Activists Hold Funeral for "Death of Identity Politics" in Front of City Hall



Interesting, but wouldn't a demonstration about police accountability make a heck of a lot more sense, after today's news (which will be closely followed by a lot more news very very soon)?


Seems like complaining about an imaginary culture of white supremacy is still sort of the definition of identity politics, but I guess they're halfway there.



" imaginary culture of white supremacy..." says a no-doubt member of that said same culture of white supremacy...


@1 -- I read the Caption as
Citizens arrest 4 outta-control cop-
pers and that was Nice for a moment, or 2...

@3 'what' KKK?!
their 400 year
Rain of Terror
was all just

Besides, we already
Had a Black President.
and whilst orange WAS the New Black
(for seemingly 4,000+ years) that worked
out even WORSE than anyone couldda Imagined.

but it's still Nice to be White!


'Nait delivered a wry speech that sought not to dismiss diversity in high places but to warn of the "dangers" of powerful people using their status as a member of a marginalized group as a shield against criticism.'

Providing an example of Mayor Durkan actually ever having used her sexual identity "as a shield against criticism" would have provided this art with some heft. Without such an example, this artwork says something far more negative about the artists than about the subject.

(Perhaps their next artwork will show them attacking a straw effigy of Durkan? Or is that a bit too on-the-nose for this troupe?)