A Five-Year Effort to Write Environmental Justice into Washington Law Is Nearly Complete—If It Doesn’t Fall Apart Again



Needless and problematic bureaucracy built on sloganeering.


tl:dr enviro groups make perfect the enemy of good and accomplish nothing.


@1 Rainy & @2 District13refuse: Stop mixing hydroxychloroquine into your Kool Aid, the both of you.

Thank you for another well written and uplifting article, Matt. With the incoming Biden - Harris Administration, here's hoping that a lot of horrific fossil fuel industry-coddling environmental damage done to the West Coast and PNW can be undone, and soon. Compromises in air and water quality, safety from oil and coal train derailments (see recent articles re the oil bomb train derailment near Custer, Whatcom County), and fire season should not have to be the "new norm".


@3: Well then Auntie, why do you think the Sierra Club, Washington State Labor Council, the Washington Environmental Council, are opposing it?


@4: Matt already said why, Rainy. Suppose you go back and read the article. Or are you just functionally illiterate?


He did partially, but the real issue is codifying "Environmental Justice" into law, and is probably more of an issue than tax appropriations.


Environmental groups, such as The Sierra Club could see through the loopholes. That's why they were against the earlier environmental protection bills being passed. This bill sounds a lot more of a win-win for all of us--and not just the fossil fuel industries.


@2 Exactly this. Five years wasted when we could've done something real. The original carbon tax was a winner in red counties.


why doesn't Mother fawking Nature* have
At Least as many Rights as
Soulless multinational
Corporations LLC?

*sans sumus stercore
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