WA Senate Republicans Might Try Rare Procedural Tactic to Force a Vote on Reopening



Fascinating inside baseball, but you're basically just helping the Republicans in their messaging. 'Look at how much we care about small businesses. Look at how hard we're trying to Reopen WA.' Nevermind that it's all talk and political theater with not much chance of actually changing anything - which the Republicans know, of course. They're crazy, but they're not stupid.

Yes, Republicans can push for a move to the 9th Order - with a very long-shot chance of succeeding. That parliamentary procudure only brings the bill to the Floor for debate. A separate vote is needed to pass the legislation - each step requiring four members of the Democartic Caucus to cross the aisle and side with the Republicans. Mullet doing so is a stretch (just because he co-sponsored the bil doesn't mean he'll vote to circumvent procedure; sometime bill sponsors keep their own bills locked up in committee - look at Rep. Santos and Sex Ed in 2019). Hobbs bucking his caucus is an even bigger stretch - for all the grief he catches from Progressives for being a DINO, in his 12 years of service he's never once crossed the aisle to join the Republicans on a procedural motion. Finding two additional Senate Democrats to cross the aisle is such an extreme stretch that it would require help from a physical therapist.

And all of that... just in the Senate. The entire process would need to happen in the House and then, even if it succeeded, the resulting bill would end up on the Governor's desk to get a Veto.

This isn't to say the Republicans won't try to do this. For the record, I wager they will: it's what an impotent minority does - makes noise, distracts, runs out the clock, hopes the Majority caucus makes some mistakes, and tries to demonstrate to it's base that they are still relevant. 'Look at how hard we're fighting for you (never mind that we're losing).'


Your Modern Rethuglican Party: We're willing to kill everyone - including ourselves - just to pwn teh libtards...


Republicans are such turds. Selfish, Magical Thinking turds.




Terrorism is all the GOP has left.



@1 They are both crazy and stupid.


It really is incredible how stupid people are. The Republicans here in Oregon are trying the same bullshit. Meanwhile we have 127,778 cases and 1,667 deaths. What was originally forecasted for Oregon? Less than 3,000 cases and less than 100 deaths.

Where I live in Oregon. everyone is demanding everything be reopened.
So the risk level was reduced and they started telling people to come here!
Guess what happened.
Risk level is back up to extreme.
Everything is shut down again.

Until everyone is vaccinated and every damn body wears a mask and keeps their fucking distance, it doesn't matter how much or how often you open up, you will have to shut it all back down again when a shitload of people get sick (and some die).

My county has had the most cases of the entire pandemic (4X as many since November 30, 2020 as the number between March and November). The Republicans are truly a death cult. Fuck them and everything they are. Anyone voting for a Republican going forward is a either homicidal or suicidal or both. Enough bullshit. SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN. NOW. NO EXCEPTIONS. NONE. PERIOD.


"Yesterday, the US set a record for the most COVID deaths reported in one day—more than 4,400 people died across the country due to the virus." (https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2021/01/13/54653489/slog-amus-sets-covid-death-record-house-ready-to-impeach-trump-again-twas-a-windy-night-in-puget-sound)

Only a Republican could look at those numbers and respond, "but we could go higher!"


For all you labeling those who are questioning business reopening a death cult can you explain to the rest of us how you justify the reopening of schools then? This is completely being driven by the state without adequate testing in place or a vaccination schedule that will allow all teachers to be vaccinated prior to the reopening of in person instruction. My wife is part of the education system and the sentiment in her union is that the governor blew smoke up their butts to get re-elected and is now tossing them to the wolves. It's hard to disagree with her and therein is the problem. Lack of consistency. If you can open schools than certainly you can find a way to open business but if you are saying you can't open business without killing everyone than surely opening schools is equally dangerous.


Essential businesses are open. Non-essential aren't. School is an essential business.

Is that clear enough for you, District13refugee, dear?


@10 - Catalina, no it's not clear enough. School is open today via online learning. So what has changed that now warrants in person instruction? Online is definitely not great but would there be enough improvement to warrant sending teachers back into the classroom without adequate testing and/or vaccinations? It doesn't seem likely since all they are discussing is 2 days of partial classroom instruction with the majority still being online. If you follow the science as our leaders have so often claimed they do I don't see how you can justify sending teachers back into the classroom right now. My mind is open though if someone wants to explain it to me.


Well, you just sit back and let the adults sort it out, dear.


@12 ok that's fine but maybe others on this blog should reconsider their rhetoric. When an administration is not consistent in their approach no one should be surprised it leads to dissent and pushing back may be a legitimate strategy.


@13. It's one thing to demand that everyone follow the science and push back on further restrictions, and another to absolve everyone of following the science because exceptions are made for essential workers. You don't push back by embracing complete negligence in response to calculated risk, that's just asinine.


@14 Totally agree and I'm not advocating for a carte blanche to do whatever you want but I can't see how that calculated risk supports opening schools for in person instruction yet can't allow for opening business to some degree. There is a dose of politics mixed in there somewhere. The teachers unions are already calling bullshit so I guess we'll see how it plays out.


Of Course the teacher's unions are pushing back. That's what unions do: Advocate for their members. Just like the AMA and the ABA. Why is this a new concept?


@16 Not new nor surprising in the least. My point is there is disagreement about the safety and calculated risk of reopening schools and the governor is plowing ahead anyway and most people seem ok with that yet when business owners question why that same calculated risk can't be applied to them so they can pay their employees and feed their families they are labeled a death cult by other posters. I think the governors actions and explanation (or lack thereof) undermine his credibility which leads to people ignoring him and I find the rhetoric used on the Slog to be distasteful.


Here again we are reminded that Republicans are about as useful as boobs on a surfboard, what with this wacko parliamentarianism to reopen the state, with flagrant disregard for public health considerations, and at the national level we have the Trumpian iteration of the Caine Mutiny, with Trump earning the dubious distinction of getting impeached twice, wandering the vaunted hallways of the White House, asking honest Abe “who stole the strawberries” and twiddling his balls in a sake bowl. Nice to see Cathy McMorris-Rodgers achieving political troglodyte status by being the only Washington State Republican to vote against impeachment. Talk about “going down with the ship”...