"Two" "Several" "Two" SPD Officers Photographed at Capitol Insurrection



So Antifa has infiltrated SPD. Christ their cunning knows no bounds.


@1. https://i.imgur.com/zvNe5Oq.png




Forget resigning, these psycho Tr666p fascists need involuntary commitment at Western State, followed by thorazine and electroshock.
Where’s the men in white lab coats???


Over this last year we saw the right-wing Seattle officer Mike Solan overwhelmingly elected as president of the police officers union, garnering over two-thirds of the SPD officers' votes, notably with huge support from the younger officers.

Solan ran a campaign for union president where he promised to get "serious" with protesters.
Solan campaigned to get rid of a radical City Council and to have police take control of and change the narrative around Black Lives Matter -- not, of course, to take control of their abhorrent behavior and abuse, but rather a call to increase it, which we saw come to fruition four months later during post-George Floyd protests.

Last July Solan called for Trump to send federal forces to Seattle to quell protests.

Less than two months ago Solan said to a meeting of realtors that Black Lives Matter activists want to "take your property and give it to Indians."

And now, days ago, Solan retweeted tweets blaming Black Lives Matter for the insurrection in DC.

This last year has seen overwhelming evidence of the failure of police reform -- entering its NINTH YEAR -- and what it looks like when police follow Mike Solan's call to "get serious": the egregious and hateful abuse of protesters.

Now we hear that at least two SPD officers participated in last week's insurrection and riot.

To re-purpose a quote, variously attributed to Dr. Maya Angelou and Oprah: "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

So, when Seattle police officers overwhelmingly vote for a hateful right-winger to represent them, believe them the first time. Then, when they mercilessly beat people after that, shame on the City Council members for suggesting that the solution is for them to simply change who represents them.

Changes in police leadership, in policy, or in training will not change who they are: we need fully civilianized police oversight and accountability to change behavior and get rid of officers who cannot serve the public interest. Changing who represents them does nothing to change who they are and what they have gotten away with for over a century.


I think the bizarre legacy that's going to come out of the Capitol Hill riots is that now we have to worry about seditious police all over the country.


Oh good, more happy news from the Seattle Parasite Department... Right there at the scene of the crime abetting the murders of their own... Gives a new meaning for cops giving backup. Donnie Dumbfuck needs to send them Medals of Freedom.


@6: I think you have your chicken and egg reversed.


Any officer from anywhere that was in that march to the Capitol but didn't enter it is still guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of a fellow officer and the savage beatings of others as fas as I'm concerned. They may not be charged with that penal offense, but that's the crime they committed anyway. The cop beaters and killers in the mob could not have done what they did without the mass of insurrectionist marchers behind them pushing them on and cheering them on.

Having a hand in killing a cop when one is a cop is the ultimate betrayal in police ranks, if they open their eyes to see it. It's hard to describe what a visceral gut-punch that is to anyone who hasn't been a cop.

In the failing New York Times today, there's a story outlining the dragging and beating of some of the Metro DC officers there. In an incredible image, the mob is dragging and viciously beating one of the officers directly under a huge flying "Thin Blue Line" flag. You cannot make this shit up!


@ 9,

Now it’s come out that the cop beaten to death by the Tr666p terrorists was himself a Tr666pist all the way through that also wanted to overturn the election. I mean, wow, I can’t even with these psychotic morons.

Irony kills!



Important read


If they attended as private citizens, that's their right to do so, if they attended as SPD, fire them with no recourse to ever work as LEO's again. Either way they're traitorous scum.


they probably called in sick or used vacation time for that crap too...


If they didn't participate in the storming of the Capital just being there as a protest is not a crime.


This is not shocking. The SPD is one of the worst PDs in the country. How many DOJ investigations have they had? This sure does surprise some people who live in fake progressive enclaves like Seattle. Cops are government sanctioned, taxpayer funded terrorists. They are criminals with badges and guns. This is why there is a nationwide cry to defund the police. Dismantle and destroy policing as we know it. Period. Full stop.


@13 Attempting to overturn a free and fair election is a crime.

The entire mob itself was focused on overturning the election. Trump LIED not only about fried itself but told them that the election could be overturned.

This is not protest anger that Biden WON. But a refusal to recognize that Biden won at all and to stop the electoral confirmation process. That is WHY they were there.

Every single person there was participating in an attempted coup if they realize it or not.


@14: There is a great story in the Washington Post about nonviolent protesters getting arrested for being there on the Hill -- yep you guessed it women, POC, etc for nonviolent, respectful protests... prior to the white trash shit show-- getting arrested for putting the Cap Gestapo inconvenienced. Nice try, try again excusing / apologizing this fucked up unAmerican behavior. And don't bother trotting out the usual excuses.. like they need more training but the city won't pay for it, trala, trala.


Forget about the MAGA riot for a moment, and think about the "rally" that preceded it. The even was publicized for weeks and attendees were encouraged to bring firearms to the event, despite that being against the law in DC.

So why would a police officer attend an event were illegal behavior was actively encouraged? How is that supporting their brethren in the DC police force? How does that "back the blue" or any of that other corny nonsense the cop fetishists are always droning on about?


@13 "just being there as a protest is not a crime." So why did people who were not breaking the law get assaulted by SPD this summer?


@18: What a weird attempt at equivocation.


@10 - Yeah, I read that. Most cops are Trumpers, so I was boringly unsurprised, but he at least was able to separate his personal desires and do his duty...up until his like-minded compatriots murdered his ass. Others weren't.


@11 - Here's the thing - most police departments have prohibitions against associating with anyone that advocates the overthrow of the US government. It doesn't matter if it's on your own time or not. Dallas PD has that in their Code of Conduct.

If other agencies have similar restrictions, I'd say actively participating in a mob that cheered on the beating and murdering of fellow cops so others in your mob could storm the US Capitol, idaknow, probably violates that rule...maybe.


@20. Thanks Morty.


@15, People, I would assume, were there for any number of reasons that trumpet has fans. Even just being supporters of his Presidency and being a little miffed at the last failed attempt at impeachment.

"Attempting to overturn a free and fair election is a crime".

Sure it is, if that's what all of them did.

"The entire mob itself was focused on overturning the election".

And not only could you read all their minds you could prove under the law Each one was guilty of sedition?

"Every single person there was participating in an attempted coup if they realize it or not".

Just like every single person that was marching for BLM this past summer was participating in destroying businesses, vandalizing and setting fires if they realize it or not.

Makes sense to me.


@17. "So why would a police officer attend an event were illegal behavior was actively encouraged? ".
Your assuming they were well informed of that and If they were unarmed and attended a protest that still was still a no no?

We should just settle this now. Protests will never be tolerated ever! There fixed it for you?


@17, P.S. Why would you (as a law abiding citizen) attend any event where illegal activity was happening presumably or not?


Jackkay, even assuming the police officers involved were pure as the driven snow, with just landlines, their attendance should still be a no no. If anything, upon arriving to the "rally", and seeing the flaunting of the law, they should have reported it to the DC police, informed the SPD, and left the area.

As to your second post, I would not attend any event where illegal activity was being promoted. But more to the point, I am not an officer who has sworn to uphold and enforce the laws of the land.

Can you understand the distinction, dear?


@19 See buddy, this is what I mean when I keep telling you to buy a good desk dictionary.

"Equivocation" does not mean "asserting or establishing equivalence."

I'd let you in on what it does mean, but you desperately need to practice looking up words all by yourself.


@26, Seeing flaunting of the law, presumably hard with thousands of people, your assuming you know not only what they saw and heard but what was in their minds. Wow, if I were you I would open a Magic Show at the next Fremont Fair.

Not attend an event where illegal activity presumably would happen? Never been to a Rock Concert?


@27: My usage snugly fits: "an informal fallacy resulting from the use of a particular word/expression in multiple senses within an argument" (Wikipedia)


Nevertheless robotlsave, I shouldn't equivocate that you are correct.


OK, who is running against the LONE Seattle City Council member not on record as wanting to remove Mike Solon?


"These evil sorcerers, dugpas, they’re called, they cultivate evil for the sake of evil, nothing else. They express themselves in darkness, or darkness without leavening motive. This ardent purity allows them to access a secret place where the cultivation of evil proceeds in exponential fashion, and with it, its resultant power." Windom Earle


Jackkay dear, it’s ok to have a cop fetish. Lots of people do. But be realistic about it. May I suggest you invest in a few police-themed porn movies that you can use to express your admiration for law enforcement, and stop being such a credulous hack about policing?

I recommend “Total Corruption”, starring Zak Spears, Hank Hightower, and Donnie Russo. It chronicles the struggles of a good cop in a corrupt force. Love conquers all in the end.


Anyone who traveled across the country because they believe the election was stolen has demonstrated at best questionable judgment & at worst a dangerous detachment from reality. We’ve witnessed repeated incidents of armed terrorists storming state buildings across the country this year so everyone should have been traveling to DC with clear eyes & no excuses.

Whether or not they breached the capitol they participated in an event centered on challenging a free & fair election. Stop making excuses for them.


I can't understand why cops are so upset about President Biden winning. It's not as if Joe Biden doesn't enjoy sucking cop dick too. Didn't the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 prove that Joe Biden supports mass incarceration as much as anyone?

I hate quoting sleazy politicians, but I think Murkowski got this one right:

"I want him to resign,” she told Anchorage Daily News. “I want him out. He has caused enough damage.” She cited Trump’s decision not to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, his inability to control the coronavirus pandemic, and his incitement of violence that culminated in an extremist attack on the Capitol."


@34: I don't think you realize what you're saying. If a cop (or anyone) was in the crowd but didn't trespass into the Capitol, there is NO illegality.


Raindrop dear, if those cops had any weapons with him, it was most decidedly illegal action on their part, and a cop attending an event where the organizers were encouraging illegal behavior should at the very least mean a suspension without pay. We don't pay cops to selectively enforce or obey laws (although they think they can do that).

Let them be Bellevue's problem. I'm tired of cops always playing the victims when they screw up.


Whether or not it's legal to visit the capitol to protest the election is not the point. I'm not saying everyone who attended deserves to go to jail but anyone who lacked the judgment to stay the fuck away from DC last week deserves whatever form of social sanction they get, and this is especially true for police officers. Name and shame, fire them, whatever. They have demonstrated that they are incapable of understanding truth from fiction and right from wrong, which is not a crime but it's as good a reason as any for cops to be stripped of their guns and their qualified immunity. They are a disgrace to their profession and a menace to society.


@23 hey, dumb fuck I don’t have to “read minds” when the rally was called “STOP THE STEAL.” That’s what the entire thing was. Are trying to argue it was a tax protest. Or maybe they were mad about Biden’s new dog? You stupid pile of shit.

The buses that ferried the mobs (for free) were paid for by dark money from organizations explicitly created to overturn the election. The speeches were ALL about overturning the election.

But. Yes. I’m sure a handful just traveled thousands of miles to gather just to see DC during a pandemic.

You really are a stupid mother fucker, you know that. No. Really. Incredible.


@23 the central premise of BLM this summer was to protest police misconduct and lack of accountability. You have some sort of stupid fucking point if the central premise was to loot stores. But it wasn’t.

The central premise of the mob was to overturn the election. For MONTHS Trump has lied and said the election was fraudulent without evidence. He lost 59 court challenges in which no evidence was even presented.

Trump then started a Stop The Steal PAC. That raised funds and sent mailers and robocalls claiming that if participants came to DC on the 6th that Pence could overturn the election. This of course was a complete lie. And was never possible.

Then when Pence admitted he had no legal means to overturn a free and fair election those robocalls and social media campaigns funded by Trumps PACs claimed that the event itself would overturn the election if they marched to chambers during verification. This is also a lie.

The entire man was there for one purpose. To overturn an election. Full stop. That — overturning an election— in itself was illegal. They were there to engage in an illegal act. Regardless how some of them chose to the level they participated.



"Stop the Steal" was a thing well before the 2020 election. Not surprisingly, Roger Stone and his goons are behind it, and it was only amplified after his pardon.

"Stone's political action committee launched a "Stop the Steal" website in 2016 to fundraise ahead of that election, asking for $10,000 donations by saying, "If this election is close, THEY WILL STEAL IT."

He first trotted out the slogan during the 2016 primaries -- claiming a "Bush-Cruz-Kasich-Romney-Ryan-McConnell faction" was attempting to steal the Republican nomination from Donald Trump -- before re-upping Stop the Steal for the general election."

Given the 2020 election results, a lot of Republicans don't want to face reality and the Stop the Steal rinse and reuse tactic is working because a lot of MAGAts are sympathetic to it and are looking for any confirmation bias to avoid responsibility for losing the election. Our foreign adversaries are merely amplifying and propagating the messages through social media via bots and fake accounts that ignorant Trump followers parrot. It's groupthink and subversion and is working also due to the increased suffering from Covid and demoralization, and constant demonization of everyone not GOP, as well as scapegoating the negative effects of MAGA policy to the Democrats and leftists etc. There is literally an alternate reality of explanations for everything the far right does; they manufacture and engineer hatred and now it is a useful tool for fundraising and toppling the rule of law, as well as destabilizing the USA, lowering its prestige, and inhibiting its power projection. This is how espionage and the Cold War has always worked, and we're getting our asses handed to us because we don't know how to beef up our cybersecurity apparatus or deal with global platforms that are not beholden to our Constitution since they can be accessed from anywhere.


"We didn't actually break in ourselves, we just stood by and watched hundreds of other people break in without lifting a finger to either stop them or even try to talk them out of it".

Yep, sounds pretty SOP for SPD to me...


@29 Doubling down on ignorance won't ever make your prose sing, raindrop.


In virtually every coup and civil conflict in recent history, other countries are egging on the opposing forces and factions against themselves in order to exploit their country somehow. Even Obama was forced to play his hand in Syria against the Assad forces backed by Russia. Now Vanilla ISIS is waving a Trump flag and we're going to find out how well we manage this crisis.


Well, jackkay and Raindrop, as you guys are so bound & determined to die on this hill, I'll happily pile on to help you do so.

The purpose of Trump's rally was to push his claims our recent presidential election was stolen, by fraud. There is NO evidence -- zero, zip, zilch, nada -- that any such thing has happened. Everyone, from Republican Secretaries of State to Trump-appointed judges, has attested to this.

Despite this total lack of evidence for theft or fraud, these two members of SPD traveled cross-country, in the middle of a pandemic, to add their voices to Trump's baseless claims of such crimes. Would you be happy with these two SPD officers showing up at your door, in uniform, brandishing guns and badges, demanding to investigate your criminal acts -- acts for which they have absolutely no evidence of any kind whatsoever to believe even happened, let alone that you were in any way involved?

(Don't worry -- we all know you won't answer.)


@34: You don't need to worry about how these two officers will be treated. They are members of America's 3rd branch of government (the paramilitary branch, the other two being the political branch and the rich branch). As such, they will get the high court.

Under high court rules, not only will there be a presumption of innocence that is only paid lip service in the low court, but under high court rules you can knowingly violate the very spirit of the law and still get off on an entire series of high court specific technicalities. If the entire thing becomes too public and embarrassing to give them the free pass everyone will be working for, they will get the kind of punishment reserved for blonde, blue eyed teenage girls and personal family members of those who belong to the 3 branches of government.

Now, if they had to face the low court reserved for the rest of us they would have good reason to be afraid of not only not getting anything approaching actual due process, but being held super, super accountable and "used as an example" for anyone who violates the law who is not not a member of the 3 branches of government.

In the end, a random citizen wandering by the Capital minding his how business has a better chance of harsh treatment than a police officer who knowingly and actively participated in the storming of the capital.



"Listening to many Democrats and some Republicans speak in holy terms about the “sanctity” of the “temple of democracy” being pillaged and ransacked, it is easy to be seduced into believing that this time will be different, that the perpetrators — from top to bottom — will be held to account. But doing so would buck a long-standing pillar of the bipartisan system: When it comes to the crimes of the powerful, we must always look forward.

No senior military official was prosecuted for the torture at the Abu Ghraib detention center in Iraq. No CIA officer went to jail, much less lost their job, for operating a global kidnapping and torture program. No one faced an indictment for the U.S. use of banned cluster bomb munitions in President Barack Obama’s first airstrike in Yemen in December 2009 that shredded a few dozen human beings into ground meat. The failure to hold senior U.S. officials responsible for their crimes ensures that the crimes can and will continue. Look no further than the ascent of Gina Haspel, a key player in the CIA’s torture program and the destruction of videotapes of the abuse of detainees, to become the first woman to head the agency. It was a fruit of Obama’s look-forward-not-backward doctrine. There has rightly been outrage at Trump’s pardons for soldiers and mercenaries convicted of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the other side of that coin is the bipartisan refusal to prosecute the masterminds of U.S. imperial crimes in those countries or elsewhere.

The events of January 6 were shocking in only one way: the fact that a violent mob was able to so easily storm and occupy the Capitol. These events were unprecedented in that the most powerful political figure in the United States was the circus master who used incendiary language as he called on the mob to descend on the building. “You’ll never take back our country with weakness,” Trump declared at a rally moments before the siege began. “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” Trump’s disgraced lawyer Rudy Giuliani went a step further, suggesting that the mob needed to create the conditions on Capitol Hill for a “trial by combat.”

Among the most serious questions as yet unresolved are: What role did law enforcement and Republican members of Congress play in facilitating the violent takeover of the Capitol? What did Trump administration officials in control of federal forces and the military know leading up to the siege? And did they facilitate it either directly or through deliberate inaction?

No one should pretend that this moment was not in some form predictable."


Well, here are two Virginia police officers that participated in the raid on the Capital and took selfies of themselves inside the capital building that they later posted on social media.


What type of harsh punishment did these two law enforcement officers face under the high court?

"Magistrate Judge Robert S. Ballou, citing the defendants’ military and law enforcement service, said that he would not put the defendants on GPS monitors as the government requested, but said they could not have firearms in their home, restricted their travel to within the Western District of Virginia, required the forfeiture of their passports, and ordered them to stay away from public demonstrations."

So, the prosecutor was really planning to come down hard on them with......checks notes........ankle GPS monitoring and a restriction that they could not go to the inauguration. The Magistrate, apparently decided such punishment qualified as cruel and unusual punishment refused the draconian request to wear GPS ankle bracelets at all.

Would that magistrate please explain this to the prosecutor who runs the low court that sentenced this black kid to 12 years in prison for having a cell phone inside the jail. A cell phone he clearly didn't realize was illegal to have since no one took it from him when he enterd and he asked the jail guard for a charger?


Tell me again how or criminal system is not deeply racist and rotten to the core.


Solan needs to be pee tested. My guess is we would find a serious level of COCAINE AND MALT LIQUOR. Just sayin...