Slog PM: The Best Fish Sandwich in Washington State, Impeachment Pleases McConnell, Seattle Starts Jabbing



For those who want to see an actual picture of the sandwich that is "The Best Sandwich in Washington State":

Showing a picture of the nearly-whole fish that goes into the sandwich is like having an article on the Best Washing Machine and just showing a picture of iron ore.


@1 HA. You're right. Sorry.


@1 -- gotta say, that bun looks like an abomination.
show me a fish this Handsome
and I'll eat my hat.
but your analogy Rocked!

so, buh-bye, from even McMoscow KkKonnell?

nearly ALL Fake 'prez's' rats
have fled his sinking stinking
ship of State and there's no
one left but Rudy. excellent.


"Trump gave one of his last speeches as President today"

that Motherfucking Headline


@1. Well it's certainly fresh af


@1 - It may be tasty but the length of the fillet far exceeds the buns, a little is OK, but not like that.


So, McConnell is now on-record saying, not that he's pleased the man whose ass he's been puckering up for that past 5 years will be removed from having any future of political influence, but only that he's please he'll be purged from the Republican Party. He doesn't give two shits about the rest of us, his sole concern is maintaining a power structure that will keep him within crawling distance of the top of the dung heap on which he and his ilk reside.


@6. Michael Scott would like to have a word with you.


sure looks to be a big ole slab of halibut alright, that has to be a $25 sandwich.
May or may not be the 'best' sandwich in Washington, but probably one of the most expensive.



I have to admit, I've become a big fan of brioche buns. They have an eggier, spongier consistency than basic white bread buns, and toast up nicely - both of which are qualities I like, and they seem to have a considerably longer shelf-life. Plus Freddies sell 'em for $2.00 - $2.50 an eight-pack.


Anyone who believes McConnell supports or is any way pleased with the second impeachment of Trump should give me a call because I've got a bridge to sell you, dirt cheap.



@11. Correct. The GOP is grandstanding and upholding a false facade of shame. They made a deal with the devil and will make use of whatever opportunism benefits them while feigning contrition and deflecting from accountability.


Two days ago about all one heard from Congressional Republicans was "We should not impeach, but rather move on in the name of 'healing and unity'." Of course, this is gross hypocrisy, given that many of these same people derided and obstructed every bill and nomination Barack Obama sent to Congress. So, I welcome news of increasing openness to considering impeachment. Republicans votes--especially in the Senate--will be essential to achieving conviction. Clearly, the gangster-in-chief inculcated fear in the spineless: fear of being thought a liberal, fear of clandestine harassment via his thugs and fanatics, fear of being deemed disloyal, fear of career-destroying scandal being exposed, fear of having pet projects deliberately held up and voted down in committee, fear, fear, fear, fear. This is how the old-school boss politicians worked, and it's still how a lot of politics still works locally, nationally, and internationally. One key today is Liz Cheney: she is high-ranking and generally respected across the board. And, unlike McConnell, her announcement was public and unequivocal. It will take a few more like her to speed up the process of Republicans giving themselves permission to publicly oppose Trump. How pathetic, yes, but it's reality. Now, if Kevin McCarthy goes publicly anti-Trump--this is possible, given today's reports of a tense phone call between the two and McCarthy's openness to censure--then Trump is toast. And then: Republicans need to look themselves in the mirror, acknowledge they've been opportunistic cowards, and find a way back to something resembling principle. I won't hold my breath, but at least Trump would be publicly disgraced. That would be a start.


@11 (and @7)

Xina MCconnell doesn't give a shit about Trump. He never has. All he cares about is his own power. He's an asshole but not an idiot. If he sees the tide has turned against Trump he will throw him under a bus in a second.

McConnell used Trump not the other way around. The only thing McConnell cares about is judges. He used Trump for four years to get those judges.

If the existence of Trump as a political force threatens McConnell's attempts to return to power, then McConnell will work to eliminate the existence of Trump.

We should take him up on it. while I hate to think about him regaining the Majority Leader seat after the 2022 election, if that's the price we have to pay to erase Donald Trump from relevance it's worth it.


heartwarming to know i'm behind criminals and the homeless as far as a vaccine is concerned. yay!


MONEY is the Root of our 'Democracy' today.
THIS is gonna turn a few recalcitrant Pol's heads:
from democratic underground:

Walmart, Disney Join Companies Halting Donations After Riot

(Bloomberg) -- Walmart Inc. and Walt Disney Co. will halt political donations to the lawmakers who voted against certifying the election results, joining corporate America’s push to punish politicians who sought to undermine the U.S. election.

Disney, the world’s largest entertainment company, said Tuesday that it wouldn’t make contributions in 2021 to lawmakers who voted to reject the certification of the Electoral College votes.

“The insurrection at our nation’s Capitol was a direct assault on one of our country’s most revered tenets: the peaceful transition of power,” Disney said in a statement. “In the immediate aftermath of that appalling siege, members of Congress had an opportunity to unite -- an opportunity that some sadly refused to embrace.”

Walmart, the biggest retail chain, took a similar stance in its statement.

Read more:


7: Politicians have no moral core, that's what makes them politicians. Things like right, wrong and loyalty have no meaning in their world.

@10: Brioche makes the best bread pudding if you have any that goes stale. The sugar and egg in the bread really highlights the other flavors.

Glad the FBI is doing their job for a change in arresting these protestors instead of operating as the criminal organization they are. Who knew that had it in them to actually enforce the law rather than run covert exploitation operations against the people of the US.

What happened to Rep. Jaypal during the riot just disgusts me. Imagine, a group of armed thugs showing up without a warrant and using guns to terrorize unarmed members of society and using the opportunity to actually STEAL their property.

This is such a one off. I mean, that type of thing NEVER happens to people in America on a regular basis..........

Do you think there was anyone named Breonna Taylor in congress at the time these thugs showed up? Apparently not, since these thugs are actually being charged with a crime.


"Trump gave one of his last speeches as President today"

Fantastic news obviously, but am also curious if he'll ever appear in front of any form of assembled press to answer questions ever again. I know he doesn't answer questions he doesn't like and that it'd ultimately be a frustrating endeavor, but it'd still be nice to see him actually forced to address an inquiry relating to the casualties that resulted from his actions. I guess that'd be one of the benefits to an impeachment hearing, even if we don't get a conviction. Would he be permitted to refuse to testify?


@16 -- don't blame Us
if you're a crappy Capitalist.



Agreed. Think I'd be annoyed at having to take two bites bread-free prior to actually hitting the "sandwich" portion of that thing. Though it looks pretty freaking good regardless. Man, I fucking love sandwiches.


@16: You're in luck. The virus that kills the homeless and the incarcarted refuses to infect the privileged on moral grounds.

In that way, the virus behaves much like the cops.

You should read Giovanni Boccaccio's "The Decameron." Come to find out, they had assholes just like you in the 13th century too.


The dominoes are tumbling with Majority Leader McConnell and Liz Cheney signing on to launch the disreputable orange-green howler monkey, and the House invoking the 25th Amendment. These are heady times indeed, with even top Republicans feeding Trump an expletive deleted sandwich, speaking of sandwiches. Hopefully Trump can follow in the footsteps of other great dictators like Hitler and Muammar al-Gaddafi.


@9 The sandwich is $14 per their website -

Maybe not the cheapest sandwich but far from “most expensive;” especially given that raw halibut is $25/lb. Of course I don’t know why people’d go for the sandwich when, for a few dollars more you can pick three (cod, halibut, oysters, clams, calamari, shrimp) with fries as part of the Captain’s Platter.


I've known the owner of Seattle Fish Company for over 20 years. Jon is a kind dedicated business owner- and his seafood is top notch.


To answer your question, despite having a brilliant quarterback in his prime and two of the best wide receivers in football and a competent running back corps, the Seahawks offense, particularly in the second half of the season and in the playoff game, sucked. Schottenheimer was effectively fired, but since his contract was up anyway, they called it by a nicer term and let him have some dignity. Expect to see him as the Jets' head coach in 2022.


Seems like at the moment only those in true need and undeserving low risk low exposure "health setting" employees are getting vaccinated. You know, like accountants and lawyers and executives who never get within 5 miles of a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Let's here it for policy corruption even during a pandemic!

Meanwhile high risk mid exposure supermarket workers for instance wait.

The rich rule! Literally.


@18 you know what also makes a great bread pudding? The dead bodies of high risk mid exposure blue collar workers waiting in the vaccine line months behind corrupt white collar "health setting" workers. Be sure to sprinkle their childrens' tears into the custard!


@18: I've had that! The brioche makes the pudding lighter and fluffier and as you said the flavors really do come through.


As others have said, republicans are fine dumping donnie now since they got what they wanted from their useful idiot: tax cuts for the wealthy and for monied corporate interests, and fresh out of college judges who will eliminate any and all business regulations.

Donnie got played. Hard.

Also, wtf with Collins thinking Iranians were attacking the Capitol? Can we please get these fucking codgers out of office and into nursing homes finally? Christ, what is the average age of the senate? 90? They're goddamn senile.


In other news, the only woman on federal death row has been executed.

United States "Justice" system = REVENGE!



"Why would you [Susan Collins*] admit to being this dumb?"

*well, when ya got even a Mild
Dose of the Dunnings/Kroger
you just don't Realize
you're. that. dumb.

& what they lack in common sense etc
they (typically) More than make up for
with their over-Abundance of
self-Esteem (and BIG

oh & They V O T E
truly terrifying but
here trumpf IS.

for now


@urg -- NeoCons are very very Emotionally-driven.

they just Reject all the 'soft' or
'feminine' emotions, like Empathy
Compassion and LOVE. they prefer anger
Violence and Destruction and keeping the all
off-Whites [& women!] in their 'Proper Places.'

(and their Emotions serve them Well in that capacity.)

is it a Disease?
is there a Cure?

(other than psychedelics)


Let's see, to vaccinate 1.3 million people at a rate of 500 vaccinations per week would take... 20 years! 40 years if we're only counting single doses.


@34 no, we will finish in 7 years. That's only ... 2027 ... oh.

To compare, Canada and Scotland will both be done by July 2020.


@Will -- they don't have


@35 500 doses * 52 weeks * 7 years = 182,000 doses. Of course, I'm hoping we'll accelerate beyond 500 doses / week eventually.


@34 Woops, ~40-80 years, not ~20-40. Always double check your math...


@ 34 and 35 - the Seattle Fire Department teams are ADDITIONAL resources to what is currently available. They are not the only vaccination effort.

The county is hoping to ramp up to ~16K doses/day. That rate would take us into summer to reach the minimum threshold for herd immunity in King County.