An Inside Job: The Alarming Parallels Between Harvey Milk's Murder and Politicians Bringing Guns into Congress



"It was Monday, November 27, 1978 when Dan White brought a gun to San Francisco City Hall and shot his colleagues, Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

Now, nearly fifty years later, Republicans in Congress are refusing to pass through metal detectors so that they can bring their guns to work.

How are we back at this place in history again?"

and. Most Importantly:
WE Gonna DO About IT?

wring our handsies?

put an END to Seditious Acts of these insidious right-wingnut extremist dead-ending Malcontents before they finish igniting their reign of terror? by the way, along with this (admittedly arguably, but what isn't) TOATLLY AVOIDALBE Panfucking DEMIC, they're likely getting just warmed up.

right wingnuts won't even Need
to arm themselves IF they keep
their own Rabble the Fuck out.


@1 kristofarian: Agreed, seconded, and amen, kris.


Lobotomies and electro shock for the lot of them... And then ship'em off to the Bikini atoll for cleanup duty... But Aunties solution works for me, too as the low cost alternative.


42 years and 2 months later is not "nearly fifty years later". -There is no need to sensationalize this story. It can be reported on its own merits and the readers can choose how to react appropriately without grandstanding.


I moved to the south San Francisco Bay Area about a year after Harvey Milk's assassination. So I missed the murders, but was there during the aftermath, and the sensationalistic and ultimately futile trial of Dan White (remember the "Twinkie defense"?), and the loud and angry protests in the wake of the trial.

So yes, some of the parallels are striking.

Dan White was a former cop prior to his election to the Board of Supervisors. He was very popular with the police, and at the time the police department was rabidly and openly homophobic, frequently harassing gays and raiding LGBT establishments. Some things have not changed. While some people depend on the police to maintain law and order, cops can also be the oppressors. Cops today are still sometimes the oppressors, and there were off-duty cops from numerous police departments all over the country participating in last week's insurrection in DC.

To further your assertion of this being an inside job, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) among others, has stated they saw other members of congress giving reconnaissance tours of the Capitol last Tuesday to people who ended up being part of the insurrection the next day. The Capitol has been closed to the public and no tours have been allowed since March due to Covid, so this wasn't just some random tour group that a few right wingers snuck into. It was a private tour done by special arrangement. At least a handful of congresspeople are complicit in helping scout and plan the insurrection.

Pelosi is absolutely right to insist on metal detectors, and strictly enforcing firearms rules in the Capitol building, even regarding other Senators and Representatives. There could very well be a Dan White among them.


@3 Ignorauns: Agreed and seconded. Mass beheadings for the entire Trump / Pence Evil Empire--along with all the RWNJ insurgents who stormed both the Capitol Building in D.C. and our own Washington State Governor, Jay and First Lady, Trudy Inslee's mansion in Olympia, and the law enforcement officers who aided and abetted them---would certainly cost the taxpayers infinitely less money than convictions for all the high crimes committed and life imprisonment.
Why should I or anyone else have to pay for Trumpty Dumpty & Crew's 3 hot meals, a cot, and color TeeVee each? DJT has already blown far too much taxpayer $$$$$$ on golf games alone over the last four years.


Fanciful fiction. The parallels attempted to be drawn are so stretched they snap.


Remember, we can all do our parts and turn into the FBI Washington Field Office AND the local FBI office where they live, all those who participated in the Terrorist Attack on the Capitol in DC or in Terrorist Attacks on State Capitols.

Lots of families are doing their patriotic best to do this.

They will only get help when you turn them in.

Plus, since almost all are white males, they don't have to worry about being killed by them, so turning them in is a good thing to do.



Add to the story, that the DA tanked the case against White, in order to cutty favor with the police