Washington state got 90% on their impeachment test. That's an A-minus. Not bad.


All you Republicans who ask why DV victims simply don’t call the police, it’s because they felt how you are feeling right now.


"We all need to take some responsibility,"

Oh, FUCK YOU, Tr666p whore.


"Representative from the 'West Idaho' portion of Washington State reluctant to wholeheartedly denounce white supremacist violence."


"...supported the rule of law."

LMFAO. Uh, huh. Sure.


It would be interesting to see the articles of impeachment. From her statement she is either dodging the bigger issue, or the articles of impeachment focus narrowly on whether President Trump's tweet met the legal standard of inciting violence under the 1st amendment, which it likely didn't.

I think there is grounds for impeaching the president in a way that would succeed, I could see Nancy Pelosi having the articles drafted in a narrow way to ensure they fail. That way she could fund raise off the impeaching which continuing to protect the corrupt power base she has defended her entire career. It's worth nothing they were friends in the past and elephants always hate elephant hunters.


Such rank hypocrisy. The man she claims "supports the rule of law" just sent his cohort of marching morons to ransack one of the principle bastions of law in our country, attacking and brutally murdering those responsible for maintaining law and order in the very building itself. I guess she'd also put that under the rubric of "pro-life" as well.


Her face is a colliding series of triangles.


If it's Treason, she's down for it.


There was exactly one article of impeachment. Every Representative had to decide if President Trump's address to the crowd on the Ellipse last Wednesday instigated the seditious violence which followed immediately afterwards at our Capitol. She decided it did not. That's her choice, and it's up to her constituency to decide if they want her to continue in office representing them or not. (Given her long history of irresponsibly buffoonish behavior, of which Mr. Baume barely scraped the surface, I wouldn't bet on her losing her job.) I'm personally proud my own Member of Congress here in Washington state voted for impeachment.

That single article passed, and now our Senate must hold a trial, to decide if our House was correct in charging President Trump with instigating the seditious violence which menaced them last week. If they agree, then he'll be removed from office, stripped of all post-Presidential benefits, and barred from holding office again. Let's get going to ensure Washington state's Senators vote to do just that.


For those interested in the particular statement under consideration:

“So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give … The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.

So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

I think they could have made a much stronger case for impeachment if they truly wanted him impeached. They are providing cover for Dems in vulnerable districts to vote against impeachment "on moral grounds."

At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump have far more in common with each other than either of them have with us.


Our state, with 1/70th of the Republican members of the House, produced 1/5th of the Republican votes for impeachment of Trump.

To my struggling small-d friends in a handful of struggling democracies around the globe: we are struggling too, and as Martin Luther King, Jr. firmly believed, the road to social progress is lined with struggle after struggle after struggle.


For those who are actually interested, the article of impeachment may be read here:

Note: It does not contain Trump's words which were quoted @13, but rather a description of Trump's address, and other quotes from it. It makes a very strong case for removing him from office.



Pelosi graduated from a Catholic high school. I spent one year in Catholic parochial school. That alone gives her more in common with me than I have with that Cheeto-skinned shit-gibbon currently flailing around the East Wing like a screeching toddler who's just had an illicitly obtained cookie taken away from him.


He never stood for the rule of law, and certainly has proved it the last couple weeks.


@16: You're too modest. I think have as much respect for the Constitution and the rule of law as both Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi do and have far more in common with them than you do with most of the posters on this board.

Catholic school doesn't always take, or it takes too well depending on your view of the entire Priest situation.

@17: Disagreement? I'm saddened to hear that you don't approve of my bread pudding recipe involving brioche.

Well, I guess it's not for everyone.


@15: appreciate you posting a link to the 5 page Impeachment.

I think we will find the particular words I posted are what the indictment refer to that will be debated. For those interested in the legal take:

Donald Trump has committed far worse crimes over the past 4 years, but because Pelosi was in on most of them she can't really include them. Who's bull is being gored and all......

I consider this a weak indictment. It could have been written in way that would have not give Cathy McMorris an out in opposing it.

Hopefully it will be good enough to impeach him. Then we can move on to those who supported him and everyone else.


@1 That's a B+ in my high school...


@20: "It could have been written in way that would have not give Cathy McMorris an out in opposing it."

No, because as I wrote @11, each Representative either decided Trump's address at the Ellipse (not his "tweet," as you incorrectly wrote @6) had incited the seditious violence against Congress in the Capitol, or it did not. That's entirely a matter of whether each Representative saw a direct, causative link between Trump's words and the seditious mob's actions. Most of Washington State's Representatives saw that link; Rep. McMorris Rodgers did not. This has nothing to do with how the article of impeachment was written.

Finally, he WAS impeached today, for inciting that seditious mob's attack on our Capitol. Whether the Senate agrees he incited that mob or not is the next question.


@22: I believe you overstate the strength of the actual impeachment, but we will agree to disagree on that.

Because the majority of politics is performative between politicians, I give low points for appearance. I will judge how serious they are on the impeachment.

I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect they will try to score points for the attempt while actively working to undermine the actual impeachment. They understand that President Trump deserves to be impeached, but also understand that most of them deserved to be impeaching as well.


Nice reporting, Matt! your deliciously-comprehensive, well-deserved takedown of Cathy McMorris Rodgers & her bonkers Babushka of Bullshit!


McMorris-Rodgers is a crazy redneck or she would not be supporting Trump at this late date, when even Pence is backing away from the orange, radioactive doggy-doolie. As a cracker and a Republican, she could say "Trump is a tool, however, he is OUR tool", or some such politically expedient offering that would not offend hard core Medievalists or Bible-Thumpers. Trump is going down in flames like Christopher Lee in "Scars of Dracula" when he got electrocuted and fell of a cliff, so it doesn't make any sense to support him at this point. Even fellow Republicans are disowning the green-orange howler-monkey Frankenstein experiment gone awry.


@4 - When your constituents include Matt Shea and the rest of his Christian Identity pals, it's not too surprising that you vote Nazi.

Also worth noting that this Obamacare-destroying pre-existing condition-hating witch has a special needs child who is no doubt being cared for at (large) Federal expense under her Congressional insurance plan. But the rest of you can just go to hell - no need to keep YOUR insurance.


bingo @28 -- Rugged Individualists* have no NEED for "'health' insurance" and it's Condescending to imply the entire Citizenry needs any at all. why, in E WA, the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave AND RUGGED, Individually. if you get an Infection, you merely smear a little shit on it and wait for the Magats to cum eat it clean.

*people just seem to Whine less
when they know how hard the poor
Billionaires all have it. it ain't as EZ
as it Looks.


@29 -- hmmm.
now There's
one I'd



Off with her ugly, hypocritical neofascist head!

@28 dvs99 for the WIN< baybee!!

@29 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded.


@13 Ludicrous: You have GOTTA stop confusing hydroxychloroquine as a cocktail mixer.
Seek serious medical attention now.

@26 pollysexual: Here's hoping Cathy McMorris Rodgers and all remaining Trumpty Dumpty loyalists go down in flames, too.


yeah, sorry but
gotta Disagree with
ya on @29, auntie Gee
we'll never get Anywhere
with me Bashing / making
it* even worse on the MAGAts.
Justice is where I think it's At. at
least that's where I'm gonna try and Aim.

we'll see how I do...

*think I may lay off the MAGAt/feces
jokes till trumpfy gets back but unless he
can find some way to broadcast his vile Message
he's prolly gonna just wither up and Die and we'll all
feel 'sorry' for him and how he had to suffer so, and all
his Mistreatment/Victimization he went thru at the hands
of the Libtards and ain't it a Shame just a damn Shame-o.

the sooner his remains are
scattered into the
Sun the Better.


oh and let
his timely Demise
be not on the hands of
the Left but on McDonalds
or booger kink or what, Wendys?

and epic Stupidity
via Darwin.


@33 kristofarian: Yeah, the risk of Grizelda engaging in Schadenfreude, Trumpty Dumpty and its MAGA thugs blindly fahtin' to their deaths fer their Free Dumbs make playing Whack-a-Troll SO easy. DJT and its goons brought it all on themselves and must be held criminally accountable. DJT and its enablers have blood on their hands. Over 375,000 U.S. citizens are dead from COVID-19 and Der Gropenfuhrer's gross negligence. And the death count is continuing to rise. May justice truly be served, and Trumpty Dumpty's ass handed to it on a plate.


@35: And let's not forget about 5 people, including a police officer, dead in the nation's Capitol Building from DJT's willfully ordered January 6th insurrection terrorist attack on elected officials trying to do their jobs.
Kris, I've gotta still have my dreams, and DJT's comeuppance will be SWEET.

If DJT doesn't finally croak from its last and final BigMac, flame broiled Whopper, or otherwise, let the giant mutant alligators come for DJT at Mar-a-Lunatic as Florida sinks deeper into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
If THAT doesn't work, let the AGs from New York, Washington, international authorities from elsewhere around the globe come get him. He'll wish he'd never pulled his sick PR stunt four years ago posing as President of the United States with a little help from Vladimir Putin, Russian hackers, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, and his rabidly stupid fan base..


Yes auntie Gee:
Justice IS Sweet.
and comeuppances
can be Beautiful but
only when repubs will
no Longer swallow The
Big Lie, hook line and stinker
WILL we get OUR* Country BACK.

perhaps their Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome
may be Curable but you’re right we still (for Now)
have The Courts which kKkonnell stacked to the rafters
with FAR ‘right’ ideologues so we’ll see how and IF that pans out.

otherwise, yes & perhaps Monsatan’s had
a few Excapees from their Human cum
Monsters Genomes Project and we’ll
get to see some Wonderful Ex-
amples of “Mother Na-
ture” batting Last
as per usual…

*e pluribus unum, bitches
or Bust.


THIS from the NTY’s ‘Daily Distortions’:

Tracking Viral Misinformation

Every day, Times reporters will chronicle and debunk
false and misleading information that is going viral online.
By Davey Alba; 1/13/21

Some of the people who stormed the Capitol last week haven’t been solely focused on the election. They have also been prominent purveyors of coronavirus falsehoods.

There was Mikki Willis, a video producer who helped make “Plandemic,” a 26-minute slickly produced narration that was viewed by millions in May that falsely claimed a shadowy cabal of Democratic elites was using the virus and a potential vaccine to profit and gain power.

Then there was Simone Gold, who was part of a group of doctors who were in a viral video on the steps of the Supreme Court in July sharing multiple misleading claims about the coronavirus.

Both appeared in videos of the Capitol siege.

Their presence demonstrates how the disinformation networks that drove the spread of Covid-19 falsehoods are integrated with the networks spreading voter fraud disinformation, said Kate Starbird, a University of Washington associate professor studying online disinformation.

People connected to those networks, Ms. Starbird said, “are saturated in disinformation and experiencing a very different, grievance-based reality than the rest of us.”

much much More at:

we cannot Move On
with the propaganda Machines
spinning Truth into oodles of Disinformation.

the Fascists are Truly at our Door.


@38 kristofarian: Jesus wept. And these misinformed MAGA shitwipes are desperately out to inbreed and start a whole new race of violent dumbfucks like Jenny Cudd, as they are the MINORITY.
At times like these, I truly am grateful NOT to have a TeeVee---or a Twitter account.
Will SOMEBODY please pull the plug and stop the rabidly stupid already!


@37 kristofarian: In order to restore democracy in the U.S., as long as we are stuck in so deep a divide, the GOP will have to fully die out, and with no chance of returning to power. While it is encouraging to see some RepubliKKKans cross the aisle, finally--it's a little too late (Moscow Mooch McDumbbell, for one in particular).
I don't have faith in the GOP.. Methinks at this very moment they're already firing up their war wagons of misinformation for 2022 and 2024.


the misinformation machine is her for the Duration auntie Gee but the GOP's got a wedgie so deep they're about to split in two or more hopefully and prolly drag off some centrist corps fidelis Dems but they may re-form -- they have TONs of Billionaires with all that CASH to spend on having it (all) their (own) way and We, the Ciizenry can just go take a hike on the highway oh and mind the infrustructre! we're about to Lose it, too.

I say "no."


America has had a Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind: alien leadership. The first kind is when you see an alien craft, the second kind is when you smell an alien, and so forth on up to the fourth kind, when you get groped by an alien, like those helpless little nebbishes up in Anchorage who claimed they where fondled and telepathically traumatized by big, hairy owl-like aliens with intergalactic venereal diseases they were all to willing to share with humankind, the same way European settlers introduced smallpox, measles and typhus to indigenous peoples of the new world. America has suffered collective PTSD in the aftermath of the abysmal leadership and failed policies of Trump, the greenish-orange howler-monkey with his weird neo-trucker George Jetson hairdo and gonorrhea disfigured micro-genitals. McMorris-Rodgers is one of his perverted, unworldly disciples, which is why she clings to his big, pink, Martian-butt at this late date, long after JHB and Newhouse have bailed on the worst President this nation has ever endured, in effect, an alien incursion on par with war of the worlds, with little green men lurking in the barn and opening the national parks to oil exploration. America has been collectively molested by the Trump mafia, including his weird, narcissistic kids, with their gun fetishes and waxed buns. Having Biden-Harris sworn in near Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a Godsend, like a saline colonic followed with a Kentucky bourbon nut-spritz.


"Having Biden-Harris sworn in near Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a Godsend... " --@polly

gotta wonder if the alt-White Supremicists
got any BigPlans for MLK Day our
Gov't surely seems to think so... .

do we


@42 pollysexual: Amen and bless you.

Hooray for the long-awaited swearing in of Real President Joe Biden and Real Vice President Kamala Harris! Onward and upward with the better.

To hell with the FINALLY exiting Trumpty Dumpty's stupid narcissistic speech and private party. A final spit in Der Gropenfuhrer's ugly pig eyes would be if he threw a lavish gala event for himself and nobody showed up at his Mar-a-Lunatic swamp except for the alligators and federal agents.

@43 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded. I share your concerns. I believe we prepare in part by means of increased awareness of white supremacist insurgency, and encouraging U.S citizens to stop it. With effective governing and enforcement of public safety we can do this. White supremacists are the minority. They're cowardly, violently rabid, uneducated bullies scared batshit crazy


@4 You mean West Idaho®; have to add the registered trademark...

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