A Year Into the Pandemic and Still So Many City People Are Bumpkins About Covid Etiquette



You know, you could just learn sign language.

I used to ride the bus at Jericho Park in Vancouver BC and all the deaf students would be having loud and long conversations, but socially distant.




yeah but if i see sumthin' Funny
i m Still pointing that bitch out.

thru Two.

and how many are dead due solely
to some Bizarre equating of 'freedom'
and mask-Less Inflicting ffs. they're gonna
look back at that and laff.

yeah right.


Nobody recommends putting a mask on a child under the age of 2 and the WHO says masks should not be required on children under 5: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-children-and-masks-related-to-covid-19


Charles Mudede, are you encouraging people to stand still on escalators? Wha? The pandemic does not give anyone an excuse to engage in this behavior, especially when there are few people on them as few people are riding the train. Walk up the damn escalator lazy ass. Just because you should not get close enough to someone to pass them on the escalator does not mean you need to stand there obstructing everyone else.


Standing on an escalator is perfectly acceptable behavior; trying to intimidate &/or humiliate people who don't happen to abide by the universal code of justice that you just pulled out of your ass, however...


@5: Do you duty to project calm and safety. You can spare a few moments to stand on the escalator and wait till the machinery takes you to your destination.


I love standing still on the escalator. It's my favorite carnival ride.


Why can't you pass someone on an escalator while wearing a mask? What weird rule is this? Talk about pulling shit outta your ass.


Yeah not surprising this is considered perfectly acceptable in this fishing village.

@6 I don't attempt to 'intimidate' anyone, unless you count sending evil thought rays at their lard assed backsides.


You can stand on an escalator at a mall or office building. If you keep right so people can pass you. No big deal.

But you can't just stand blocking other people in mass transport queues like a clueless narcissistic shit bags. Which clearly a number of you must be.

If you do, you deserve to get your asses mowed down or screamed at. You don't get away with that shit in real cities.

This is a mortal crime on escalators or moving walkways at train stations or airports where people have strict deadlines to get places that might have dire expensive consequences. Drooling at your IG on your phone is subordinate to other people needing to get where they are going. Functioning adults should already know this.

But you be an adult and ASK to get by.

That's the other side of equation that douchebags don't realize. If people will not respond when you "pardon" or "ahem" at them. Well. It's down to who isn't afraid of physical contact, has more mass, and better balance.

I just shoulder check them as hard as I can and keep going.


Ha ha ha! The perf and I agree about something! What is there some wacky planetary alignment going on?

I can't prove this but I think standing on escalators, especially really long ones, is one of a set of traits that kind of define the quintessential dippy resident of this dippy town. Some others being (for instance): not going around cars that are turning left, absolute obliviousness when walking down the sidewalk, giving a standing ovation for every performance no matter how mediocre and standing on the street corner at 3 AM, not a soul within a mile, wearing a mask and waiting for the walk signal.