Slog AM: Right-Wing Psychopaths Continue to Plot Overthrow and Jayapal Caught COVID but at Least Sheldon Adelson Is Dead



"Trump admin will now release more vaccine:"

All hail Our Glorious Redeemer Immortan Donald! Thank you sir for letting us suckle at your teat of life.


RIP Sheldon Adelson. Despite his unpleasant politics, he is credited with helping transform Las Vegas into the top U.S. destination for conventions and exhibitions.


^^^GOPnazis facing consequences for the first time in their entire miserable lives^^^


I’ve been asking for years why Harvard Law and Yale Law keep churning out traitors like Cruz and Hawley trying to destroy the country from the inside.
(Surprise: it's $$$$tax cuts 4 the rich$$$$).


After 4 years of nonstop corruption and lies it turns out the real check on the executive isn't congress or the courts, it's the motherfucking PGA. Wish we would have figured that out sooner, though I have to wonder what took them so long to figure out the Trump brand is poison.


2: Yeah, he also turned the city's one newspaper into a rightwing propaganda organ. He can go fuck himself in the grave with his Chinese blood money.


@6 - Raindrop is contractually obligated to lionize horrible people.


RE: Sheldon Adelson dead

Good riddance.

Now if only the other Koch brother dies the rest of the axis of evil will be dead.


Maybe I'm being overly charitable but @2 reads more like shade than lionization. If the best thing you can say about a dead man who used his media perch to poison our national politics is that he convinced people to host conventions next to casinos and strip clubs you're damning with the faintest praise imaginable. As far as shade goes I thought this was A+ work actually.


Hurry up and die before Biden gets in and we tax your estate an additional 1%. Cool how the GOPs top issue is creating more trust fund kids (real Americans), they’ll get around to stopping the global paedophile ring later.


Too bad Jews don't believe in Hell. But I'm sure there must be proxy territories for his black soul to traverse in eternity.


You have to consider the source. Dude is patient zero for whataboutism and has never demonstrated a sense of humor, self-awareness or irony.


That was to #9


@4 I wonder if it's more likely that a large fraction of the people who manage to get into Harvard Law and Yale Law are entitled fuckers who continue to behave like entitled fuckers after graduation.



Oh, I don't think there's any contract involved - who, aside from a deranged lunatic would even consider giving him money for such a thing? No, he actually believes his incessant caterwauling, vacuous blathering and incoherent equivocation are of some sort of benefit to others. Of course, he's the ONLY one who believes that, but then delusional people always think they're the sane ones.


That's giving him far more credit than he deserves - if there was any level of condemnation in that statement it was most likely accidental; I mean, this is someone who could sit on a fence in the middle of a tornado and not get blown to one side or the other.


One of Adelson's last deals was to buy the US Ambassador's residence in Tel Aviv from the Gubmint for 67 million, so any plan to return the US Embassy from Jerusalem will be more difficult/more expensive.


/$hitler's Final Days/

Ooooooooh, the Republinazis are already trying to overthrow the government and murder us all. Better not impeach their Messiah, Prezinazi AntiChrist, or they'll get reeeeeeallly maaaaadddd.


Raindrop, Adelson takes a lot of the credit for transforming the city but his role wasn’t as instrumental than his obit lead you to believe. He did help usher in the large scale convention business in the 80s (COMDEX) but aside from that his impact was rather pedestrian compared to others.

Steve Wynn and Kirk Kerkorian were much more instrumental in the transformation particularly in non meeting and entertainment tourism, which is the bulk of revenue. Adelson also regularly lobbied against the LV convention center expansion and other operators expanding their convention and meeting infrastructure. Those were his competitors.

His politics were abhorrent even evil at times. His view of the West Bank was tyrannical. His stateside politics were only slightly better in that he didn’t support forcefully controlling an entire people. At least not publicly.

That said he did do a lot of good things for the community. A not for profit hospice, drug addiction treatment and many subsidized medical facilities. One of the reasons we didn’t run out of PPE for first responders was due to Adelson (and MGM) using their fleet of private planes to shuttle PPE and ventilators from China when China wouldn’t make enough and/or refused to sell any to the Feds. He also helped get tests and testing equipment from Europe when the Feds couldn’t or wouldn’t. We still have a good sized stockpile of PPE and more tests than people willing or needing to take them.

He also kept all full time employees on the payroll with full benefits. This is even as one of his towers is closed during the week and weekend occupancy is around 40-50% with a 25% cap on gaming floor capacity. He’s losing about a billion a quarter. But he can afford it. With him gone I reckon we’ll see 10-15k lay offs from LV Sands.

His greasing for the locals is reminiscent of how El Chapo and El Patron operated. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean his political influence is gone. Miriam is still very much alive (she’s a good bit younger than he was) and has a PAC and tons of money. I’d expect she’ll return to her native Israel but still be pretty active in US politics.

He did ruin an OK local paper though the entertainment beat and gaming business beat reporting is outstanding. The editorial is nearly Q-Anon.


Congressperson Jayapal is a biennial District 7 favorite, let's hope she recovers soon from this Republican scourge so she can tackle the Democratic progressive agenda as the Republican party withers away.


Thanks, Soundy!
it's good to know even
Billionaires can be Human Beings
when they Wanna be. even still, their
Existence along with (currently) 90,000,000
of our Citizens without fucking Healthcare here
in the US of A* means a failure of Government to
provide for the general welfare for We, the People.




I'm with @15: that's a very generous interpretation for someone whose primaryconcern regarding liberal/progressive protesters is property damage.


Off topic sorry but going to repost from Friday. It is BAT SHIT CORRUPT how wealthy, powerful healthcare executives at Providence etc -- people in the low risk low exposure group (healthy, not elderly, working comfortably from home) -- have chosen to jump the line and get vaccinated with the absolute highest risk and exposure groups. Many are getting vaccinated maybe 6 months ahead of when they would otherwise be eligible, and ahead of millions of Washingtonians with higher risk and/or higher exposure.

Among the state's list of the tier of first people deservedly eligible to be vaccinated -- people who are desperately needed in this crisis and at profound risk of sickness and death -- is the following item, obviously shoe-horned in as a grossly self-serving form of legislative pork:

"I am a worker in a healthcare setting at low risk of infection and transmission, such as as a remote worker or administrator who does not interact directly with the general public."

Toggle this option, say your interest in being vaccinated is high, and you are approved for the vaccine.

Gee I wonder how this perverse loophole that allows thousands of well-paid, Zoom-meeting paper pushers who never get within 5 miles of a risky site, can afford groceries from Whole Foods delivered to their doors, etc got included in the list of the very first absolutely critical people to be vaccinated? It's fucking nuts.

I know a dozen of these people who admit to getting the vaccine. A healthy 38 year old clinical psychologist for instance, never goes near a hospital anyway, now sees clients exclusively online, will easily and comfortable continue to do so for as long as she cares to. Objectively, she ought to be in the last 10-15% of people to get the needle. First shot into her arm a week ago.

Meanwhile (I'll say it again) the obese asthmatic middle-aged Black lady checker at my local market probably has months more standing in front of a non-stop parade of random people.
Perversely unjust move by powerful heath care executives in cahoots with state officials. It's basically the final scene in Dr. Strangelove when, nuclear missiles already in the air, the inner circle decides that their the ones who reasonably ought to have access to the bomb a shelters.

It's a mystery to me why this obvious corruption doesn't have the press' hair on fire. Rich Smith? This type of bullshit could not be more your wheelhouse dude. We need you!


Follow up on @22 - I filled out the State's COVID -19 Vaccine Eligibility quiz at

I toggled the option "I am a worker in a healthcare setting at low risk of infection and transmission, such as as a remote worker or administrator who does not interact directly with the general public."

Expressed highest in interest in the vaccine.

This was the result:

"You are currently not eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Should you choose to provide your contact information, we will notify you when you are eligible or to provide updates to the criteria that may affect your eligibility. You should also feel free to repeat this survey in 2-4 weeks to see if you have become eligible. To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine, visit"

So how the hell are these white collar, low risk low exposure workers at places like Providence getting vaccinated if the State's web system says they are not yet eligible. I do know that they are contacted privately through their employers. Is there a backdoor channel? Probably ....


Trump should be incarcerated now but he's being allowed to still run rampant and go to Texas
to stir up more shit.

These nazis are not finished by a long shot. They are being treated far too nicely. That needs to stop.


23 Yes, I know many high risk people that have not been contacted about getting their vaccinations for covid. And don't know when.


How is the violence supposed to be contained when it was and is and continues to be an inside job. People tasked with the duty to protect are (yet again, as always) participating. The FBI told Trump and the Capitol police there was going to be an insurrection on January 6. They refused to do anything about it, because they weren't about to stop what they had orchestrated.

And we're supposed to believe that these people will work to stop any further violence? That Biden and Harris are safe? That anyone in congress is safe?


Here it is - Providence has their own tool that says yes to employees who would get a no from the State website available to all of us.

I'm sure this is how one under 50 heathly Providence exec I know got the vaccine. He lives comfortably in a multi-million dollar house in a leafy neighborhood, only leaves to run in the park or sneak in a ski.

Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, chief clinical officer for Providence, is tooting her own corpora-medical horn about speed of roll out, but the speedy system they developed wasn't aimed at serving those most in need. They certainly could have done that. Instead they are vaccinating themselves, damn the low risk low exposure, at eyewatering pace.

And then literally going on TV and patting herself on the back. Yuck. Maybe I'm too would up about this nonsense but is seems so fucked up


@26 they told them to take off their flu masks to put on her gas masks, dumbfuck. That’s what that video shows and you’d know that if you didn’t have you head up your ass. You lying sack of shit.


@26 Shut your fucking treasonous pie-hole.


considering she just tested positive today that means she contracted it within the last 5-10 days, which lines up perfectly with the time she was huddled in close quarters with people who have made it their life's mission to aggressively deny taking precautions, so one could not in fact reasonably argue the opposite happened, unless one wants to argue that time is not linear


@26. She was wearing a mask, but in the clips of here sheltering in place she had just been given a gas mask and was in the process of putting it on; it's in her right hand.

And, as others have rightly noted, you are a worthless despicable shitbag.


@26: Can I just say that it has been delightful to watch you get your nose rubbed in the carpet for the mess you made when you pinched out that turd of a comment?


the Shade
n' Freud!


@34 -- well there
IS Mistrial and some
folks call it Schadenfreude.

works for Me.


@34. Your only interest is forming a false equivalency to shield the wrongdoers who make a point of not wearing the mask from any scrutiny or actions being taken to stop them. Keep pulling a Goebbels though. The more the lie gets circulated, the more people will believe it to be true and will keep deflecting scrutiny from the Trump goons who they are basically okay with not wearing masks because they like to see members they don't like get infected.


The "burden of proof" is on nobody you fucking idiot. It's not libelous to speculate about how you contracted a virus, let alone after hanging out with people who laughed when they were asked to follow congressional rules about wearing masks. They were called out for their behavior long before anyone actually contracted covid.


But yeah, if you need video evidence, here ya go:


@34 Didn't you learn from getting your nose rubbed in the turd last time? Timeline:
Jayapal is in the gallery wearing a mask
The Representatives in the gallery put on gas masks to evacuate to a secure committee room
In the secure committee room, everyone can take off their gas masks because there's no tar gas there. The rational people put on their regular masks.
A raft of Republican Representatives not only don't have a mask to put on, but they laugh off people who bring masks around for them to put on. Because they're assholes. And probably infecting people.

Then there's your specious argument in 36. Note that Jayapal didn't say "Representative _ was hanging around without a mask and probably made me sick." She said that several people didn't have masks on, and are the most likely source of infection. Since the CDC says that being in a closed room with a person not wearing a mask is a common way to get COVID, she's not out on a legal limb, on account of having what's technically called "facts" on her side. She's also stating facts when saying that the Republicans weren't wearing masks. Oh, and there's the little matter that public figures have to prove that the statement was false before suing for slander. So yeah, that pretty much all falls apart. Even the Republican members of Congress are probably smart enough not to go down that particular rabbit hole.


Everyone needs to simply ignore Mistral and not respond at all. He/she is purely a troll and nothing but a troll, who gets off on responses and pissing people off. If a he, he probably got his ass kicked in school on a regular basis for being and obnoxious twit even then.

Each time you respond to him/her, this troll probably you're basically stroking his cock or fingering her to orgasm with each you response you give. Why would you want to do that for this person?


Her suspicions are based on her testing positive for a virus she has been diligently avoiding for 10 months, after spending time trapped in a room with people who openly ridiculed the idea of following the guidelines. We've been through like 3 or 4 outbreaks at the white house and countless members of the Republican party testing positive -- some of whom are now dead! -- so we're well past the point of it being unseemly to call out republicans for their reckless, life-endangering behavior.

It says a lot about your character that you're more concerned about someone calling out dangerous behavior than you are about the behavior she is calling out. Mind you, all of this happened because the president incited an armed insurrection that led to 5 violent deaths, so your pearl-clutching concern over Jayapal's relatively mild accusations comes across the projection of a sad, sore loser. You lost, time to let it go.


@34 You love these little nihlistic games. Like this is what you do. Jesus. Your life must be just awful.

Between pretending to engage in Thurston Howell the III wire fraud with PPP — desperately LARPing you have two sticks to rub together — and then this bullshit it would take you five seconds to google.

They took off the gas masks once the sheltered in place because there wasn't any tear gas and put BACK on the flu masks. Excepting your MAGA death cult whose shit nuggets you gnaw on here every day.

Did you think all those permanently adhere to their faces or something? Are you honestly this retarded?


@41. Arguments don't work by you making insane claims and then demanding that others prove your point wrong. You have to bring evidence to validate your claims. Since saying you are projecting (obviously) won't answer the question, let's weigh the evidence.

For the sake of argumentation, and since all we have is speculation, let's focus on the truth of how Jayapal was infected with Covid. Members were observing social distancing and sitting in the gallery. Jayapal was one of those members. Pelosi admonished the Republicans to observe social distancing and to wear masks the day prior. ( Jayapal was sitting with her mask in the gallery and only took it off to put on her gas mask when the rioters stormed the capitol, as were as the colleagues she was sitting near and usually sits with.

Let's say that she got infected by one of her colleagues in the gallery. This is less probable because she always sits by those members and has yet to be infected. Jayapal does not advocate not wearing masks as a political stance, which Trump has since the onset, as have his followers. This is not up for debate, it's obvious, and Trump supporters didn't even start wearing masks at all until after Trump got Covid. This is possible, but less probable because she only had her mask off for a short time, and she likely has a degree of immunity because her nearby colleagues share antibodies from sitting near each other for an extended periods.

Let's say that she got it while evacuating. Jayapal eventually had to be removed from the House gallery and placed in a secure location with other members of the House. As evidenced by the Twitter video in my last post, the same shitbag GOP members refused masks when asked and clearly did not socially distance. They said they didn't want to get political. It's not political to wear a mask. It stands to reason that people who make mask wearing a political issue are far more likely to contract and spread the virus, even asymptomatically, because they are not following protocol as a rule. Moreover, Jayapal was forced to be held in close proximity to people of many parties and travel in tunnel under the Capitol complex to a secure location. They were packed in like sardines, so if she was wearing a mask, this wouldn't have prevented her from breathing in droplets from her colleagues who were not wearing masks and spreading virus particles through the narrow ceiling and pressurized walkway.

Since we cannot go back with an electron microscope and scrutinize every possible method of transmission, we have to go on the more likely than not basis. And it is far more likely than not that those responsible for transmitting the virus were the people Jayapal was forced to be in close proximity with who refused to wear the mask, as she was socially distanced in the gallery, unmasked for a short time to put on her gas mask, and was at best in range of two or three people who were also briefly unmasked. As seen in the video above, members in the secure location put their masks back on, but the GOP faction did not. This isn't about hate, it's about weighing the evidence. But, yes, I hate people who make mask wearing political. Not because of who they are, but because their actions kill people.

Last, nearly every single Republican legislator removed their mask to speak on the House and Senate floor. While they had been practicing that beforehand, it is likely that because no one was infected, that social distancing had been working and enough people were complying with the mask rule to prevent infection from those speaking at the podium. However, the main variable that is different in this case is that all of the members were forced to evacuate and to be held in close quarters. And since that is the main variable of change, the probability that Jayapal was infected increases in that case.

Last, but not least, Jayapal would never have removed her mask in the first place if the Trump rioters had not stormed the Capitol and forced her to evacuate. That is the gaping logical flaw here, because a multitude of her unrependant GOP colleagues encouraged that riot and now are trying to write it off and form a false equivalency while ignoring all the other wrongdoing and evidence to the contrary because Jayapal was seen briefly maskless because she was forced to don a gas mask due to that invasion. Without the riots, it is highly doubltful she would have ever been infected with Covid, as well as her other democratic colleagues, because they had yet to contract it while following the rules, while many GOP members had died and self quarantined with positive tests by flaunting the rules beforehand.

Anyway, arguing with you is a waste of time because you obviously don't care about anything but being right, not about finding the truth. But for those who are interested in weighing the evidence, there it is.


Live Updates: On Eve of House Vote,
McConnell Is Said to Be Pleased About
Effort to Impeach Trump --nyt

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party, according to people familiar with his thinking. The House is voting on Wednesday to formally charge Mr. Trump with inciting violence against the country.

At the same time, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the minority leader and one of Mr. Trump’s most steadfast allies in Congress, has asked other Republicans whether he should call on Mr. Trump to resign in the aftermath of the riot at the Capitol last week, according to three Republican officials briefed on the conversations.

no FOX
no Twitter
no Addledson
no Moscow Mitch

what's a guy gonna/Gotta DO?



oops totes forgot
trumpfy's still got

the Rudy.


If Moscow Mitch was in favor of conviction and removal after impeachment he’d not lallygag bringing it up in the Senate. I saw that piece in the Times but I see it more as image burnishment for McConnell after they jettison Trump from the mainstream of the party.


@49- It is kind of hard to figure out just how much of what we are witnessing and hearing rumors of really points to Republicans turning on Trump or not.
In a way I do have compassion for their predicament- I think the best among them were honestly appalled at the violence in the Capitol and they would like nothing better than to articulate some strong, principled stand against it.
They would like to demand accountability.
Unfortunately, from their perspective any such stand greatly strengthens the position of the Democrats and with that comes real political peril for them.
A serviceable scapegoat is needed and none presents itself.


@2: You have GOT to stop mixing hydroxychloroquine and Clorox into your Kool-Aid, Rainy. Your mom needs your rent money. How do you think she'd feel if she found you lying unconscious on the basement floor?

@8 Urgutha Forka: Agreed and seconded.

@25 xina: I share your concerns.

@42 Morty: Thank you. I am doing just that--ignoring the misinformed troll. That said, I do admit I am enjoying the delightful troll-whacking. .

GreenwoodBob, Lissa, blip, Brent Gumbo, boatgeek, Original Andrew, pollysexual, kristofarian, Garb Garbler, ProfessorHiztory: thank you and bless you for already beating me to it. I have nothing further to add.

@46 kristofarian: Der Gropenfuherer could always choke on its last fatal BigMac, and the sooner the better. Moscow Mooch isn't fooling anybody. He's already desperately looking for a new job with someone else's dirty money. May they ALL go down together.

@48 kristofarian: I thought the reigning King of Slimy Hair Dye, The Rudy, was among the many under Trumpty Dumpty's watch already prison bound to the scaffold?


@50 kallipugos: I think you nailed it. RepubliKKKans at this point, rats deserting a sinking Ship of Fools, have finally, after four years of cheering on Trumpian Dark Ages in lockstep, been reduced to playing "belling the cat". Who's willing to die to keep the Party of One alive?


@50 -- well, there's
always Rudy G.

@auntie Gee -- Yep
KkKonnell's ALWAYS
gonna be Just Fine.


Lefties never fail to shock me with how nasty they can get