Architect Andrew Grant Houston Joins the 2021 Mayoral Race



I'd vote for him on the strength of that last quote, alone.


Election for mayor, huh?

♪ Meet the new boss
♪ Same as the old boss.


O.K. Andrew, if you would be serious about Housing First to get our homeless decent shelter and lives then I could back you. As well as honoring BLM's demands.

You are right about the mayor so why can't the council act to get rid of her before she does more harm to the poorest in this city such as causing more deaths of the unhoused?
Its called genocide and this city government is doing it.

A BLM spokesperson has stated she is just like Trump. A fascist.


While you and many others stay in your nice, warm homes. People suffer and die.

Food not bombs and other unpaid people including other poor people do their best to assist our homeless while the city twidles their thumbs.


continuing 4

...or worse.


We need a mayor to wants to be a mayor, not yet another myopic ideologue who won't listen to constituents.


@6 Do you believe in our current political environment a non-activist / city manager type could win an election? I sure don't. I'd be surprised if someone who fits that description even bothers to run this cycle.


'You may know him as "Ace the Architect."'

Looking forward to him joining forces with Mike the Mover, Stan Lippmann, GoodSpaceGuy, and a host of other bottom-tier mayoral candidates, to end Seattle fascism by opening the Bertha room. Oh popcorn, where art thou?


I think if our city could become more economically equal (higher wages, progressive taxation), we would be more apt to find common ground. Also, I'd like to see more public housing built instead of relying on the market to fulfill the need for low income housing (the market has had decades to do that and hasn't succeeded).

It's economic inequality combined with government lust for austerity that has put us at each other's throats.