How to Look at Kamala Harris's Vogue Cover



Oh come on. It's fucking Vogue. This is not Time or The Economist. It is, by definition, a fashion magazine, and people are freaking out because of the fashion. Grow up people. If soon to be Vice President Harris wants to be the Vice President in tennis shoes, then good for her. I for one think she looks great in them (beats the hell out of heals in my book -- looks like she is ready to get some shit done).


I love the first one. She looks powerful and comfortable and almost like she's going to tell you exactly where to stick it. You go Madam Vice President!


Remember: No matter what a liberal or woman of color does or doesn't do — it will never be good enough.


This is about her choice of clothes?!? Has Cancel Culture started to eat its own this rapidly? Before She's even in office?
Wow. I'm getting popcorn from Costco.


Who gives a shit? It's the cover of Vogue, and the picture isn't exactly Time's Photoshopped booking photo of O.J.


@5, True but its not Vogue, its just social media.


Around 1995 or so I thought the Internet was going to give every one in the world a voice. Turns out the world is just as noisy and irritating as you neighbors. Human behavior seems constant everywhere.


I look at the picture and it makes me feel good,


4 calm down queen, people are mad at vogue for choosing a picture that looks kind of sloppy for the print cover. No one is canceling the vice president for her clothing.

Really looking forward to “cancel culture” panic receding into the dustbin of history once everyone realizes that was a smokescreen for conservatives to diminish trump’s toxicity that many gullible, self-identified liberals helped perpetuate.


@4. The cancel culture called Fox News.