Slog PM: It's Been a Long Four Years



I said it the week before Trump got elected that he would win and drag America to its knees with his incompetence — because there is ALWAYS a crisis.

We need leaders to lead during bad times. We don't need them in good times.

And there is always, always, always, a crisis. America has been fairly lucky that we've had leaders who were, despite ideologies, at least competent and not completely malign to America as a concept.

Obama, for al this faults, made it seem like saving a nation from a disastrous two front war, a pandemic, two concurrent epidemics, and a global economic meltdown was easy. But that shit is not easy. So easy that his choice of suit color and saluting with a latte in his hands were two week long outrages.

Trump is incompetent AND malignant. "Malcompetent." Dangerously unstable. And attracted a C Squad of losers and dipshits to his team because NOBODY else wanted to work with him and the few with any sense quit in droves early on. He had the highest cabinet turnover for a first term in modern history.

And when crisis came, as it so inevitably does, he folded like one of his baggy shitty suits. the only thing he was competent at was gas lighting. And a crisis only thrives if you ignore it.

We will be paying for the MAGA Death Cult malignant incompetence for a decade or more. The body count is not done being tallied by a long shot.


"That's not what Republicanism is," said Wyman. "The GOP firmly believes that all ideals espoused by white nationalists and insurrectionists run counter to our principles of not saying the quiet parts out loud. We have no fundamental desire to pivot from being the same party of bigotry, hate and exclusion that we've been for the better part of a century, but we promise to tone down the rhetoric and return to subverting democracy in a more palatable manner."


Lol, trump wants to form a new party and call it the ‘Patriot Party’. Why not just call it the ‘Big dick, very intelligent, handsome’ party to really get the base hooting?


SING it, Lady Gaga!! Hooray for our incoming Real President-Elect Joe Biden and Real Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. This evening's address at the Reflecting Pool in D.C. is just beautiful and so badly needed. Here is to putting an end to Trumpist Pigfuckery in this new dawn of awakening and healing.

@1 Professor_Hiztory: Twice impeached Ttumpty Dumpty, its fixers, enablers, lawyers, lobbyists, trophy bitches, bimbos, snot-nosed heirs, and all insurgents and Trumpist lackeys guilty of attacking the Washington State Governor's mansion and U.S. Capitol Building in D.C. should be held criminally accountable.

@2 Brent Gumbo: Sad, isn't it, that re-elected Secretary of State, Kim Wyman is the only Republican in Washington State quite understandably embarrassed as hell. If nothing else, Wyman's refused to buy newly unemployed Zombie ex-Cop, Looney Loren Culp's "election fraud" bullshit or baseless threat to sue. Here's to the official death of the GOP.


“Oh Donald.... what have you done... this [all these overly-well armed yet totally unhinged 2A [[&NOT part one dummy]] types] is not going away any time soon... jesus christ...“

they call it ‘stochastic terrorism’
& it’s Kool ‘cause it’s virtually
Impossible to Pin on
anyone in particular.


Trump "characterized his first and only term as a success."

I've got to agree. The Trump administration has been a great success. … For the Russians and the Chinese. Oh, and let's not leave out the coronavirus.


@5 kristofarian: Stochastic terrorism. I find this highly worrisome. May Trumpty Dumpty and all its vile insurgent MAGA rubes guilty of the attack on the Capitol Building as well as the Washington State Governor's mansion should be held criminally accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Thank heavens our incoming real President Elect Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. jill Biden, Real Vice President-elect Kamala Harris , Second Man Doug Emhoff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and U.S. Capitol officials, as well as Governor Jay and First Lady Trudi Inslee are all safe. Trumpty Dumpty's violently batshit crazy insurgents have nothing to be "Proud" of.


Meanwhile back home, Democrats in our State Legislature are busy with a new Gas Tax Increase.

"According to WSDOT, Washington state currently has the fourth-highest gas tax in the country at 49.4 cents a gallon, last raised in 2016. If approved, this 18-cent a gallon increase, over time, would give Washington the highest gas tax in the nation."

Democrats Raise Taxes on the Poor Again! HOORAY!!!


@8, always great to hear from a true champion for the poor like you. Now if only Congress had the guts to raise the federal gas tax from the 18.3 cents it's been since the Clinton administration.


I won't listen to his speech, but the headline at Huffpost is "We did everything we came here to do." So he admits it. Destroying the country and murdering hundreds of thousands of people (and counting) while pulling off the second largest wealth heist in the history of the country (the first was slavery) was the only goal all along. Awesomesauce. There will be no justice or peace unless his fat ass dies in prison. And even then, that's not even remotely enough. He can't be imprisoned long enough or killed enough times to pay for what he's done.

I've gotten into more than one argument recently about George W. Bush because of Trump. I am sick of having to remind people that he is a fucking war criminal that also bilked American taxpayers for TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Being better than a pile of human garbage isn't much of a thing to brag about.

And the Biden administration will be nitpicked to death for how they handle everything trying to put out the fucking dumpster fire that will be burning for decades if not a full fucking century or more thanks to Trump.


Trump was just a no-class lowlife, to the bitter end

Slinking out of the White House, ahead of schedule, for one more fancy plane ride to their gaudy playground in Florida (on the taxpayers’ dime, of course), the Trumps will be demonstrating one last bit of crude, no-class behavior that’s been emblematic of their entire wretched tenure.

What we saw on Jan. 6 was one last trashing of the country by a person who should have never been allowed near our government to begin with, let alone sitting at its pinnacle. At no time during his entire tenure did Trump exhibit the slightest ability to learn or grow from the experience, even as he was provided with opportunity after opportunity.


@10 & @11 xina: Agreed and seconded.


well Bannon got himself a presidential Pardon
which is a Shame given his role in taking
down the US and G.B. Prosperity! for The
Few & Austerity for all the rest of you.


@13 kristofarian: Here are two dumb questions, but I'll ask anyway:
1. Can any of Trumpty Dumpty's fellow criminal lowlifes become un-pardoned by the incoming Biden - Harris Administration?
2. Can pardons, once given, be reversible under a new Administration ( I guess it's the same question, technically)?
Although, if I remember correctly, Gerald Ford pardoned Tricky Dicky in 1975, and for 40 years Republikkkans have been sticking it to the rest of us since the Ronny "Mr. Cue Card" Raygun error.


@14 -- gosh auntie Gee as a (certifiable) Constitutional Lawyer I charge $750/hr. are you Certain you want me to look that up? it'll take me half an hour just to warm up my Search Engine -- standing by...


I believe it's no and no, auntie.

Which makes sense. The way pardons should be, for those how really deserve them. Wouldn't want someone coming along and reversing it.


Trump didn't need to pardon himself because the Justice Department officials under the Democrats are not going to do a thing.
Most of Trump's crimes are the crimes of the ruling class, and the ruling class will want to be free to continue to commit them.
That's how it worked with Obama after W, that's how it will work now. "We're moving forward, not backwards," they'll say.


well the trumpfster has
OFFICIALLY Flown the Coop.
Adios. oh and via con el Diablo.

he's that one what brung ya.


@10: Every administration gets "nitpicked to death" - which is a good thing.


@17 Duffle bags full of cash left on the desk is not the correct form for crimes of the ruling class. So we can hold some faint hope for justice in the case of the Trump administration.


@16 I'm sure you are correct, However many of those pardoned have likely committed state crimes and civil offenses that are not covered by a Presidential pardon, and being habitual criminals they are likely to commit new crimes that won't be covered by a previous pardon.


19, I don't think you understand what the word nitpick means. I guess I could've ended that sentence after the first five words though.


It's been a long four centuries, but at last we return to sanity.


I choose today to be happy and enjoy the fact that we have a new resident in the White House. I choose today to be happy that I survived the last 4 years. I choose today to be happy and celebrate. Tomorrow we will have to dig in and begin the work that will need to be done. I choose to be happy today. Recovering from all of the trauma begins tomorrow and will last for decades no doubt.


@14 I have heard that there is a possible loophole in that if the actual pardon document (because of course there's a certificate) hasn't been delivered to the recipient, it can be revoked. Given how crappy DJT has been at the basic mechanics of doing the job, it's theoretically possible that the pardons weren't delivered. Whether Biden would try to pull them is another question. For most of the actual crooks, it's probably easier to get them on state crimes and/or keep an eye on them until they re-offend.


When we have a Republican president, many media and social media outlets opine that any rise in negative behavior/beliefs (racism/sexism...) is due to those folks being 'embolded' by the current leader.

If true during an R administration - certainly should be true during a D administration.

Now that we have D/Biden, what behaviors/beliefs will now be embolded? What do you predict will be the tangible outcome of this mass change in behavior? If I am expected to believe that Trump caused all the rise in (fill in blank) then certainly from this day forward - we should see changes of similar scale.



We can start with no longer taking seriously ANYTHING repugnant, RWNJ, 2A-humping, Q-Anon Kool-Aid drinking MAGATs have to say on literally any subject. Not that we ever really did, mind you, but now we don't even have to maintain a pretense.

Or, to simplify it in a way even they can understand:




This is the way.


@15 kristofarian: You charge $750 an hour for Constitutional legal counsel?
Thanks, but I think I'll go with boatgeek @25.

@15 kristofarian: and @16 Phoebe in Wallingford: You wouldn't want Der Gropenfuhrer and its neofascist crime syndicate co-conspirators to go free and breathe the same air as the rest of us, would you? I am in agreement with boatgeek @25.

@25 boatgeek: Thank you. There really must be a loophole somewhere that invalidates wrongly pardoned heartless criminals.


@27 COMTE and @28 Lastlight: Amen.


@24 xina: Agreed, seconded, bless you, and amen.


@26 well for starters we can already see a rise in the official acceptance of objective reality.


@29 -- no auntie Gee --
that's just for Looking Things Up.
it's Twelve-fifty for advice that'd
make Rudy Gee (no relation!)
jealous. like: DON'T, Donald!
that sorta shit. & like Pudd'n-
head Wilson I'm still waiting
for my very First Case. al-
though, he eventually Got
one. I don't hold out much
Hope for me, frankly...

and since I'm Not*
no one ever pays
me that $3/4K/hr.

*actually a Lawyer
but I've seen Tonnes
of them on the TeeVee
so how Hard could it be?