Parler is trying to make the case that Amazon is legally obligated to host a site where users plot to kill Amazon employees.


Too bad those 11 million gallons of poopy water flowing into Puget Sound can't be dredged out, shipped to Eastern Washington, and dumped on Cathy McMorris Ridgers' House of Hypocrisy.


Don't know how this managed to elude the slog (or maybe I just missed it) but a hacker seized control of an online chastity device's controls, locking up their.... hostages(?) indefinitely, lest they get a bitcoin ransom paid to release the lock mechanism or code.

(though I guess the device's owners posted a video demonstrating how to undo it with a screwdriver, ha ha.)


I thought it would be Stacey Abrams who would be the next DNC chair.


@2: road tripping to Eastern Trailervill and taking a dump on her lawn can happen anytime or sending a steaming pile via FedEx works, too. Agree... any way you cut it, she is a pile of unAmerican shit to be buried at Hanford.. to be purified by nuclear waste


RE: Twitter banning donnie

"I feel a ban is a failure of ours ultimately to promote healthy conversation," Dorsey twote. "And a time for us to reflect on our operations and the environment around us."

I like that sentiment. I don't know if it's sincere, but it's nice that those words are penned. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from repercussions, and everyone should be reminded of that constantly.

Oh, and Jasmyne, your acronym looks wrong. ICMYI? Do you mean "In case you missed it?


How can wastewater from Medina flow into the Puget Sound? It flowed into Lake Washington -- hence the closures of Lake Washington beaches such as Medina Park.


Like 20% of the cities sewer pipes are wooden and from 1910. When something goes wrong the city just dumps raw sewage into the ship canal and they are allowed to dump 2 times a year. Infrastructure is boring as shit.


What are the wastewater utils doing with my $100/mo sewer and drainage charge when they have repeatedly shown failure to treat said waste?
Do we need to convene a special committee to investigate what it would take to get the treatment plant(s) better suited to handle the volume of rain we routinely have?


I appreciate the other commenters expressing their outrage at these sewage incidents. The fact these events happened (and because--get ready for this newsflash--it rained in the Seattle region) is a public scandal.

I'm with @10 here. We need a commission to investigate this. Preferably a statewide commission and something where Jay Inslee is calling attention to the disaster that this is.


I hate Jarvanka as much as anyone does, but I understand why they don't want the secret service guys in their bathrooms. The same guys were given permission to use the Obamas' guest bathroom (while working for Jarvanka, which is extremely nice of the Obamas) and they abused the privilege. They left such a mess, the Obamas had to tell them they weren't welcome any more.


@12: I find that suspicious to believe. What, somebody found a paper towel on the floor or a bit of pee on the floor?

Nor does it fit with the Obama's personalities.



Well, the rich are always metaphorically shitting all over the rest of us, so it's really no surprise they're now actually shitting all over us...


@14 True dat.


It's really just a power outage, which trips the release valves so it doesn't overflow everywhere.


The city frequently blames the homeowners if their sewer pipe(s) flood their homes, so the homeowners have to prove that it was city pipes that flood their homes.

I was lucky enough to get a lawyer to sue the city after my home was flooded by city sewer pipe. It took activists and publicity and a brave lawyer to defend me.

I won the lawsuit after we proved it was the city's fault my home was flooded. The city will lie to us and they have a shitload of lawyers to defend themselves.


Regarding your sewer rate and progress on CSOs
SPU is on it.


On a more positive note---ORCAS! May the incoming Biden / Harris Administration offer a welcome return of Southern Resident orca population restoration.
Now if we can save the spotted owls, too, before Trumpty Dumpty and its crime syndicate do any more damage before Wednesday....

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