The Big Names That Would Have Greatly Improved the Celebrity List for Biden's Inauguration

What, was Mary J. Blige busy?



It's an inauguration, not a discotheque.


it's a Fawking PARTY.
you sign in
you Celebrate
and you go to Work
the next day slightly hung
over but Look who's Runnin'
The Show NOW motherfuckers?

and what's-'is-name's
what did he
look like?



“What, was Mary J. Blige busy?” is a classic, Charles. Thanks for the laughs as always you smart motherfucker. Please keep it coming through all of 2021.


The entire country (not counting the MAGAts) is suffering from PTSD. Seriously, what were you expecting from Joe Biden? I am just so fucking happy that despite everything they did and how they bragged about how they were doing it THEY DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION THE WAY THE SAID THEY WOULD OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

There are plenty of current, on the charts musicians, and current, relevant actors and other celebrities, just because you don't know who they are doesn't make them irrelevant, they are just not relevant to YOU. And I say that as someone who worked in the entertainment industry in one way or another for my entire career before I got sick. I don't know who a lot of these people are than simply means I am no longer in the loop or young enough to know everyone in the industry (even if only by name) as I once did. That being said I know enough of the names performing and appearing tonight to know they are relevant and there are people happy to see them in this program.

Personally, I am waiting for the day Kamala Harris becomes president, THAT inauguration will be OFF THE HOOK. Oh yeah.


Be aware of who is (trying?) to pull the strings in this new administration. For example, Larry Summers former member and director of the World Bank, president of Harvard, .01%, who recently, loudly, objected to the stimulus payments to the people saying it wasn't good for the economy and shouldn't happen. Jimmy Dore has the evidence on a recent program.

Corporate democrats and wall street are not our friends. Not unless you are very wealthy.
Sure its good that Trump is no longer president but the wolves are still at the door.


Dave Chapelle as Rick James...


But hey, what a sigh of relief that the fascist goon is gone.


I did just play No More Drama and a few other songs that provided some catharsis (especially for mom who was screaming over and over FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP!!!! while crying her eyes out. Celebration by Kool and the Gang, 1999 by Prince, and Born in the USA by Springsteen (since he didn't sing it tonight). Our neighbors (Trump MAGAt fascists) hate us, but oh well! What have the MAGAts been saying for four years? Fuck your feelings? Fuck your feelings indeed.


One last thing, I was hoping we'd see some Beyonce, tbh.


Lady Gaga did the anthem better than Beyonce (Obama's 2012).


Oh, this is rich, and speaking of music:

Rapper Kodak Black, who was pardoned by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, featured an actor in one of his music videos who played a Trump supporter being chocked during a fight.


oh fuck off - who really cares about who sang what? dump is gone, that is the important part.


"You Get What You Give" also has a Beau Biden connection.


No classical music. At all. That's a big genre that was missing.


I’m agreeing with #14... the lack of ANY classical music was just sad. As was Garth Brooks’ breathy crooning of “Amazing Grace”. And Mindy Khaling, in place of TOM HANKS?!? Are you fucking nuts? She’s an actress of middling talent, while Tom Hanks is an American institution. I think most people would rather see the multiple Oscar-nominee/winning actor from “Philadelphia” and “Forest Gump”, rather than the snarky TV comedy show/animated film voiceover actress. It’s supposed to be a Presidential INAUGURATION for the entire country, not just a showcase for obscure pop singers & rappers. Get real, Charles.