Slog PM: Homeland Security Demon Resigns, We Ate the Chocolate Puppy, Pence and Trump Finally Chit-Chat




The Chocolate Bulldog Mousse is in very poor taste.


Looks like you picked the wrong month to quit drinking, Chase.


Man, I was really hoping 2021 would be better than 2020.

We all knew Cadet Bonespurs wasn't going to go quietly, of course, but holy shit. He seems to be determined to burn it all down before he gets dragged out the door.


You neglected to mention the best part of that New York Times video, which is that throughout the entire video, a massive "Thin Blue Line" flag is whipping in middle-right of the video. The mob actually drags the officer right under the flag while beating the shit out of him the whole time.

As I've said elsewhere, you could never make this shit up.


The Ken Jennings era is underway! What'd people think? Early on, I actually found myself subconsciously (and rather distractingly) converting his clues into Alex's voice in my head. I also was wondering if Alex's deeper timbre might somehow be a little more listener friendly. Or if maybe it'll just be a period of my adjusting to it/him. Thought he was fine, pretty good even, in general. I really don't even whoever it is tasked with ultimately determining who'll they bring on permanently.


*really don't envy, that was supposed to be. Gah.


Trolli has been making gummy worms since 1981, and five years later a Seattle bakery specializing in angel-food cocks and balls began its 28-year run, but here we are in 2021 and raindrop is scandalized by a local version of the dog-shaped chocolate mousse that trended on the internets three years ago.

Barnum's Animal Crackers are at least a hundred times more offensive than chocopup there, and you can pick them up in any supermarket that sells non-organic produce.


@8 -- the heads
were brainfood
mama said.


Sorry, guys, I told the FBI to scrape the sites before they were taken down.

My bad.

But, if you will just fill out the form at with your SSN, home and work addresses, any vacation properties you have, make and model of all your cars SUVs trucks and vans, they'll be sure to remove it within 72 hours.


Rich is really brave for going down there and covering this. That's really valuable work! Take care and stay safe!


@6 I thought he did well all things considered. The game seemed to flow pretty naturally. Wouldn't mind seeing him be the full-time host but am also looking forward to the other guests.



Well, if there's anyone around here who would know from poor taste...

And the irony: an ISP censoring web sites for presumably censoring their unpaid subscribers. Betcha dollars to donut holes the neo-Nazi yahoos up around Sand Point and Haden Lake are desperately trying to keep the goo between their ears from oozing out over that one.