Some maskless Republican fuck sharing the safe-room with Jaypal last week probably infected Seattles Congresswoman with a respiratory virus.
Some maskless Republican fuck sharing the "safe-room" with Jaypal last week probably infected Seattle's Congresswoman with a respiratory virus. JOHN BOAL

Right-wingers continue to plot heinous violence at the U.S. Capitol: Over at HuffPo, Matt Fuller talked to three Dems the Capitol Police briefed last night on three different actions right-wingers have planned in the days leading up to the inauguration. One event was "billed as the 'largest armed protest ever to take place on American soil,'" another aims to memorialize Ashli Babbitt, and another "would involve insurrectionists forming a perimeter around the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court, and then blocking Democrats from entering the Capitol ― perhaps even killing them ― so that Republicans could take control of the government."

Trump declared a state of emergency in D.C.: After learning that the PGA Championship cancelled plans to host their little game at the President's New Jersey golf course, Trump flipped out and declared the emergency until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. JK! He was "gutted" about the PGA's decision, but Politico reports that the President declared an emergency in the capital because his followers are planning a violent takeover! The Pentagon authorized 15,000 members of the National Guard to back up the cops during the inauguration, Lara Seligman writes in another piece for Politico.

Other states brace for statehouse protests: My write-up of yesterday's right-wing protest at the extremely well-fortified Washington state Capitol will post a little later this morning, but, in the meantime, it looks like we're not the only ones dealing with a little surge in heavily armed extremists attacking our houses of democracy. Georgia dispatched state police, Michigan is banning open carry in the capitol, and Ammon Bundy showed up in Idaho carrying "wanted" posters for the governor and others, reports the New York Times.

He doesn't like it:

Big ol' eyeroll at these lawmakers:

Evidence suggests that owning a gun puts you at a greater risk of harming yourself or someone you did not mean to harm. Melt the fucking guns.

Trump's brand is tanking, and he might be bringing Republicans with him: According to the BBC, "At least a dozen major US companies have said they would cut off campaign contributions to those who voted to challenge Joe Biden’s victory. They join a growing list including hotel giant Marriott, Citibank and major technology firms like Google." I'll bet however much those companies are pulling from campaign contributions that they'll turn the firehose back on the second after Joe Biden makes the Buffalo horn guy and Neera Tanden shake hands on the U.S.S. Unity beneath a "Mission Accomplished" banner or whatever. The corporate rats are fleeing the ship, but they'll be back.

Oh no, cancel culture strikes again:

The Capitol Police budget is massive, and there's no transparency: Oh, interesting: "The force of about 2,100 sworn officers, which patrols a hallowed but tiny area, boasts a $516 million budget. That is more than twice the spending on police in Atlanta." Oh, huh, would you look at that: "The Capitol Police, like Congress, is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act." Oh, you don't say: "The department reports to a little-known board that dates to the 1800s. It has three voting members: the sergeants at arms for the House and Senate, and the Architect of the Capitol." Lol, I'll believe it when I see it, bud: "Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), who chairs the House committee that provides funding for the department, said at a news conference Monday that Congress needs to step up oversight '1,000 percent.'"

Rep. Pramila Jayapal tests positive for coronavirus: Jayapal's office said the positive test came after she was locked in a secure room with several Republican lawmakers “not only cruelly refused to wear a mask but mocked colleagues and staff who offered them one.” Democratic Rep. Bonnie Watson Colman, "a 75-year-old cancer survivor," also likely caught the potentially deadly respiratory virus in the safe room. These people were in a room with 100 others. They were under attack from insurrectionists. They were also in the middle of a pandemic. And still decency did not put a mask on their faces. Only pompous pricks who deny the science—and who think "God has a plan"—can do something like that.

Speaking of the other world: Rot in hell, Sheldon Adelson! One of the worst people ever to have lived joined Antonin Scalia in the underworld's fieriest furnaces after 87 long years on a planet he actively tried to eliminate by donating his billions to Republicans, reports the New York Times. The Trump campaign's largest donor, and the largest single donor in the 2012 presidential race became an even bigger spender than he already was following the Supreme Court decision favoring Citizens United.

After initially holding back doses, Trump admin will now release more vaccine: The Washington Post reports on new guidance forthcoming from the Trump administration, which will now encourage states to vaccinate anyone over 65. The administration will also release the second dose of vaccines they've been holding in reserve in the event of a supply chain fuck-up.

We're in this until the end of the year, people:

Twenty-two gold miners trapped in a mine in Northeast China: A blast reportedly damaged "the communication signal system underground," making it impossible to contact the workers, Al Jazeera reports. Fifty-eight people have died in mines in China in the last few months.

Brexit presents lunch challenges: New rules restricting meat and dairy imports from the UK to European countries have led to border officials snatching sandwiches from the lunchboxes of truckers, reports the BBC. Here's the conclusion of one such incident: "Surprised, the driver then asked the officials if he could keep the bread [from his sandwich], to which one replied: 'No, everything will be confiscated - welcome to the Brexit, sir. I'm sorry.'"

Judge orders delivery companies to pay for firing pregnant employee: The employee asked to avoid taking heavy items on the following day's route and her boss fired her, KIRO reports. A Pierce County Superior Court judge ordered the companies and their owner to pay $41,672 in back wages and other costs.

Lakewood Police investigating death threat against elector: One of Washington's 12 electors told police he found a note on his porch that said "MAGA DEATH TO ELECTORS," Q13 reports.

If you're catching this first thing in the AM: The state House Public Safety Committee is meeting to review police reform bills:

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It'll get less rainy for a bit: After today, the Seattle Times reports.

Southgate Roller Rink is back for hourly private rentals of up to six people, as Washington enters Phase 1 of the new reopening plan, West Seattle Blog reports

Police chief says homicides are up 61%: In a briefing Monday, interim Seattle police Chief Adrian Diaz told the department's small selection of friendly media that fifty people died in homicides in 2020 compared to 31 in 2019. Homicides were up across the country, Diaz said.