Tomo Nakayama

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As we reach nearly a full year of quarantine, you'd be forgiven if you're running out of ideas for keeping boredom at bay. That's why we're starting this new column we're calling "Tell Us Something Good": We're asking some of our favorite local celebrities for their recommendations for takeout, movies, places to go for walks, and everything in between. To kick things off, we asked Seattle musician, songwriter, and producer Tomo Nakayama (whose latest album, Melonday, and new singles "With the Radio On" and "Paper Snowflakes" are available now on Bandcamp) how he's been staying entertained lately. Here are his answers.

What are your favorite restaurants for takeout or outdoor dining right now?
The banh mi at Oh's Sandwiches, burgers at The Westy, pupusas at La Cabaña, Jade Garden and Maneki in the ID. I definitely encourage people to do takeout over dine-in, and always tip well either way!

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