Slog PM: Epik Won't Host Parler, Loren Culp Slithers Away, NRA Files for Bankruptcy



Public health officials are saying that the virus has gotten "smarter and faster,"

Nah, Americans are just getting dumber and slower.


Not a lawyer, but it sounds totally legal to launder Ru$$ian munnie and steal donations from stupid assholes, then just declare “bankruptcy,” and open up shop in a different state.

Hope everyone enjoyed Infrastructure Week!


Epik can’t scale an app/site the size of Parler. At least not yet. Parler was spending $300k/month at AWS which means they’d need millions in hardware and talent plus a facility and connectivity to replicate that infrastructure. Parler, at least in this form, is done. Even if someone at scale like DO, Google or Microsoft agreed it would take weeks to months to migrate.


This is pretty important--and local.

Seattle cop given 'written reprimand' for tear gassing of reporter that was broadcast live on TV


Chase: nice trifecta for a post title today.-- Appreciate the scumbag theme


@4: thanks for sharing: More of the usual tolerance for shitty public employee oppression.. Soon to be followed by a civil lawsuit and compensation. These motherfuckers need to be held liable legally and financially for their shenanigans.


@1: Well, given that the new strain has been ravaging the UK, I guess those Brits are just as dumb as the Americans.



So who hosts like 4chan or 8chan or any of those other goofy and unregulated sites that cater to the budding Kyle Rittenhouse's of the land? Is it just a matter of those hosts not being able to handle the volume of data & traffic that Parler would attract? I'd assumed they'd be able to find a site host, but then would be done in by Google & Apple's refusal to carry the mobile app on their platforms. Had actually wondered if they (Parler and their various moneyed fans and RWNJ affiliates) would actually have the balls to look into trying to launch their own proprietary mobile operating system.


".....the American people were told it’d be released to increase supply of vaccine. It appears now that no reserve exists....."

So it's starting to look like Trump AND the drug companies have been scamming us. Did Trump extort the Drug Companies with promises of paying whatever they asked for the vaccine? Did the Drug companies skim the cream by producing the vaccines with no thought to distribution, or even availability?

Kellyanne Conway & Colonel Sarah Huckleberry Sanders were pitied for being abused by people who heckled them out of restaurants. It seems we were all waaaaaaayyyy too lenient on the entire Trump crowd.


"For years, Amazon has fought the unionization of their American workforce despite unions being a strong presence in their European outposts."

More corp managers trained at Cape Canaveral Propulsion Labs. Didn't anyone ever tell them that when workers are allowed to unionize, on average, productivity & profits immediately go up by 14%?


If you question the validity of an election without presenting any evidence of fraud, you should be barred from practicing law and from running for office, since you respect neither the law nor elections.


Culp, the weasely bobblehead realboy, may go away, but Culp the archetype will be with us for years. Having convinced themselves they represent the Real America, certain people are the winners of every election by default. In this state, it means we will get the whiniest of the whiny whining endlessly about every goddamn election for the rest of time, because only the most delusional losers will want to follow in Clump’s losing footsteps. Fucking insufferable.


I don't understand how the Trumpistas keep flauting "job creation" numbers. The Obama administration created more i na similar time frame, and the unemployment rate at the end of his term is where the country was in 2012 -- still in the recovery phase after the 2008 meltdown, around 8%.


I'm guessing you've never seen british tourists while traveling abroad. And know nothing about Brexit. In short, yes, they are just as dumb.


@8 smaller providers around the world are willing to host extremist sites. Epik still hosts a few. Most of them aren’t that big nor have the consistent traffic and concurrent users Parler did. It’s a leap to go from 100k users to a mil and another to go from a mil to 10 mil. That’s about where Parler was with a growth rate projected to 20 mil near term. Something like Daily Stormer could use a moderate size server or two for a few grand a month whereas Parler needs a robust hosting and services infrastructure.


@ 13,

In the psycho-fascist inverted world of treasonous, lying Republinazis, national failure = XTREME SUCKSESS!!! He did help the oligarchs totally plunder the country and ruin most Americans' lives or killed them with COVID-19 though.

No one hates America and Americans more than the oligarchs that rule us.

Just for the record:

"Trump will have the worst jobs record in modern U.S. history. It’s not just the pandemic.

President Trump took office at the crest of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. He leaves presiding over the worst labor market in modern U.S. history, as an already-sputtering economic recovery has turned negative.

Friday’s awful jobs report from the Labor Department showed there were still 3 million fewer jobs in the United States than there were on Inauguration Day 2017, when Trump stood in front of the Capitol and vowed... American carnage.

No other modern president has left the U.S. with a smaller workforce than it had when they took office. Since the government started keeping track in 1939, no other president has even seen significant job losses during a single presidential term."


@14: We're talking about a virus that kills indiscriminately, and you thought you were being cute and witty, but failed miserably.


My additions to the Administration’s accomplishments page: Separating refugee children from their families and locking them in cages; Withholding aid from Ukraine to attack a political opponent; Pulling our scientists out of China who were there to help detect potential pandemics.


Jenna Ryan, Entitled Dipshit-TX: “I would like a pardon from the President of the United States.”
Dallas area realtor Jenna Ryan is the 2nd D.C. riot participant to ask for one. She flew on a private jet to D.C. to “stop the steal.” FBI arrested her today. She says: I feel persecuted.


@8 Perhaps this can help answer your question:


Typical trump scheme.


@20 AFAIK the hosting infrastructure is still in Vancouver, WA at OrcaTech. Since the Russian firm in Scotland stopped providing DDoS protection they’ve switched to a Vegas area provider called FiberHub for DDoS protection.


I shouldn't be so hard on Brent. After all, self-USA-deprecating humor is nothing new, goes back probably till our founding. The quip is always a popular ice breaker in uptight bourgeoisie cocktails parties.


.@23: as long as you have an internet connection and the ability to post stupid shit on Slog: it's ok we all understand it is a factor of your disabled mental status having your head stuck up your ass and desperately needing attention from posting said stupid shit on this blog.


@24: Stupid s##t is nevertheless commentary, so you really don't have anything to complain about.


like the turd that just. won't. Flush. . .

ok why not rainer
watch this sixty times and get right back to us
with a Full Report -- & put your back innit!


So the NRA is declaring Bankruptcy now? What did Trumpty Dumpty do, pay 'em off with Monopoly money? Choke on it, MAGA rubes! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

@24 Ignorauns: I keep warning Rainy about his high cholesterol and triglyceride levals but he never listens.

@26 kristofarian: At least our beloved Washington AG SuperBob finally got Zombie ex-Cop Looney Loreny Culp to shut up and go home. Culp really should have taken the hint when Secretary of State Kim Wyman, herself a Republican, wouldn't return any of his idiotic calls threatening her with a lawsuit.


@26 kristofarian: Although I really am looking forward to Trumpty Dumpty's bodily forced removal from the White House he trashed. The sooner the better and good riddance FINALLY.


Trump is clearly a menace from Uranus, scheming against fellow Republicans who dared vote to impeach, and a public health menace who should be shown the White House door, and have it locked behind him. Nice to know the NRA, as with Trump and his morally depraved cohorts Paul Manafort and Roger Stone is bankrupt, and dying a COVID-19 like existential death from ethical perversion and moving to hillbilly country. Perhaps Trump can self-immolate in his bunker as a final act of defiance, à la Hitler, to put him out of our misery. Biden-Harris will be busy undoing the damage inflicted on America by the Orange Tasmanian-Wombat howler-monkey fascist tool. Pence should take the reigns while Trump is detained as a flight risk and finger-diddled in prison, although that would be a mixed blessing, like urinating on hot sauna rocks to produce acrid humidity.


@Raindrop: LOL. After watching Chris' vid as recommended # of iterations.. Join the Army and be the best you can be....


less than THREE DAYS
auntie Gee til the Nightmare
that is trumpftopia is behind us
but we're a long LONG ways from
where we left off post-Obama and hopefully
we'll get back there, soon and then Move Forward.

hang in there, Smokin' fawkin' Joe your
Time to Shine is nearly already Here

& may trumpf soon be an horrific and
Distant Shadow in our rear-view mirrors
got anything Better than him next, Repubs?
when we said 'give us your worst' we were kidding
but you took us Seriously. Whoops...


If you're in the mood for a great Sunday think piece, try this -


What’s the latest with Seattle’s own Kyle R - Jacob Greenbrug ...the white privileged suburban man-boy who hit the cop in the head with a baseball bat? Both Kyle and Jake should be in prison for a long time. Kyle forever and Jake for 10-20.


In the words of Seattle’s deep thinker Roy Otis, “break it up with a stick, it will flush”...


@34 - Not always


@32 kal, what’s ironic is the writer sets up her story with a friend asking her “How come so much of the journalism I read seems like garbage?” and then proceeds to spew the typical conservative-leaning both-siderism garbage largely unhinged from reality.

This is the kind of garbage that would appeal to Raindrop, but that shouldn’t be surprising, you’re just far less of a shit than he is.

I do agree with the title of the article, which is why it piqued my interest. Unfortunately, no follow-through on its subtitle. This is garbage journalism, and only a “think piece” if you want to get dumber.


@36: I'm used to you trash talking me, but kallipugos? Calm down.

Have a bloody mary or something



In this case both are most likely true.


Wonder how long it takes for a reprimand like that to mysteriously disappear from the officer's file?


Jeebuz, you ARE dumber than a bus load of drunk Brits rampaging through pretty much any city on the continent before a Cup qualifying match: they were commenting - AND AGREEING - with YOUR fucking post @7, where you explicitly called Brits "just as dumb as the Americans".

As to @25: your incoherent blathering is to commentary what your furtively jerking off into a dirty gym sock is to in-vitro fertilization...


@38: I'll see your dirty gym sock, and raise you a drunk British Rugby player. You prissy bloke.


@32: Now that I've read it, it's really astounding that @PnP had such a hostile reaction to the interesting, and mostly non-political, concept of 'flatness' and how to get out of it.


@33 - I agree both should be in prison for years. Had Greenburg been a black guy, he would've been shot but he should be in jail for at least 5 years. I found an article mentioning that they want to give him a mental eval. I'm sure they'll find some form of psychosis and then let him off free after 3-5 years at a pysch ward.


With regards to Culp and how we got his type in the GOP ticket for Governor, I blame Tim Eyman. He started a slow boil in Eastern WA 23 years ago that's now bubbled over and is staining the rest of the state.

I'm surprised Eyman hasn't just given up on his political aspirations and just pursue a career on NewsMax. He'd fit perfectly with them.


Parler has a placeholder page up. It appears it’s routed through Telia Connect’s NYC peer point. Telia is a big telecom/data company based in Sweden. They’re big in the Nordic and Baltic regions for mobile and connectivity and are a leading provider of internet backbone worldwide. I’d reckon Parler is getting cloud services from them in their Vilnius data center as well as using their DDoS protection. It’s the biggest and most complex host in that neck of the woods.

As long as Parler has the smarts or hires help they may be back up in the next week or two. And likely out of the reach of US authorities at least in terms of hosting. Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have well established tech resources.



You should just stop trying to swear - you're really bad at it, you malodourous, toffy-nosed cockwomble.


@44 - And you get the last word on that. Enjoy.


@43 A trace route only tells you the path the data travels on. There are better tools for digging information about the hosting of a website. Telia has nothing to do with the hosting, just the transport. Epik may not be hosting them, and may claim to know nothing about it, but is registered through Epik now. They used to be registered through Godaddy. Their registration points to NS3.EPIK.COM and NS4.EPIK.COM for its name servers, and those servers point to the Russian-owned DDOS-GUARD.NET for their DDoS mitigation. Since that hides the actual host IP address, the site could be on Epik, and they would be able to deny it.

Parler as it was is still effectively dead. Their AWS bill shows they had massive traffic, and that's going to be hard to replicate the same volume at that price point through smaller cloud companies, especially if they don't have dedicated apps. Dedicated apps not only reduce the work the back-end and network have to deal with, they also improve user-friendliness. AWS is really efficient when it comes to creating app back-ends that constantly scale to demand. So while they might come back to life, I don't see them having the capacity, responsiveness, or user-friendliness of before.


@41 I find it interesting that both moms seem to defend/rationalize what their kids did. Delusional.



Oh, believe me: I do, you insufferably poltroonish, twat-faced, cack-handed plonker.


So...did Culp actually believe he'd somehow been cheated of victory? If so...why? he was never ahead of or even close to Inslee in the polls at any point, and there was no sign that his campaign was generating any enthusiasm even from the death cult.


@49: No, you abused it.


speaking of hair furor
and pardon the interruption
nader on trump:

“Though verbally defiant, admitting no mistakes, and as usual taking no responsibility, Trump is a broken man, assailing his most loyal subjects including total toady Vice President Mike Pence. Deprived of his Twitter machine and other Internet platforms, Trump will soon be a besieged debtor, a manyfold investigated and sued defendant abandoned by the likes of Mitch McConnell.

The calculus of political survival for the just re-elected McConnell’s Congressional Republicans has changed. In the minority, no longer will Republicans be able to confirm corporatist judges or pass Trump-like corporate tax cuts for the super-rich, or dismantle health and safety regulations.

But out on the MAGA hustings, Trump may be a huge tormentor, raising money and wanting to run again. Such a prospect is intolerable to McConnell. That is why he is turning against Trump by declining to oppose Impeachment and signaling that he may unleash his Republican Senators to convict Trump, if only for their own political survival.

The GOP polls are slipping and will slip more as the toxic stench of what occurred before and during the January 6th attack increases.

McConnell does not want Trump either to run or threaten to run again in 2024. The only way that yoke can be lifted is to free 17 or more Republican Senators to vote for conviction followed by a simple majority vote banning Trump from future federal office.”

More at


so trumpf only needs one or two actual Billionaire fascist Sponsors and then he's back, and off to the races -- he doesn't need to go thru all those phony-baloney 'Legal' Channels -- that's for Losers. he's got his brownshirts a lotta coppers and some military . . . although they've (finally) caught the eye of the fbi and gawd only Knows whose Side they're on. today.

head's Up
smokin' Joe
& Kick some
ass Kamala


@46 There are a several tools to use plus public domain info and plain old fashioned sleuthing. Everything points to the former eastern bloc.

DDoS Guard are Russians and also a Telia client that uses infrastructure in the former east. DDoS Guard was fronted in Scotland but that’s only a shell. DDoS Guard also provides OrcaTech’s DDoS protection.

Since my last post I found Epik owns a European host (and Telia customer) in London called Sibyl with a data center in Norway. That’s where Gab is said to be hosted. They’ve also got data centers in Bulgaria and Azerbaijan among others.

My guess is that new Parler will be more like Gab in that it’s browser based not app based. Who knows how much of the data and user info they’ll port back over. According to a court filing Amazon kept the infrastructure and data in tact so they could retrieve it for the move.


Less than two days away from a REAL President and Vice President....less than two days away from a REAL President and Vice President.....less than two days away from a REAL President and Vice President....less than two days away from a REAL President and Vice President....

Griz plans to get well soaked in red, red wiiiiine tonight.
But FIRST, in hopes that the ~ 74 million neofascist IDIOTS who still voted for Trump in 2020 permanently lose their right to vote again, I offer this little nursery rhyme for the archives:

Trumpty Dumpty put up a Wall.
Trumpty Dumpty had a Great Fall.
None of its loyalists or dumb MAGA dupes
Cam save Trumpty from National Guard troops!

Trumpty Dumpty screamed, "Voter fraud!"
MAGAs stormed D.C. under an act of their "Gawd".
Now with the Senate at a Dem controlled split
May Trumpty drown in its hellhole of shit.

Thank you, bless you all, and Good Night.



Well, you would know all about abuse - self-abuse, that is, you miserable, vomitous mass of liquescent feculence.


to some what seems to damn with faint praise
to others IS high praise and much appreciated
the masochist always asks for More




@52 -- Ahead of Impeachment Trial, McConnell
Says Capitol Assault Was ‘Provoked’ By Trump



to some what seems* to damn with faint praise
is to others High Praise and much too much
appreciated the masochist always asks for

['rainecloud' ^^^ ?]!
{thar be you?}
(you look just like
Bill fuckin' Murray)!

*thnx 4 the Edit button!


@61: That's for amateurs. Here's the real thing:


'scuze me if I don't
that rabbithole's
all your'n.


speaking of Delirium
here's Wild Bill now:


@50 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: Loren Culp, like Donald Jackass Trump and Tim Eyman, is like a big, stubborn, odiferous turd that won't flush down. Mister "This Will Not End Well" Zombie ex-Cop, Looney Loren Culp, refusing to concede Governor Jay Inslee's sound victory in November, claimed to have smelled "something fishy". Culp tried to stall the election results, insisting that the 2020 General election was rigged and thus invalid due to "voter fraud" of which he had no evidence.
Apparently Culp thought he, too could pull off what Trumpty Dumpty was plotting--complete with a mercifully botched coup attempt--when thrice legitimately elected Washington Governor Jay Inslee beat the Republic ex-lawman by over 550,000 votes.
When that didn't work, Culp went after re-elected Secretary of State Kim Wyman, herself a Republican (who now understandably is considering changing political affiliations). Looney Loren threatened Wyman with a lawsuit to bully her into GOP loyalty (he has just recently dropped the baseless suit). I guess this was a desperate attempt at diversion once Culp returned to his little hamlet in Eastern Washington to find he was officially out of a job. While Looney Loren was out campaigning, the Republic City Council voted to defund its one man police force. Ferry County Sheriff's deputies got tired of covering for Culp, who had since used up his vacation time running for the GOP ticket. After ten years on the force poor little Loren didn't even get a plaque.
But if Looney Loren hurries, he can defect to Russia apply for a position as Vladimir Putin's latest pool boy.

@51 & @62: Oh dear. Rainy--did you santorum yourself again?
I guess you'd best call an apt plumber before your entire basement floods.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy........ Eight hours and twenty-two minutes to go.......eight hours and twenty-two minutes to go......eight hours and twenty-two minutes to go.......eight hours and twenty-two minutes to go......eight hours and twenty-two minutes to go.......