Two Arrested at Washington Capitol as Lawmakers Vote to Conduct Session Remotely



"... protesters mostly milled about in the pouring rain and complained about their inability to access the legislative buildings, which have been closed to the public due to the rapid and global spread of a deadly respiratory virus."

yeah well if they just Explained how they don't even Believe in this Democrat HOAX perhaps irrational Lawmakers might too finally see the Light and just Embrace the Herd Mentality

because without Faith
who tf ARE we?

Does that make any Sense?
oh and Why are those
'protesters' maskless?


"Republican state Sen. Mike Padden... spoke out against limiting in-person activity in the legislative buildings."

It's noteworthy that when Republicans held a majority in the state Senate, this same Senator chaired the Law & Justice Committee... and regularly invited E WA constituents to testify via remote call-in or video.


Trump should have been arrested by now and incarcerated to prevent further destruction instead he is apparently headed to Texas to stir up more shit.

So the antifascists have to fight against this because the authorities keep letting these thugs continue.


Dude standing around in a cold and soaking rain because he has valid parking till 2PM is just the best. One wonders if Wednesday's tragedy at the Capitol could've been averted had us Dems simply all chipped in to rent them out a large parking garage in some suburban DC shithole to use for the day.


"Trump should have been arrested by now"

Well yeah, as soon as 67 senators give their blessing.


5 Since this a unique situation they need a unique solution to protect the people now.


By the way, if you thought only hundreds would get charged, and with minor charges, the true number to be charged from all events leading up to the DC attack is on the order of 100 times that. And long federal terms in prison.

The No Fly list is the least of your problems.

Remember, if you rat out your fellow travelers, the FBI may be able to cut you a deal, unless you really want to celebrate your retirement years in Federal Prison.

No, Trump can't pardon you.


@6 - There is no legal "unique solution".


@8. Maybe that's because laws aren't being followed that given the unique circumstances afoot that prevent the legislative branch from doing its business without disruption and harm.


8 You think.


that = "and*


Trumpism is going to end up in the next DSM update.


@7 -- yeah
but if you wanted to
Retire, what place Better
than Prison? other than doing
Black People's laundry for 14 hrs/day, for
22cents/hr, what's the Downside? lotta like-minded Reactionaries in TheJoint. perhaps to many it's merely
a Lateral Move. hell, herr Furor FLOURISHED in Prison.

perhaps his herr is just
right around the corner...


@5 or one V.P. and a handful of cabinet members. or, since it is just a justice department memo, not the constitution or even an actual law, maybe just fucking arrest the asshole already?

Isn't it customary to swear on a Bible when swearing to defend the Constitution? Does Pence really want to spend eternity in Hell for Trump? I can understand that he may be worried about losing out on a few more decades here on earth if he angers the cult, but eternity is a lot longer than a few decades. Also, "I am a jealous God" "you shall have no gods before Me", I think Pence is already in serious trouble for kissing Trump's ass, doing something to try to attone might be wise.


@5 Or 8 days from now. Either one.


Hey, Phillip "Toofwess" Anderson from Texas: You are no David Alan Grier! Your two missing front teeth---- and particularly how you lost them----only further illustrates just how dumb you and your fellow MAGA morons all are. Put your masks on, and GO HOME!

@7 Will in Seattle and @13 kristofarian: Yeah, but isn't federal prison where rabid MAGA morons are sure to get their Free Dumbs (i.e.: three hots, a cot, and color TeeVee on someone else's bill)? And they're willing to die for it---even with the global threat of COVID-19 especially rampant among those incarcerated.
I say, if these insurrectionist shitwipes are so hell bent on pushing us back to the American and French Revolutions and the Civil War eras by illegally pushing their uncivil public disobedience and acts of terrorism, don't send them to prison on taxpayer money---march 'em to the scaffold, instead. Off with their heads!


Republican reptile Liz Cheney says she will vote to impeach Trump.


@17: Bless her heart.


whoa, Prof when
even the Reptilicans*
are coming home to Roost



Maybe if the armed jackasses that are the reason for the Capitol closure take their guns and go home, the Capitol can re-open so that civilized people can go in. Just a thought.