Congrats on your win, Biden! If you dont push forward with impeachment youre going to have to spend every moment of your presidency fending off more insurrection attempts!
Congrats on your win, Biden! If you don't push forward with impeachment you're going to have to spend every moment of your presidency fending off more insurrection attempts! Massimo Giachetti / Getty Images

Why are Democrats waiting to impeach? They could have taken action last week, but apparently the Democrats’ plan is to beg Mike Pence to remove Trump today, then wait a day to see what he does, and only then start impeachment proceedings… maybe 100 days later. WHAT??? “Let's give President-elect Biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running, and maybe we'll send the articles sometime after that," says Representative James Clyburn, who seems to think that Biden will get to spend his first 100 days working on his agenda and not fending off daily attempts at another insurrection.

A couple of rioters have been arrested. The guy with the fur and the horns is among them. (Gay Twitter, meanwhile, has thankfully managed to tamp down the discourse about his supposed hotness. In case it needs to be said, anti-racists and ONLY anti-racists are hot, thank you.) Also arrested: That goofy waving guy who took Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. Tucked in the report about that is the tidbit that the lectern is valued at about $1,000. Money well spent there.

Who paid for the riot? The money’s hard to follow because it mostly flowed in secret. According to CNBC, the rally that kicked off the violence was funded by a dark-money group called Women for America First, which is funded in part by another dark-money group called America First Policies, which is run by a Trump ally and former head of the Small Business Administration. Also on the permit for the rally is the head of a group called Women for Trump; as well as an event company called Event Strategies, which works closely with Mitt Romney’s campaign. The Republican Attorneys General association also lent support in the form of robocalls urging people to attend.

The article of impeachment has been introduced. Read it here. Trump has 24 hours to resign. If he's not out by Tuesday morning, Democrats say they'll wait one more day and then consider a resolution on the floor of the House. But again, why wait? Do they think this is finally the moment Trump will be like "oh, okay, I should do the right thing," for the first time in his life??? They were nearly assassinated and it's going to take them a week to even CONSIDER whether they should do anything about the guy whose idea it was. Come ON.

Wreckage of a lost Indonesia Air flight has been found. The craft went down last week with 62 people aboard, and this profile of some of the passengers will make you extremely sad. Indonesian air travel has been plagued by safety problems for decades and it is infuriating that people continue to die.

Only two mass shootings this weekend. Four people in Chicago, along with gunman Jason Nightengale, are dead. In Houston, multiple shooters killed three and wounded five. Five people were shot in DC, no deaths. So far there have been nearly 20 mass shootings in the U.S. this year. For all four decades of my life people have been screaming “DO SOMETHING” about gun violence and nothing has gotten better.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a surprisingly poetic take on the last few days. I’m no fan of his politics — I lived in California when he was governor and it wasn’t great — so I was not expecting to be moved by this speech about growing up in the ruins of a country wrecked by the Nazis and how familiar this moment in history feels. (Also, apparently they let him keep the Conan sword.) He has some very nicely-assembled words but doesn’t go so far as to call for Trump’s removal, so thanks for nothing all over again, Governator.

It snowed in Madrid. It looks pretty, but it's also caused some terrible problems — temps are expected to get down to minus 14 Fahrenheit (!!!) in the next week, and the weather has cut off vaccine supplies. Four people have died, and over a thousand had to be rescued from stranded cars.

Meet the new gross pest under your feet. An invasive beetle has been planting larvae under local lawns, which is why you might’ve seen more crows pecking at the turf than in years past. Not that this is a total solution to the problem, but if you have somehow come into possession of a lawn, now would be a fine time to consider replacing it with something more ecologically friendly. The beetle invasion will hopefully settle down after a few years, but until then expect to see more happy fat crows.

Caroly Wilcox, Muppet creator, has passed away. Wilcox built the yip-yip aliens, the Swedish Chef, and Gobo Fraggle, among many many others, and designed Elmo. Her great skill was taking Jim Henson’s drawings, which could sometimes be rather oblique, and turning them into functioning puppets. You can watch a wonderful discussion with some of the women who made the Muppets here:

I have had it up to HERE with Mizutsune. Just when I was getting cocky about how good I am with the bow in Monster Hunter: World, they released the demo for Monster Hunter: Rise on Switch with a new (extremely fun) wirebug mechanic and it has completely broken my brain’s muscle-memory. I can handle the smaller monsters, but when it comes to a large fast-moving enemy like Mizutsune I keep panicking and mashing the wrong buttons and zipping all over the arena like Daffy Duck. The Rise demo is playable until the end of January, and the full game comes out March 26, so I have until then to come to terms with the idea that I might be more of a hunting horn player now. What a world.

Please hire Wesley Ryan for a gig. And while you’re at it please hire his cat as well.