Inauguration Day Live Blog: We Did It, Joe!



Rejoicefully they tell us, and firmly they compel us to say goodbye to you ♪


"Trump had some unfinished business to attend to in his remaining hours in power:"

over-filling all those pesky WH toilets with four days' worth of saved-up McArbys?

never mind.

Let the Wake
befuckin' gin. Olé!



Not watching and finding my neighbors' power tools refreshing in its stead.


I'm a cynic, but I predict democrat voter turnout in the midterm elections will be one of the lowest ever and the republicans will come storming back with full control of congress.

Too many democrats see a dem winning, with a historic VP, and the seeming implosion of the republican party as signs that they've won and can now rest on their laurels and never need vote again. I've seen it happen too many times before to believe next time will be different.


As of noon eastern today, deficits will suddenly matter again!


Wifey hath donned her Peal Earrings.


I would like to thank Daniel Dale for his service to this nation.


That was far more satisfying than I imagined. On this day when we celebrate the emergence of the light out of the darkness of the past four years, let us not forget that resistance to tyranny, to authoritarianism, to racism, oppression and fascism, is still required. But from this moment forward there is one less bullying, bloviating demagogue; one less lying, grifting con artist; one less narcissistic sociopath we need to actively resist against. In typical fashion has skulked off into historical irrelevance, tail between his legs, whining to the very end how he, one of the most privileged, most coddled, most advantaged old cis white males in a society made of, for, and by old cis white males, was treated so unfairly because, for once in his life he was not fed his desire on the bowl of the silver spoon to which he believed he was entitled, not because of what he accomplished, but simply because of the position to which he had the sheer luck to have been born.

If I had my way, he would be treated like Herostratus, the 4th Century BCE Greek arsonist whose crimes were considered so heinous his name was never to be uttered or written again; a modern-day damnatio memoriae. Unfortunately, the damage he has wrought, the the unprecedented economic, social, and moral wreckage he leaves in his wake, will need to be repaired, and the task we have before us is to work together to remake our country into, not the far less-than-perfect union it has been, but the more perfect union we know it can and should be: a nation where every citizen, regardless of their station or the color of their skin or the land of their ancestors or who they choose to love, is treated with respect and equity; where every child is wanted, fed, sheltered, educated, and nurtured; where every elder is honored and allowed to live out their remaining years in grace and dignity; and where the forces of good, and truth, and decency prevail in all things, and for all people.

The great work lies ahead, and we are only just beginning...


Garth Brooks doing Amazing Grace was lackluster. Why not Natalie Cole or a Black performer?

I found myself weeping during Biden's speech. I thought it silly. But he's really freeing us from our tormentor.


Eugene Goodman escorting Kamala Harris, Harris' swearing in, and Amanda Gorman's reading are the highlights for me.



I'm guessing he was included as a sop to placate the RWNJ's who believe there are only two kinds of music: country AND western...


Lady Gaga was outstanding. I loved the no-frills rendition, loved the outfit and the hair (esp the red flowers in the back) and she looked like she was having the time of her life.


Fuck you guys. The speech was good. It hit exactly where it should.

The hard work is just beginning. But at least there are some grown ups in charge.

And since the trolls always told us that the Stock Market was the single best barometer of American prosperity— it hit record highs seconds after Biden was sworn in.

So. MAGA Trolls I guess everything is perfect, right? All better. No reason for you Rightwing nuts to grab your guns and storm capitols in pants-shitting rage outs, right? Isn’t that how this works?


Chris Gaines was great!


I still miss the live slog chat feature.


Great speech and the poem was FABULOUS (as was the benediction). Hold on tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride...


I found his speech wonderful, and that poem! Now I have to find more of Amanda Gorman's work.


Lil Ween pardons Lil Wayne



She had a nice short feature on Saturday morning's Weekend Edition.


at 8:25 "It's the sound of all of us openly praying for [Trump appointee; Justice] Brett Kavanaugh to just sort of tip over for some reason and fall over the side of the railing he’s leaning against."
If everybody uses the full title for them from now on there might be chance that they will eventually be embarrassed enough to quit. Though Trump appointee, Justice Brett does like his beer, so...., "maybe, I don't know"

At trumps farewell someone played the Gay anthems; Macho Man and YMCA.
They also played "Rocket Man" "I'm not the man they think I am";
While the title of "Don't stop believing" sounds good, the lyrics maybe not so much?
"Payin' anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues"
While "Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding" has a catchy beat, the lyrics might be a bit dark for a good bye:
"Oh it kills me to think of you with another man
I was playing fast and lose and you were just a fan
But my lying couldn't hold you
So I split the band
Love lies bleeding in my hands" (not sure I quoited that exactly, but I think that's the gist)
"Gloria" is another catchy tune, and Ms. Branigan has a nice voice, but..
"I think you're headin' for a breakdown
So be careful not to show it
You really don't remember
Was it somethin' that he said?
All the voices in your head"
Might be a bit close to home.
Then there was "Fortunate Son" for the draft dodger, "Billie Jean" for the con artist "the kid is not my son" (I'm not sure if Billie Jean was a gold digger or Michael was ditching his responsibility, but at least one of them was a bit less than honorable) "Tiny Dancer" seemed innocuous, And while "I did it my way" fits, the President is supposed to be serving the country not himself.
I don't know if they are just stupid or are trolling themselves.

Oh, and Trump read a short speech too. it sounded mostly like he was taking credit the the Veterans choice bill that I think Obama signed. I was a bit nervous that might have been a dog whistle to the guys with the guns, but one can't get veterans benefits if one has been court marshaled and executed, so that was probably paranoia. Other than my paranoia, trump behaved himself pretty well, if he had done as well for all of the last four years he'd probably gotten another four


The supreme irony is that if we actually were a democracy, none of this would've happened. Republinazis have ruined the 21st century.

If the Republinazi Supreme Court hadn't stolen the 2000 election and installed CaliguBush...
If the (s)Electoral College hadn't stolen the 2016 election and installed Prezinazi AntiChrist...
Imagine how completely different our history would've been with competent, sane people in charge. How many more people at home and abroad would still be alive?

What sane democracy installs the loser of the election? Both of those catastrophic "presidencies" have brought this country to its knees.

That's the power of white trash supremacy, and it must be eradicated forever.

The urgency of a new era begins today.


@1 Tmplknght: Climb ev'ry ev'ry stream.........
Follow ev'ry rainbow...till you find ...your drream........

@2 kristofarian: Finally, after four long years of Dark Ages, the turd got flushed.
Plumbing nationwide should be running more smoothly.

@3 & @6 and @20: What are you two babbling about?

@4 Urgutha Forka: Thank you for the reminder. Which is why I vote every election. Mid terms are every bit as important as the general elections.

@8 COMTE, @10 xina, and @21 Original Andrew: Agreed, seconded, and bless you.



It's over. It's finally over. Time to let the kids take over and get some "brunch". And by "brunch" I mean some serious therapy and re evaluating my life.


Omg. He hung the “patriots” who stormed the Capitol out to dry but pardoned Lil’ Wayne! Hahaha.

Man. Trump never misses an opportunity to royally fuck over his cult of losers every chance he gets.

Anyone want to start Death Watch pool on Trump and his inner circle as reality, debt, and (possibly the Russian mob) the next decade of law suits settle in?

I give Trump four years tops before either a heart attack, debilitating stroke, or some QAnon lunatic or Russian pops him.


@21 -- "Imagine how completely different our history would've been with competent, sane people in charge."

Imagine how completely different our history would've been if certain people had not spent a year of their miserable lives laboring to recirculate discredited GOP scandal stories, fantasizing over a "rigged" nomination process, and persuading impressionable voters to cast protest votes against a competent, sane nominee ... making the decisive difference in a few key states.


I'm looking at a live shot of the White House. I never thought I'd be so happy to witness an eviction in the middle of the pandemic.


@ 24,

It still doesn’t feel real that the ~5 year-long racist, fascist terrorist attack is finally over.
Maybe tomorrow?

@ 25

Turn Tr666p over to the Ru$$ian mob immediately. He and the zillions of rubles he owes are their problem now anyway.

"Do you know vaht vee do in Russia vehn you don't pay, dahleen?"


@25 Professor_Hiztory: & @28 Original Andrew: Trumpty Dumpty thrives on Schadenfreude, especially when inflicting it upon his own Free Dumb fahter MAGA rubes. Since Der Gropenfuhrer is no longer of profitable use to Russia, Vladimir Putin is now the Kremlin's version of Al Pacino's Scarface:
"Say hello to my leetle friend."
......while North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un is spitting up kimchi, laughing his head off........

@27 cressona: Agreed and seconded. As newly fired and evicted Trumpty Dumpty goes slithering off to its hide-y-hole in Florida, what if Der Gropenfuhrer threw a party for itself and nobody showed up at Mar-a-Lunatic except the alligators and federal agents?


@17 Lissa: I do, too! I wept upon seeing and hearing Amanda Gorman's own recited Inaugural poem. What a lovely, powerful young lady!


Thank you, Matt, Chase, Nathalie, Jasmyne, Charles, and Rich, for the wonderful online Inauguration coverage! I plan to send a donation to The Stranger soon--hopefully within the next few weeks. Keep up the fantastic work! :)