The Problems of Racist Policing Compound When Using Credit Scores to Determine Insurance Rates



But why should we make rich white men who get multiple DUIs pay more for insurance than poor BIPOC moms trying to get by on minimum wage?

Shouldn't a rich drunk white guy be entitled to pay 1/4 for car insurance than a poor hard-working single mom? How else would we be able to go to all those tax-deductible three martini lunches with steaks that I get (checks mail) 2-3 invites to every week?


@1: Well, the poor BIPOC mom can always get a DUI to make things equitable.


I tried to follow this but wandered off into the wilderness


With al the data that's available now, there's no excuse for not basing rates on factors that are shown to correlate with risk. And insurance companies have all those actuaries, who basically know when you are going to die down to the minute, so they should be able to work with all that data.

Having said that, I wonder how big the rate change with a good/bad credit rating really was?


@1 - the rich white drunks of which you speak pay through their bright red noses for insurance. they also pay for interlocks & monitoring. The fact that the are rich drunks instead of poor drunks means they can afford to do so.


Is there a part two where Charles actually makes the connection to racist policing?


Eben's grandfather would get a real kick out of that!