Why Did Two Washington Republicans Vote to Impeach Donald Trump?



It gets even worse for Republicans than that. The 5th and 6th districts (CMR-R and Derek Kilmer-D, respectively) are underpopulated per the Seattle Times map. That probably means that the 5th picks up Adams or Franklin County (or both) and the 4th (Newhouse-R) has to get even bigger, cannibalizing more of the 8th (Schrier-D) or the 3rd (Herrera-Beutler-R). The 7th (Jayapal-D) is also highly overpopulated, so some of those deeply committed liberals are going to have to go somewhere. We'll probably end up with 8 districts on the west side of the mountains and 2 on the east.

None of that likely puts Newhouse or CMR in any electoral danger except possibly a primary challenge from the left. Even then, I'd guess that Newhouse would make it through a top two primary with a MAGA freak, and he might even win the general. Herrera-Beutler is in a lot of electoral danger though. She might be OK if she made it through the primary, but that might be hard against a MAGA opponent.


I’d like to speak to my children again. Where do you get the blue pill?




It really doesn't matter why they voted to impeach trump. What matters is they did the right thing.

Now we need 17 Republican Senators to vote to convict Trump.

We certainly have Romney. We probably have Toomey, Sasse, Murkowski, and Collins.

We need 12 more. And whatever their motives we need to welcome them into the fight.


Good article here. Rich's focus is on redistricting. I'd venture to guess that our non-partisan top-two primary system is at least as big a factor, or at least for JHB. I'm too lazy to look, but I wonder if any of the other eight R's who voted for impeachment come from states with "jungle primaries."

Duly noted that boatgeek @1 touches on this factor.


@5, yes, a friend pointed this out earlier today. Washington's "top two" primary system means that Rs and Ds don't have to worry about being "primaried" by extremists, they just need to finish at least #2 and go on from there.

Final result: 20% of R votes to impeach came from Washington State.


Credit where it's due, Herrera-Beutler's floor speech was pretty good. And re-election is the least of her worries at the moment - she also has to keep an eye out for Joey Gibson and his thugs, who are based in her district. Most of the other Repubs who voted for the resolution are shopping for body armor.


Why can't Cathy McMorris Rodgers be shipped off to blood red Idaho along with Pam Roach, Thug "Ambassador of Cambodia" Ericksen, Adam Fortney, Zombie ex-Cop, Looney Loren Culp, Matt Shea, GOP chair-man,Tim Eyesore, and neofascist terrorist, Joey Gibson, already? Every MAGA should be given a rabies shot in the butt. Twice for all the unmaskers.


Trump completely soiled himself, so the pro-impeachment votes from Newhouse and JHB make perfect sense, redistricting strategies and political considerations notwithstanding. If you’re on an afternoon stroll and you see your neighbor taking indiscreet liberties with his pet Llama, you tend to keep walking, likely at an accelerated pace. The attempted disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of plebiscites in Georgia to satisfy the lusty loins and temporal needs of the woe begotten Orange Howler-Monkey was the Sunburst Finish to four years of “Sex, Lies and Audiotape”. Reassuring to know Trump made the history books with a double impeachment, although the Navy Seals should forcibly extract him from the White House and turn him over to the Federales. Nixon is smiling up from his lava pit in Hades, knowing that there is a former President more corrupt and perverted than he.


@9 pollysexual: Yep. Trumpty Dumpty is a total disgrace, nationally and globally. I agree and second it. The sooner Der Gropenfuhrer is removed from office--forcibly by the Navy SEALs, if necessary (and it wouldn't surprise me, given DJT's excessive ego, narcissism, and overblown theatrics), Richard "Tricky Dicky" Milhouse Nixon will be laughing his equally ugly, corrupt and perverted ass off, from the murky depths of Hell.


If she's looking for statewide office that's another reason. I would be shocked to see an actually professional, educated person run as a Republican for Washington State governor given the ridiculous offerings they've given us in the past. I honestly thought running goofballs/legit psychos was part of some weird strategy.


They are scattering like cockroaches now and trying so desperately to cover their asses. They have blood on their hands and are cowards period. No excuses for fascists. They were hoping Trump could pull off the coup and ship us off to concentration camps.

Why did they wait so long? Opportunists.




@12 Ivy R. Nightscales: Agreed and seconded. My only comfort through this four year nightmare is that I saw it coming long before Trumpty Dumpty decided to run for the White House for shits and giggles, blowing smoke through his shitty TeeVee show. I knew damned well to vote for the infinitely more qualified candidate in 2016---Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Just imagine what kind of utopia we could be living in now had Fred and Mary Ann Cloud Trump been sterile and never had children.