Profiteering
off WE, the Citizenry. if they
don’t Realize it, perhaps
it’s ‘cause no one’s
pointed it out to
them. Yet.
Nor AM


[oops - this is the top part of what turned out to be @13. apologies]

@11 -- lotta Truth there

perhaps their getting Hoodwinked by trumpfy
may have opened their eyes to the Realities
that've been staring the Oppressed in their
faces, for an Eternity, at least.


@3... Catalina, "garbage people?" Really? You and your friends frequently accuse SPD of rude behavior, then you apply a label like that to people you don't even know. You should be ashamed. For a long time you seemed to be the (somewhat) voice of reason. Maybe someone hacked your account?


@3 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @5 kristofarian: Wouldn't it be a hoot if all the violently rabid Proud Boys egged on by Trumpty Dumpty, and led by Joey Gibson, Matt Shea, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, ad nauseum got stuck westbound on I-90 at the Snoqualmie Pass summit during a WA-DOT avalanche control drill (also on US Rte 2 at Stevens Pass)?
Trumpty Dumpty's own egged on snowflakes, done in by their own snow.
OH, the irony!

@15 dumpster snorter: Spoken like a true MAGA troll blindsided by Trumpty Dumpty's smoke, snake oil, and mirrors. DJT and its egged on violently rabid idiots are willfully COMMITTING FEDERAL CRIMES, SUCH AS SEDITION, WHICH ARE PUNISHABLE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. Begone before you draw more of Pence's flies.



Yeah, I much prefer "trash people," so as to not risk confusing them with sanitation workers, who are wildly underappreciated and perform a valuable resource and function for our society.


Shouldn't they dress like they're going to Prison?

For a long long long time ....


@15: Yeah - but consider it just residual catty backstage drag queen "ground glass in your blusher" talk.



How about MAGATS? Deplorables? Traitors? Seditionists? Credulous, slack-jawed rubes? The alternatives are virtually endless...


@15 People we do not know?

You know what we know about them? They are about storm our capitol in support of a coup to overturn a free and fair election.

That's garbage people. Racist shit bag garbage people. So is anyone who defends that bullshit.


Asking the Unhinged Yahoo Brigade to exercise decorum is like politely asking a dog to stop licking his balls.



Why would anyone in their right mind politely ask a dog to stop licking his balls!?! If anything, I'm prone to bending down and asking if I can get in on the action!


blues traveler dear, you really must strive in the new year to not be so reactionary.

As you may or may not know, Mr. Vel-DuRay and I have a second home in a town in Eastern Washington. Not all people in Eastern Washington are garbage people, but the garbage people in Eastern Washington to likely to attend a garbage event like this one. Thus the traffic on the pass.


@18: Let's recall our due process. Instructions should read, "Dress like you're going to appear in court on charges of sedition."


Oh yes, it's time for the rural lemmings and socalled patriots to flock to Olympia to be sure their Westside provided welfare keeps flowing. Smile for your mug shots... but please if you have dental problems, keep the lips pressed together.


@18 Will in Seattle: I'd rather they dressed like they were being marched to the scaffold, complete with blindfolds and their hands tightly cuffed.
If Trumpty Dumpty and its violently rabid insurrectionists are so hell bent on pushing the rest of us back to the American and French Revolutions, I say,
"Off with their heads!"


17 - I agree: walking, talking human trash is a better descriptor. Although my usual go-to identifier is "scum."

Hopefully, they'll met with a mass of counter-demonstrators. People demonstrate against the cops by the thousands, but I posit these people are actually more dangerous. Wednesday should have made that clear. They just don't have easily identifying uniforms to make it apparent.

And I thought mossy-oak camo was their best Sunday gloing-to-church clothes?


There can be little doubt that Governor Inslee’s bold actions to lock down Washington State saved thousands of lives, and Mr. Inslee, the big hairy stud, who played basketball at Gonzaga, and can play with my basketballs anytime, should certainly run for another term due to his prowess as an executive administrator and cogent opinion leader during times of duress. Consider President-Elect Biden, who is 78 years of age and soon to be inaugurated as 46th president of the United States, with his hot running mate Vice-President Kamala Harris, the former prosecutor serving at his side, who will throw the book at Trump and his acolytes, forcing them to eat goat poop and perform roadside maintenance for an eternity, having degraded our Constitution and marginalized the efficacy of our political process. All these progressive, elder statesman require is a handful of Viagra® and our undying leftist support, as they grapple with these right-wing splinter groups like the “111 Percenters” and “Troglodytes for Christ” imposing their foolish “Legislative Lockout", which hopefully will not become another bloodbath, as we witnessed in “the other Washington”, with Trump twiddling his balls in a finger bowl and peering from behind the curtain, while the D.C. gestapo fired on innocent bystanders, on the 50th anniversary of the Kent State tragedy no less. Many of these Proud Boys may in fact be cloaking gender identity issues with their fascist intolerance and gun fetishism, so they should certainly maintain a sense of decorum and wear their “Sunday Best” although it may be mom or big sister’s “Sunday Best”, with girdles, high heels and nylons. Also, they can wear those fur-lined water-resistant jockstraps sailors prefer. These bestial right-wingers should be encouraged to move to Crackerville or Republic and have a massive circular firing squad or “Mexican Stand-off” to annihilate each other in an orgasmic monsoon of hot lead, in celebration of their fascination with death and socio-political regressivism.


@5 @11 Oh, they know their constition at least as well as anyone else, they just don't regard the 14th and 15th amendments as foundational (or even consider them legitimate, for the most brain-poisoned).

This is why they're constantly referencing "the framers" or "founding fathers" and keep using the word "original." They believe "the constitution" is only what's on the parchment sitting under glass in the National Archives, or at the very least that if you can find something in there that kinda-sorta buttresses your beliefs, it invalidates any argument rooted in amendments beyond the tenth.

Basically any time any of them says "original," just replace it with "unreconstructed," and you'll get a much clearer picture of what they're driving at.


@29 pollysexual: Keep on rocking the house!! Agreed and seconded. :)


"Dress like you're coming from church".

Yeah, because Jesus is TOTALLY a pandemic denier and insists that His Flock expose itself to a lethal disease just to prove they believe in Him.


are they handing out the free Rattlers, AbnSP?
seems like you're either Faithfull
or you aren't.

Jimmy Jones wouldda LOVED this trumpf crowd; their insatiable Thirst for 'presidential' medals* of freedom and Darwin Awards and hair Furor's super-tasty Kool-Aide cum a little of the ol'Coronavirus, astounding. oh and they Vote.

*actual metal-plated
from trumpf You! Industries
located somewhere in lower Newer Jersey.


I am going to leave this link to an old AP bit about the Iraq War protests in Olympia in 1991 - which includes this bit:

"In Olympia, Wash., about 3,000 people surged into the state Capitol building to demand that lawmakers pass a resolution condemning U.S. military involvement in the Middle East, authorities said. There were no arrests and 50 protesters were told they could spend the night in the House chambers."

Historical context for later "compare/contrast".



Jesus, Jeebus999
were they well-armed
Thugs,* too?

known to be associated with Terrorists?

did they try and shut down
the official tallying of the Electorate
in order to keep their Hair Furor in Power
and to Subvert the Will of the People, this 'mob'?

pretty Exciting! and
were there Massive Arrests
and Manhunts the very next day

oh and did they ever
End that damn War?


kristofarian: I guess you were never much for essays in school, eh? Unfamiliar with the phrase "compare and contrast"? Contrast (as it what is different) is expected when one puts that phrase out there - why are your panties in such a bunch? I was particularly interested to see if a sleepover is offered this time. Have a nice day!


@36 Oh sweet, "contrast" is my favorite game! Let's play:

How many pipe bombs did the Iraq war protestors leave behind?

How many cops did they kill?

How many brought firearms with them? Or bundles of FlexiCuffs?

How many times did they chant "Hang Joel Pritchard?"


I will of course be there in my Sunday best, with my 1970 Econoline van filled to the top with COCAINE AND MALT LIQUOR to get these guys going!


WARNING! per Michael Moore:

Thousands of the white supremacists that attacked the capital last Wednesday are STILL in Washington, D.C. There are posters all over the city asking for a (armed?) march again to the
legislative buildings there. It looks like the trumpsters are attempting a second attack.

Check out Michael Moore's report. It is on utube.


robotslave: my interests are mainly sleepovers and the prevalence of feces. You can deal with the explosives and firearms. But you risk a failing grade for only addressing 'constrast'.



It's all over the internet. Plans for continued attacks on 1/17 - 1/20.


Jeeze Jebus
I thought we
was What-


@39, 41 -- well, if the Gov't's as "prepared" for another Riot as they were for the last one, be prepared to give unlimited renditions of Springtime for Hair Furor in HIS HONOR on 1/20/21.

oh and always remember:
And when the Band play's
'Hail to the Chief' ooh-ooh they're
Pointin' that Canon at YOU-whoo-whoo-



Here's your "comparison":

Of the 16 separate incidents cited in the AP article, only ONE involved entry onto government property, and there is no indication of any violent actions taken by the protesters: they didn't ransack offices; steal furnishings; destroy private or public property; smear their own excrement in the hallways; threaten, assault or murder elected officials, staff, or law enforcement officers; or plant explosive devices.

So much for your false equivalency "both sides do it" argument. I give you a D- for effort and an F for overall dipshittery...


hmmm -- an 'F for Dipshittery's
actually a Passing grade. well done!