Slog AM: Morse Code Morsels for QAnon, Kyle Rittenhouse Is Chilling with Proud Boys, Pray for Officer Arlo



The bumble secret agent girl is great!


I only recently have become familiar with the Q-adherents. I can't even. Their insanity knows no bounds, as evidenced by their willingness to attack DC at the behest of someone on the internet they don't even know. Q could be a bored Bill Clinton trolling dumbass magas for all they know.

3 two more cops have been implicated in the siege at the Capitol... so we have a bunch of cops, a State representative, an Olympic gold medalist, the son of a Brooklyn judge.
Just for starters.
These people are connected, they will have a lot of supporters. There is inevitably going to be a lot of tension between "those people were violent insurrectionists, throw the book at them" and the pleas for clemency.
(I confess I want to see them all charged with the max and do serious prison time)
But Trump and his MAGA supporters are increasingly going to be put in a very awkward position.
Easy to condemn lawbreaking in the abstract but when the lawbreaker has influential family and friends...
It bolsters my contention that Merrick Garland is soon to become the second most powerful man in America. It will be his decisions that drive the daily news cycle for the foreseeable future.


"This is huge if true."

Finally, SLOG news roundups have a new tagline.


RE: QAnon thinks Trump is communicating to them in Morse Code now

Trump's not that clever.


My story of the day is from yesterday: "Why Aren’t We Wearing Better Masks?":

We've gotten so used to being a shithole country that we seem to have collectively lost the imagination that better is possible. Now, to put things in a proper context, it looks like Europe is in the same boat. There's a lot of shame to go around.


Uhhhhh we’ve been paying $3K/mo to rent a studio near the kushner’s home so secret service can use the bathroom on the job because the kushners do not want the people who keep them safe using any of the 6 bathrooms in their home.

The trump family is uniquely vile in ways that words often fail.


Can we just stop pretending anyone wants free speech?


Bornstein had hoped to become the White House physician, but he was "expelled from Trump's orbit," as the New York Times put it, for saying in 2017 that Trump takes medication to make his hair grow.

And everyone knows that its a rug and Trump's hair does not grow.


"QAnon thinks Trump is communicating to them in Morse Code now"

How delusional must one be to think that Trump knows Morse Code?


"Rudy Giuliani Blames ‘Game Of Thrones’ For Accidentally Inciting Violent Insurrection:"

While we are here, "Game of Thrones" stole huge plot elements from Ursula LeGuin.


@2 "I only recently have become familiar with the Q-adherents."

They've actually been around for years in the form of people like Nick Kristoff from the NYT and Seattle against Slavery here is the Seattle area.

Qanon is just the right wing version of the sex trafficking panic myths the media, politicians and cops have been pushing for the last 10 years. In America, we always need a moral panic.


Q is probably Jim Watkins, who owns the kiddie porn message board 8chan, or whatever it’s called now.

Qanon is an elaborate rehashing of the 80s satanic panic with trump cast as the hero. Considering its place of origin, its weird obsession with child sex trafficking reeks of projection. It makes sense if you understand it as fan fiction for people who love trump & hate themselves for wanting to fuck kids.


The guy who minced around the Capitol with a Confederate flag, Kevin Seefried, has been arrested with his son, imagine.
Look up his father & son business, K&E Construction LLC
I do not have FaceBook, but if one did one have FB one might find more here:


Apparently Oprah Winfrey of all people was recently implicated in the Qanon/human trafficking conspiracy theory:

This is the same way the Salem Witch Trials, the Satanic Panic and every other nut job conspiracy comes to an end. After thousands of innocent people are destroyed and killed, the rich and powerful ultimately get accused in the panic they created, so they call the game off and come up with a new panic to justify why they need to work outside the Constitution.


Luddite5 @15, why are you engaging in your own sly disinformation? "After thousands of innocent people are destroyed and killed, the rich and powerful ultimately get accused in the panic they created,..."

You make it sound like (A) this is just blowback for Oprah's own involvement in starting up Qanon, and (B) that Qanon was the doing of some "rich and powerful" cabal.

Please tell us, Luddite5, who are the rich and powerful people who created Qanon?


@16: My money's on Vladimir Putin.


no really, Qanon was created by rich and powerful person jim watkins (or at very least he was Q's amplifier)


I've been trying to wrap my head around Q lately. It's far more insidious than I had previously thought, and now it's gaining traction in Japan.

Here's a great article about how Q works for anyone who is interested:


@19: I wouldn't be surprised if there are Qanon Furries.


@16: I'm not that clever. I'm on the debunking side of conspiracy nuts, not the promoting side.

Great book about American Moral Panics by Jesse Walker: "United States Of Paranoia."

Also a great podcast "You're Wrong About" with local journalist Michael Hobbes:

Also a great website by sex positive sex worker/ex librarian and published author Maggie Mcneill who has spent the last 10+ years tracking and debunking the Qanon/sex trafficking panic.

You can also just google moral panic/human trafficking/Qanon and you will get pages of hits.

American's have had a moral panic every 10-20 years since the early "White Slavery Panic" of the early 19th century (about every 40 years since the 1600's) leading up to our most current sex trafficking/Qanon panic, which is really just a repeat of the previous 40 panics with the same scenery and script, different actors.

The broad pattern is always the same. A group of grifters play on America's fear of sex, immigrants, and "the children." Politicians and law enforcement find this is a great way to win support, (and get elected) get more money by spreading fear with ever escalating panic that they are "coming for your children and young girls!" Ultimately the panic is taken over by other elements (the nut job right wing Qanon crowd) and used against those who started it. In the Salem witch trials, the killing didn't stop until the killing reached the elders who had started the entire thing in a bid for more power and control.

The numbers and stories grow increasingly outrageous and ridiculous as women report someone who looked at them in a mall was really a sex trafficker out to steal their baby "in plane site," "that white van was never a really just white van." and ridiculous claims like "500,000 young girls were victims of sex trafficking last year!"

Pretty soon politicians like Josh Hawley (who got himself elected on this moral panic going after a low level Asian massage place as "fighting sex trafficking!"), Donald Trump, Dan Satterberg and multimillionaire grifters like Swanee Hunt and Cindy MCCain use the panic to call the cops on interracial couples at airports (this being America it our aversion to sex always includes a racialized element):

Those in power (cops, politicians, millionaires waning to become billionaires, failed legacy media outlets looking for click bait to save their failing companies) bypass the Constitution to raise money along with grifter NGO's that spend all their money on "raising awareness," and "raising paychecks" for themselves by promoting more incarceration of the same marginalized groups they always get targeted. Rinse, repeat.

Sex Trafficking panic was used in the early 1900's to pass the Anti-White Slavery Mann Act to incarcerate famous black boxer Jack Johnson for dating a white sex worker who he would later marry (noticing a pattern here?). It is still used today to "arrest people for crossing state lines for moral purposes) and is still almost always used against interracial couples.

Most moral panics have a seed of truth. For instance, there really is a very small, but serious problem with human trafficking primarily in our failed fostercare system and with teenage runaways. You can tell it's a moral panic because for the all the millions they raise, almost all of it goes to politicians, law enforcement and shady NGOs with practically none of it spent on helping the groups they claim to care about through more housing options and actual support to get them out of their terrible position.

There solutions usually make the situation worse. Like the current plan to help women by shutting down their websites and pushing them out onto the street. What could be better than creating a crisis, than claiming you are going to fix it? For additional money and political power, of course.


Typo: White Slavery Man Act: "crossing state likes for IMmoral purposes."

Translation: The crime of interracial sex.

No wonder a cheap grifters like Donald Trump are such big fans of promoting this racist garbage.


Opposite of dear awful creeps who defend Kyle Rittenhouse as a decent lad who shot his way out of a bad situation -

Your folks hero is out on bail, laying low and struggling with the fact that whatever the circumstances he pulled the trigger that sent two young people to their graves, and flung dozens of their family and friends into brutal, ugly cry, heart-crushing grief.

Oh no wait, he's out in the bars, all smiles, draining beers with Proud Boys, flashing white power signs FOR THE CAMERAS.

Normally I have obscene invective suitable for such rancid turds, but I'm at a loss. So do this for me, clear your mind of all preconceptions and meaning watered down by over use, and feel what this really means:

Kyle Rittenhouse is evil.

(Not to mention that he king-hits girl.)

So congrats David I. Shoreline et al. Your bright-eyed boy may as well be the Antichrist. Any of you have the balls and sense to mea culpa? Of course not.

And a Worst Support Dickhead award also for the C-level celebs who set him free on bail. Nice job.

I know Black men overrepresent in prison, but I wish there was just one all Black prison so Rittenhouse wouldn't have a pedestal waiting for him. I wish he could be sent there and then buried under it.


Looks like Trump's people have started getting rid of those who know too much. A little Novachik for the good doctor, perhaps?

And it was a common condition of pretrial release for my clients that they avoid drugs & alcohol. I wonder if it's the same for the little Rittenhouse weasel?


The Cheetahmen ran off....
And now......
The Cheetahmen


@16: "Please tell us, Luddite5, who are the rich and powerful people who created Qanon?"

After looking back at your question I realize I might have misunderstood.

Donald Trump (2.6 billion, much of it inherited from his Dad), Swanee Hunt (over $500 million, mostly given to her by her oil tycoon father), Cindy McCain (, $400 million. Inherited her family's beer distribution company, Hensley & Co). Aussie billionaire mining mogul Andrew Forrest).

These are just a few of the multi-millionaires that promote (and in many ways profit from) the sex trafficking/QAnon moral panic mass incarceration model.

Was I wrong to refer to these people as rich and famous? Do you consider them part of the poor and downtrodden?

Show up to a John School sometime. Count the minorities, the immigrants and those who can barely speak English that are the primary victims of this strategy in Seattle. Do you consider these the rich and powerful and if so, how long have you been a Republican?


As repugnant as I find young Mr. Rittenhouse and his newfound pals the Proud Boys, I'm not sure how they can legally make him not throw 'White Power' symbols while free on bond. Do we have any lawyers here who can explain the case for that?

I'm no legal expert, but I think restricting him from such behavior would in violation of his First Amendment rights. Unfortunately, the 1stA doesn't prohibit you from being a hateful jackass, as far as I know.


The whole Q-Anon thing boils down to the same old Blood Libel.


@27 basically, in the USA there's no right to bail, so a court can set whatever conditions it pleases. If chick-punching hardcore racist trigger man doesn't want to agree to those terms he can throw white power signs all day in a cell.


And the move the prosecutors are making isn't really intended to stop the white power signs; rather it's to A) formalize the fact that he's doing so into the court record, and B) further emphasize that's he's doing so in the media. Good job fucking him hard as possible I say


@28: According the to Human trafficking/Qanon panic crowd, the head of the "pimp lobby" is George Soros.

Who purely by coincidence happens to be Jewish. Funny how that works.

One of the lead groups supporting the sex panic is Exodus Cry, who have a history of being “homophobic” and “anti-choice.”

Along with Anti abortion religious fanatics Shared Hope out of Vancouver.

Why any local politician would feel comfortable aligning with groups like this and Donald Trump is beyond me.


people have the strangest beliefs about how the first amendment works, like it’s some magic forcefield that shields people from consequences when they say despicable things


Don't worry, AOC's proposed Ministry of Truth will squash those who say despicable things.

Poor America


I am complaining about a totally real thing that is not make believe for reasons that are unclear to me at the moment so please don’t ask.


I forgot the link:


33, The fact that a mundane statement about congress examining the role disinformation played in the incitement of a coup has been twisted into a reference from 1984 only proves how easily people are duped by "news" that exists to push people's buttons rather than keep them informed. Just as people believe the first amendment is a magic forcefield, others apparently believe it can be scrubbed from the constitution if a member of congress holds a commission about fake news.


@33. So you think denying the Holocaust in Germany shouldn't be a crime?


@36: Of course, it's all fine with you having a member of your party/ideology saying that.

@37: So you think snarking in a non-sequitur barb makes you look intelligent?


@38. What about denying the Holocaust in Israel? Should that not be illegal?


38, What exactly do you fear will happen if congress holds a commission about disinformation? I would love to hear specific concerns you have & how you derived those from the 3 or 4 sentences she spoke about this.


@38. What if an American on Twitter denies the Holocaust on Merkel's or Bibi's Twitter page? If Twitter refuses to take it down, how will they enforce domestic laws on a platform with global reach where anyone can bypass the rule of law of individual nations and what they consider despicable and illegal speech?


I'm just going to go on record now and say that I would be deeply troubled if "my party/ideology" started spreading conspiracy theories that were deployed by bad-faith actors with the goal of subverting democracy and would actively encourage our elected officials to grapple with the challenges this presents to civil society. Believing really bizarre things that are demonstrably false is also bad for the people who believe them & I wouldn't take it lightly if this were a common problem for people who share my values.


@38. Because you're basically asking Twitter et al to ignore the rule of US law by giving a free pass to those who can't advocate their positions without inciting violence or engaging libel, dismissing all Supreme Court interpretations of the Constitution, because anything other than the state of nature is the Ministry of Truth, and corporations can have infinite digression in their oversight or lack thereof because freedom of speech and they are people by definition.


LOL Raindrop. Trying to dunk on AOC when Trump was running a Ministry of Propaganda a la 1984 using the White House comms team.


Like, imagine I am a hacker hired by a rogue state to spread a rumor that raindrop thinks it's okay to deny the Holocaust. I program a bunch of chat bots to flood social media to spread this lie on German and Israeli websites. I do so anonymously and convince a bunch of my good friends or people who may have a bone to pick with raindrop to say the same thing. I take things he has said or done out of context and push relentlessly. Of course raindrop didn't say this, but there is so much of the lie out there, that people come to believe it and start making his life a living hell. He can no longer post without getting a flood of angry people shouting him down. People stop caring about the truth. But the platforms refuse to take down the speech because they want to uphold the first amendment, and the platforms are making money hand over fist because hate and fear and anger sells and the ad revenue is off the charts.

How should the government of individual nations respond to this situation, raindrop? Who is really the Ministry of Truth here?


The failure for you guys to extricate from your echo chamber to look at this from all sides is absolutely astounding. The government has no business in determining what the truth is or it is not in regard to speech. No equivocation, unless "fire in a crowded theatre" and we already have laws on that.


@45. So you're saying that libel laws are superseded by social media platforms.


"I can say, there is absolutely a commission being discussed but it seems to be more investigatory, in style rather than truth and reconciliation, so I think that’s an interesting concept for us to explore"

oh no aoc wants to silence the press!

media watchdogs are concerned!

aoc said some things on 60 minutes one time that suggests she doesn't actually care about the truth at all!

RIP irony, we had a good run


45 the point is that literally no one is saying the government gets to decide what the truth is but you have been led to believe this is what she said because, you know, the thing she was actually talking about happened to you and you still don't get it


again i implore you to actually process what she said and walk us through the concerns you have about it because if you do this correctly you will come to realize that you have been led to worry about something that is never going to happen


@45. "The government has no business in determining what the truth is or it is not in regard to speech."

I wish more Republican voters thought this way before they demanded that the legislative branch open a commission to overturn the election "to find the truth" that Donald Trump won and voter fraud on a massive scale with unimaginable illegal votes in only a few states but not others was defending the Constitution.


@50. I've had too much coffee. Or covfefe. Either way, have a nice day.


@46: Yes, add Libel laws.

@49: Would you have the same disposition if Ted Cruz was entertaining such "concepts to explore."

@50: Yes, lies get said. But we deal with it.

@51: Looks like. I suggest Indica/CBD tincture in hot tea.


Let me guess. You guys are arguing with our Obligatory False Equivalence Dip Shit whose handle rhymes with Brain Flop?

Because as quoted in @50 who ever said this: "The government has no business in determining what the truth is or it is not in regard to speech." has their head so far up their asses they've digested their own face.

The government has routinely regulated and even punished libel, slander and disinformation. You cannot say a dam is going to burst, you cannot shout fire, in fact you cannot say a Pandemic can be cured by drinking gasoline.

There are thousands of examples of the US government determining when lies cause harm. There are court opinions a mile high oh this.

I'm telling you guys if you're on a desktop browser to get something like that Grease Monkey Script. Let him die on the vine.



And 1. Here's a hot take on the matter from Chris Krebs, Trump's former top cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security (hardly an "extreme progressive").

I haven't touched the stuff in five months and still off. Somehow I spent the majority of last year NOT high, with a rather, ehem, "foggy" period in the middle there. Go figure.


@35: I agree with what Robby Sauve said here about the first amendment even though I am not a libertarian.

Still, isn't it strange how for both Conservatives and Liberals the the value of limited government power libertarians generally embrace only makes sense while they are out of power, which they forget the moment they are back in power.

If I were cynical, I might suspect this is was about consequential teleology where two tribes simply define their moral values in opposition to each other rather than an actual set of core beliefs.

I despised President Trump and am glad he is gone. Yet, I suspect in March, 2020 if he had come out strong in favor of wearing masks, liberals would be having cuddle parties and arguing that wearing a mask is a clear violation of their rights. For their part, the conservatives would be arguing that everyone not wearing a mask was an anti-scientific nutjob out to kill a lot of people out of pure selfishness. Strange how that works.

Of course, we all support the police when the are swinging their unaccountable billy clubs for a cause we support.

This is were you tell me how you are the one exception to all this.


Stay focused, @prof. Ahem, I already mentioned "fire in a crowded theatre" and laws like that in @45. I also acknowledged Grab's pointing out libel laws.

@55: No, you have some good insights into the human political condition.


Once a year in Rome on Saturnali, the slaves would become masters and the masters would become slaves.

There is a deep Wisdom in this tradition we have lost. If for a day the police became prisoners the prisoners the police; the homeless the rich and the rich the homeless; liberals the conservatives and the conservatives the liberals, so many American pathologies could be cleared for many. There would always many who learned nothing, but they have always been the dead weight in every society.


@55 Jesus Christ. You know Bud, generally I like you. But. Fuuuuuck. If you ever wonder why you do not get invited to cocktail parties very much that comment right there should give you a clue.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this but maybe take a break from your god damned tiresome "Holier Than Thou I'm So fucking Enlightened" act for a day or two.

Don't be a Rain Drip. Listen to other people when they all say you're being a sanctimonious boor.


"... liberals would be having cuddle parties
and arguing that wearing a mask is
a clear violation of their rights."

not this one
but maybe that's
'cause I'm a shade
or two further Left than 'lib'.


so Libs are anti-Science
... as well as antifa?
so Much to
Learn so


Dr. Harold N. Bornstein died of TRUMPVID-19.

Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Now the neofascist insurrectionists believe Trumpty Dumpty is "speaking to them through Morse code"?!? Further evidence that MAGAs suffer from abysmally low IQAnon. What next--UFOs from Mars will save them from the War on White Supremacist Rapists?
@5 Urguthat Forka: BINGO.
No further questions, Your Honor.


Yes, happy birthday Betty White. She'll probably outlive George Burns (100).


@58: Why am I not surprised you missed the message beyond the obvious.

Goodnight and Good luck.