Laughing at Drumpf was one of the only ways to maintain sanity as he dismantled democratic norms and tried to ruin the US. I liked Randy Rainbow's stuff -- it was 5 minutes of much needed comic relief (sure, predictable). I hope he and others can pivot and stick around.


I agree with the article about most of the anti-Trump content, but not about the headliner. Randy Rainbow was around before Trump (he had some pretty decent Hamilton screeds), and I hope he'll be around after. Ideally that'll be with minimal Trump content except possibly a rendition of "He Had It Coming" when Trump goes to jail.


Wow, this is ugly, hateful, and narcissistic.

Like @1 says, and like many of the comments to the videos say, Rainbow kept a lot of people going during the dark times, so to dismiss his work just because his style doesn't suit Matt's tastes is like saying fuck their feelings.

And to send a gay anti-Trump liberal away with Trump? You might as well be calling him a gay slur and telling him to die of AIDS.

I guess some of this post is supposed to be humorous, but Matt just joined that cancel culture-obsessed nutjob that the Stranger fired on my list of writers not to take seriously.


Pot, meet kettle.


Agreed with all commenters. This is worth repeating. I am a U.S. Navy Gulf War veteran and a musician with service connected PTSD and anxiety disorder. Randy Rainbow helped keep me going, too, during the four, far-too-long dark years of Trump. Randy's music and lyrics helped me cope. And while we are finally moving onward and upward again with a real President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, I wouldn't mind at least one more Randy Rainbow Trump-themed song parody---such as boatgeek's @2 suggestion of "He Had it Coming".


Agree. I’m SO eager to get back to boring politics. The peanut gallery served its purpose, move along now.


@7 Totoman: Point taken. At least we shouldn't have to worry about overblown and exceedingly publicized Twitter posts anymore. I agree with boatgeek @2. "He Had it Coming" would make for one last swan song parody to officially end the Error That Was Trump.
That said, onward and upward with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!


Huh. I gotta say I'm a bit surprised, Matt. If anything, I would have guessed you would have been a Randy Rainbow fan. Guess not.

There are some truly loathsome gays that Trump can take away with him. Richard Grenell and Milo Yiannopoulos spring to mind. No reason to pick on Randy Rainbow.

I'll echo other comments in that humor is the only thing that has gotten me through the last 4 years without sinking into an alcoholic stupor or a raging depression. The hilarious virtual furry Four Seasons Landscaping lot that you wrote about had me in tears. You had to either laugh or go into a rage as Giuliani leaked his way through press conferences as he tried to undermine a presidential election. Sarah Cooper's hilarious lip-syncs of Trump were the only way I could stand to hear his voice. Wonkette's snarky political commentary kept me from losing my fucking mind. George Takai's tweets, Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and the rest all torched Trump but kept us laughing while doing so. Maybe Randy Rainbow was predictable and sometimes a little lame, but he was still a part of the patchwork of humor that kept me sane through the last 400 years of the Trump Administration. He put a smile on my face a few times when I desperately needed it. I don't know what is in store for his future, but I thank him for his service.


Randy brought us joy through bleak times. What have you done for us lately, Baume?

Is this just your attempt to fill the Herzog-sized hole of pissing off the readers to get more clicks?


I detect jealousy and envy in Baume's snide critique.


Just this to add: I listened and sang along with Randy Rainbow's YouTube recording of"Seasons of Trump". It was just the medicine I needed to put the ugliness of Der Gropenfuhrer behind me.

@9 Reverse Polarity: Agreed, seconded, and amen.


Matt, I love your writing, and I love Randy Rainbow. I will continue to enjoy both. I accept and forgive you for your opinion on Randy.


thnx, for saying it Better
than I wouldda, seatackled.


I spose the trumpfster really
did bring out the Worst of us.

or as my ol' bud Josey Wales
(the Outlaw) put it 'I guess we
all died a little in that damn War.'


@reverse -- "Maybe Randy Rainbow was predictable and sometimes a little lame, but he was still a part of the patchwork of humor that kept me sane through the last 400 years of the Trump Administration."

Gawd, was it only Four Hundred Years?!
it seemed like An Eternity and I guess it was
for those succumbing to trumpf's Coronavirus.

is he Still gone?
having a Hard time believing here.

Oh! Rx:

David Chase's borrow was a-fuckingMazing over the closing scenes of The Sopranos and it's been, Bada Bada Boom! front burner whoa....

[makes me wonder why so little of what I've seen jibes so Perfectly with the music behind it; but I do see it's beginning to catch on (the few places I've seen) and Godspeed, bitches...]


I follow both Matt and Randy’s Youtube channels. I’m looking forward to whatever new topics Randy sics his bitchiness upon beyond Trump, hopefully as widely as Matt does beyond his histories of how gay life was depicted on late 20th C. primetime TV. Of course Matt is an entertaining journalist while Randy is a pure satirist.


Obviously it's okay if you didn't like Randy's work. But geeze, Matt, can try not to sound like a bitter self-loathing homocon in the process? There are lots of people I would love to shove into a cell along side Donald, but someone doing parodies that you didn't find funny doesn't deserve that kind of comment.

For some of us, Randy's song parodies were one of the things that helped us get through the last four years.


The article is missing the link to the source:

I always like them the more I replay.


Haters gonna hate.


Drag queens are lining up to turn you over their knees for bare bottom spankings, but we still love you Matt.



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