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First Things First: Trump will not attend Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, which means that will settle that. Like the South African "liquor slave" said about the aliens in the movie District 9, "We just want you go, we don't care where you go, just go."

Jonathan Lemire and Zeke Miller of the Associated Press:

President Donald Trump said Friday he won’t attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, undercutting his message a day earlier that he would work to ensure a “smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power” to his successor.

Just putting it out there. But shouldn't the inauguration be done on Zoom? [Eds note. Yes, Mudede, it should!]

2021 Is Already Looking Much Better Than 2020: This week was truly amazing. First, the Dems won both seats in Georgia's Senate runoff elections, and as a result, Mitch McConnell will no longer set the agenda in one of the four key political institutions in the US, the upper and deeply undemocratic chamber of the United States Congress. McConnell is now a minority leader for a party that's ducking and dodging the friendly fire of Trump's mad attempt to hold power even after all legal options were closed to him. The storming of the Capitol building by Trump's white nationalist supporters proved to be ("TIMBER!!!") the giant sequoia that finally broke the back of a presidency that seemed unbreakable. After this week, the US can finally focus on the pandemic that claimed over 4,000 lives the day after what history will call the Capitol Insurrection.

We Are Witnessing the Political Equivalent of a Mudslide: All at once, all of the awfulness accumulated by Trump and all of his enablers over the past years is coming down fast and hard. Let's see what's in the debris.

Two Leading Papers in Missouri are Calling for the Resignation of Sen. Josh Hawley: He now "has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt." Everyone knows that Hawley knows the election was not rigged. But he went all into this Trump mania because he thought it would be a boon to his political career. Even after the storming of the Capitol, he still tried to push the newly toxic "stop the steal" story.

Also, Simon & Schuster will not publish a forthcoming work of trash by Hawley called The Tyranny of Big Tech. The publisher cited "the lawmaker's role in fomenting this week's 'disturbing [and] deadly insurrection' at the U.S. Capitol." Yes, that's cancel culture in full effect. You better live with it because it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

What Is This? The wife of the US's top Uncle Tom, Supreme Court Justice Clarence "Pubic Hair On My Coke" Thomas, Ginni Thomas, was all up in it this week. She "sent her 'LOVE'" to the Capitol building mob now properly identified as "domestic terrorists" by president-elect Joe Biden. Some are obviously seeing in Ginni's mist and mess glimmers of an opportunity to reclaim Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat.

If You Worked For Trump, Your Future Was Not Bright Last Week: And things will certainly be much darker after this week. Politico reports that "across the administration, national security officials have been struggling to find new employment, and conversations with seven former and current officials reveal that they have been tainted by their time working for Trump."

Meet Jenny Cudd! She call Texas home. And here is why Ms. Cudd is trending on a tech platform that certainly fills many of the mad pages in Hawley's unpublished book, The Tyranny of Big Tech.

Can I Do This Just Once? Can I? Pretty please? But even if you shake your head in that “no way” way, nothing is going to stop me from doing this. It has to happen. I feel it in my bones. Now is now or never. So, here it goes: "...My name is [Cudd]."

But Why Did Jenny Cudd and so many others like her think she was good to go? Why did all of these Cudds storm the Capitol building with such fearlessness? Some say it’s because white cops by nature can’t do unto whites as they do unto blacks. This cannot be denied. But I also think, judging by what the Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said on CNN last night, many in the mob really thought Donald Trump was going to join them. He would be there with them, leading them onward and onward, closer and closer to his Neverland. But he was a no-show. And with good reason. This beast in the White House undoubtedly expected the police to use much greater force on his supporters. Trump wanted to see lots of white blood and death on the TV and on Twitter. This, he thought, would give him the opening he needed to fill with his remaining presidential powers. People did die, but not enough in the way Trump imagined.

And So: Where is America today? To begin with, our country lost 140,000 jobs during the month when the books of big and small businesses see black instead of red ink, December. The unemployment rate however is, for some inexplicable reason, pegged at a wildly optimistic 6.7% (it really should be way above 10% and just below 15%—and this estimate excludes those in the giant unemployment sink that's the US's gigantic prison system).

So, the V-shaped Recovery: Did not happen. The economy did not bounce back. Why? Because, as I predicted way back in May, the last month George Floyd's life experienced, the pandemic looked way too far from over.

Those who hate me, I'm going to force-feed you my very words:

What Furman is suggesting (a V-shaped recovery in the months just before the presidential election this fall) is as far-fetched as rebuilding a coastal city while a hurricane is still raging, still smashing homes and shops, still felling trees and telephone poles, still flooding the streets and sewer systems.

Headline From Shithole Country:

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Gun Deaths Are Not Up to Snuff These Days: Because COVID-19 deaths keep hogging the limelight. Indeed, LA's mayor, Eric Garcetti, told reporters yesterday that the "number of people dying of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County in a day is now equivalent to the number of homicide deaths the city saw in an entire year."

How Much Compensation Is Dominion Voting Systems Seeking for all of the Rubbish Trump's Lawyer Sidney Powell Pumped into the Media About the Corruption of Their Machines? $1.3 Billion. And Dominion Voting Systems didn't hire no nutty lawyers like Powell to make its case.

This Commercial: Gives so much to the present mood that hiphop really did die in 2020.