Slog AM: Trump's Last Day, Biden's First Day, and Maybe Some Snow?



"Expect a parting video and a bunch of pardons today"
Trump is impeached, and when convicted all of his actions post-impeachment are just farts in the wind.


Republicans still love Trump enough to sustain pathetic white whining and occasional outbursts of terror. Living in America is going to be insufferable for years to come.


"Ant Clemons"? No clue. I am old. I'm sure they're great though.

Fuck Hillsdale "College".


Why aren't cops who are suspended with pay pending investigation sent to rubber room "reassignment centers" the same way NYC teachers are? I feel like the anti-masker cop just wanted a paid vacation.


To anybody else wondering where @2 is coming from with the second paragraph, after a little searching I found it: Larry Arnn is chair of that 1776 turd and also president of Hillsdale College.


To help my fellow Boomers...

Ant Clemons


"McConnell says Trump [&] others in power provoked attack on Capitol"
Trump has officially responded:
"I don't provoke! You provoke! You're the provoker!"


"[Federal] investigators said Caldwell used Facebook to communicate with fellow members of the Oath Keepers and helped make hotel arrangements for their stay in the Washington, D.C. area."

Caldwell is a yahoo in the "Oath Keepers". His use of FaceBook to organize participation in a riot on the Capitol should make things interesting for Zucky.


@6 -- Thanks, Soundman. "Better Days".

And it looks like we owe another collective hat tip to Stacey Abrams!



Get behind me, grab onto my pectoral fins, and let's get the conga line started.

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Mitchy's gonna fuck him!

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Mitchy's gonna fuck him!



Also a young, healthy, public school speech therapist I know, who has no need to go near anyone, just got vaccinated because of her loose affiliation with Providence Health and the disgusting, corrupt loophole they created for themselves.

Add her to the list of young, healthy, low contact development specialists, lawyers, accountants, talk therapists and so on who I know who are now vaccinated for no better reason than their "health related" employers colluded with the state to create a pork barrel loophole wherein they all get to go to the absolute front of the line.

And I can also report the obese old black asthmatic cashier at my local grocer is still alive and kicking, but not yet vaccinated, months behind all of these dicks. She's in a high contact job, and to look at her she's a coin flip to die if she gets it.

I have it on good authority that in fact drug company executives down to a fairly trivial level in the those corporate pyramids are of course also vaccinated, and also wrote all family members into those deals too.

So C is still for corruption! I'm generally never surprised, but was actually thinking that given the global nature of the pandemic we as human beings were actually in "all in this together mode." Refreshing to get dick-slapped by the huge rock hard cock of corporate power once more! I thought I was too jaded!

Mostly I blame Rich Smith for refusing to on command pick up my whinging and turn it into devastating investigative journalism. I'm not sure what I'm paying that guy for.

Okay off the jump through some hoops and ruin tourist's cell phones! Aiiiaa aiaaaaa eieeiea a aie eieeiaaaaaaaa!


Adding to @4, the Cop in the Hospital would be fired if SB-5134 gets passed, and said cop had an individual in custody under this clause:
-Acting with deliberate indifference to a substantial risk of harm to a person in custody


Washington Police Reform is being considered now, and Police Unions are mobilizing to oppose, including Solan:

Your Job: Call your State Senators and Representatives to tell them to support WA SB-5134 which would discharge (fire) an officer in Washington state who commits any of the defined actions



@10-12 --wtf?
where did you learn to Type?

and it's a Good thing you did:
"Aiiiaa aiaaaaa eieeiea a aie eieeiaaaaaaaa!"
is prolly not Readily understood by (Most) Schloggers.
0h & Your WELCUM for all the damn Fish.


@11 Hahaha! 2021 is looking up already.

But here's the rub:

"Certainly November's elections did not hand any side a mandate for sweeping ideological change," said McConnell. "Americans elected a closely divided Senate, a closely divided House and a presidential candidate who said he'd represent everyone."

"So our marching orders from the American people are clear," said McConnell. "We're to have a robust discussion and seek common ground. We are to pursue bipartisan agreement everywhere we can, and check and balance one another, respectfully, where we must."

I'm calling bullshit on that! Who gives it a damn about "mandates"?! Trump broke all that, Mitch. Elections have consequences, fuck your feelings, etc.

It's steam roll time. Push it all through. Any big sweeping changes we like. Ignore all this "consensus and compromise" nonsense. Democrats, Roll out!


@10 11,

That's definitely nice to see, though I remain cynically skeptical we'll get enough R's on board to get the conviction. If we get them at a rate roughly commensurate with that of the House we'll fall well short. The only real encouraging thing I've heard to the contrary is that the longer election term of Senators gives them more more political security in terms of potential repercussions from their base. I also wonder what the calculus is in terms of when exactly to bring it to the floor. Might make sense to do it soon so as to not risk any negative effects relating to the influence of a new administration's agenda.


It may not be the dawn of a new age, but it will be refreshing to have a POTUS who has a soul.


Adios trumpfy & Let
The Revolution begin
(in Fawking China?!):

Child of China’s Gilded Elite Strikes Nerve Over Wealth and Privilege

The daughter of the founder of the telecommunications giant Huawei debuted a documentary, a magazine cover and a music video. The response was savage.

Ms. Yao’s tone — opining about her social status, her struggles, her up-by-the-bootstrap pluck — seemed to strike a nerve in a country that is still emerging from a public health crisis and an economy that has left millions out of work, even as the country itself broadly recovers.

The blitz ignited outrage online about privilege and decorum, and fueled the sort of populist resentment about once-unthinkable wealth that the Communist Party tries to keep in check.


@19 -- by Steven Lee Myers and Alexandra Stevenson
Jan. 19, 2021


America's getting a new president, but not a new country.


Thanks for pointing out that the landfills are still full of garbage. You must have gone to college.


@21 -- the detritus remains
how to make Gold outta,
what? where do they
Excel? other than
following Orders


Why on earth watch Trump's last scripted speech of grievances? Fuck off already, dude! FUCK OFF.


McConnell dumps Trump in a New York minute after GOP megadonors cut off the spigot


Sing it Leonard, RIP:


Moscow Mitch the money bitch on the elusive hunt for his sugar Daddy.. That is one flexible turtle... great to see those bedrock conservative RepubliKKan principles at work


Trump's Last Day



@24 -- Bingo

gotta wait for Randy Rainbow's swan song
The Finale Edition to make it actually Worth it.

kinda Sad about losing his MAGAphone
just when he Needed It Most, eh?

I'll take a puff in your direction when he's OUT.


If Trump never cops to making up conspiracies about election fraud then the fundamental basis for democracy in America is done. Everybody will claim election fraud. It will be the new cottage industry.

Run for office with a shitty campaign but fundraise like a motherfucker on outrageous populous claims. Make most the money you can. Lose. Then fundraise for "legal challenges" on fraud — FOR EVER. Why even TRY to win.

Why bother with the hassle of even pretending to govern. This way you tear down your ideological opponent, make it impossible for him/her to govern AND all you have to do is go on grievance tours and raise money.

There's no consequences for it.

Sure. You risk kicking off civil insurrections here and there. Bloodshed. Maybe a few coups. Cripple democracy. Damage the economy irreparably.

So what! The GOP has you covered.



Captain Fucking Obvious swoops in to save the day once again by posting something everyone with more than two brain cells to rub together already knows...



Randy Rainbow looks like he's done with that asshole. It's beautiful and somber, with many of his personae appearing together.


@32 -- one of his Best
thnx, seatackled. &
well we're ALL
done with him.
oughtta be a
WAKE someday soon but maybe we back way the fuck off on the Fireworks, just this once? the fuck your feeling peeps don't need any (more) Bright ideas...




A pixel all by itself makes the point.


@30 -- admit it -- you stole
that from Chairman Timmy
who opens his Raincoat &
flashes Petitions in your Face.


gonna need
better bait


@30 I think that ship sailed back in 2017 after the Dems spent 2 years investigating the Russian collusion and turning up nothing. Both parties are knee deep in peddling crap to misinformed masses to get re-elected and we are all the losers for it.


@38 Mueller, a republican - not a democrat, BTW, got guilty pleas from 34 members of the fucking Trump administration and campaign, Dumbfuck.

Mueller's report left it to congress and the Justice Department to take up the mantle of indictment. It was in the report if you took time to read it. Which you didn't.

Trumps corrupt AG deliberately leaked a bullshit cherry picked abstract from the preliminary report and called it a day, refusing to indict.

And then during the impeachment trial the Senate refused to hear witnesses or allow evidence to be submitted.

And how any of that remotely compares to sabotaging the fundamental basis of democracy — ELECTIONS — can only be the product a particularly dim witted cretin such as yourself.


@30 so the 2016 election was fraudulent and Clinton rightfully won?


@38. The chocolate chips in your cookies are actually raisins.


@40 WTF are you talking about. Clinton conceded you stupendous oozing genital wart. Jesus Christ. You get more more bizarre and nonsensical every month. Time to add you to the Plonk list.


Lastlight @16, xina @24 & @25, kristofarian @29 for the WIN, baybee!!
Agreed, seconded, thirded, and fourthed.

Fuck Trumpty Dumpty. I'm so glad I don't have a TV or Twitter account.
I can do well without any exit speech from DJT.
What if Trumpty Dumpty and his First Whore threw a going away party
for Der Gropenfuhrer at Mar-a-Lunatic and nobody showed up but......
giant mutant alligators?
Justice after four years of Dark Ages is served. Surrounding Florida property owners near Trumpty Dumpty's private Atlantic coast hide-y hole laugh their asses off, then look away.

Meanwhile, Moscow Mooch McDumbbell, tucking his limp noodle between his grubby Kenfucky-Fried Chickenshit little legs, just applied for a new job as Vladimir Putin's new pool boy! No film at 11, though. The very mental image of McDumbbell in a pair of cowardly yellow Speedos is nauseating.

No final song parody from Randy Rainbow rightfully blasting the exiting Trump / Pence Evil Empire crime syndicate? Darn. It would have been a spot-on kickass hit.
Oh well. Randy has moved on, and so is Griz, provided Trumpty Dumpty isn't given a chance for a big comeback or extend its death cult following via TeeVee and corrupted social media.

Hooray for our incoming REAL Preident-elect, Joe Biden and REAL Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris!!!! Hooray for a new clean slate wiping away the filth. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


@42 I'm not asking what happened. I'm asking what you believed happened. Was the 2016 election legitimate? Nancy sure didn't seem to think so, her tweet from May 16, 2017 - "Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts."

You are dancing around the issue here as usual. Did Trump and fellow Republicans undermine election credibility for political purposes? Absolutely yes and they all deserve to be banished from the political sphere forever. Did some Democrats pull a similar stunt in 2016-17? I believe so and I think they should be equally held accountable.


@44: Stop snorting hydroxychloroquine before you lose consciousness, you sick, sorry, confused little troll.


Q.E.D., Prof. History.


@44 HAHAHAH. You can "believe" what ever bullshit you want. However, out here reality still exists. Facts still exist. Again: CLINTON CONCEDED. What is so hard about that fact for you wrap your smooth brain around?

On Election night Clinton said:
"Hillary Clinton concedes presidential election to Donald Trump: 'We must accept this result'
“Donald Trump is going to be our president,” she said, speaking at the New Yorker hotel in Manhattan. “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”

Oh. As for that radical Pelosi?

Nov 9th 2016
"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi weighed in on the Donald Trump victory Wednesday and sought to leverage Hillary Clinton’s (currently slim) lead in the popular vote to urge Republicans to work with Democrats, even though the GOP will now control the White House and both chambers of Congress."

“After an election in which Donald Trump won the Electoral College and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, we have a responsibility to come together and find common ground,” the California Democrat said. “Only by recognizing and respecting the important contributions that all Americans make to our country’s success can we build an inclusive and stronger future for America.”

"“The peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of our democracy.”

“I congratulate President-elect Trump and his family, and pray for his success,” she said."

Yeah. that really sound like Pelosi was planning to spread wild irresponsible conspiracies and division, doesn't it? Fuck off.

What was claimed with impeachment was that Trump sought and accepted the help of foreign agents. Which is fucking illegal. And he did. That is exactly what Meuller found. That's why the House Impeached him. But the Senate refused to hear a single witness or admit evidence into the record and blocked the whole impeachment trial.

Pelosi claimed that Trump violated election laws by accepting such aid. Not that there were millions of fraudulent votes cast. Nobody in the democratic caucus leadership claimed any such thing as massive voter fraud. Pelosi never once claimed the election was fraudulent or that Clinton actually won. But. Go on. Fund that. Find the quote that claimed that Clinton really WON the electoral count. Find that. The Democratic part didn't block elector counts or encourage defector. The democrats didn't say the elections was a fraud. They claimed Trump broke the law.

All the above means the democratic party recognized that Trump won the election. Clinton did not go tour raising money for court challenges.

Anyway. you can be ignored. Jesus. Are you really this desperate for attention? Like you're going out on these increasingly unhinged claims? Just fuck off. Seriously. Nobody takes you remotely seriously here. You're a joke.


Geez Professor I guess you got know if you drink anymore of that kool aid you’re going to be running through walls shouting “Oh Yah”. You are more part of the problem than the solution. I only wonder if you practice being this obstinate or if it comes naturally.


good one @48.*

@39, 47
Well Played

your 'rebuttal's' Lacking


@48 got owned. Prof took him to school.


Hahaha. Yeah. Let's just say that was less convincing that your last round of bullshit.

Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic congressional caucus and the DNC officially and immediately following the results of the 2016 Presidential Election recognized that Donald J. Trump won the election and became the 45th President of the United States — YES or NO?


@48: Don't you have remedial 5th grade Math homework to catch up on? You sure as shit don't know anything about Political History.