Slog PM: Bellevue School District Takes Teachers Union to Court (and Fails), Who Attended Yesterday's Inauguration?



Quop Qlux Qlan SAD today cuz they ain’t got shit and they are shit.


/random inauguration observations/

—Jill Biden looks just like Linda Evans.
—I enjoyed Garth Brooks’ performance the most (???).
—Tom Hanks, America’s dad, looked like heez freezin’ hiz nads off.


of course Fauci looks better
he and we just lost 300
very fugly pounds.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah is right
I feel 3oo pounds better already.

better get out
the Plunger.


oh and how 'bout his kids who had to live under that abusive asshole's rough (yet manicured!) hands?

& ptsd for everyone! shouldda been the Warning Label on his campaign or better yet tatoo'd on his forehead


Has anyone looked at Linkedin recently? It is full of real profiles for sex-workers looking for clients - some are disguised as 'travel nurses' or the like . Also full of obvious scam profiles for either catfishing, or simple financial scams, and perhaps targeting the older, white male with IT and/or security clearances. It's been going on for several years, and sky-rocketed with the Panny-D.


Yes, it is delightful and refreshing to type "President Biden".


I'm sure the right-wingers will take solace in knowing that the Free Hand of the Market has spoken or whatever, so the Parler matter is settled and they have no reason to be angry.

Because I doubt either Swiftress or raindrop will respond back in the Slog AM thread, I'll drop this here preemptively:

Now neither of you can feign ignorance.

@4: I couldn't get over how goddamn cluttered it's become since the last time I was there (and that's even with uBlock Origin filtering out ads). It was like being back on Yahoo in the late '90s.


I didn't attend the inauguration yesterday, but certainly enjoyed the online coverage provided by the Stranger staff. Many thanks and keep up the outstanding work! I plan on sending another donation soon.
President Joe Biden, First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Second Man Doug Emhoff. I love the SOUND of that!

@2 kristofarian: For the WIN, baybee! Agreed and seconded. I feel 300 lbs lighter myself.
It's nice to see Dr. Anthony Fauci smiling again.


@2 kristofarian: If Der Gross Tonnage flushes its toilet enough times down in Mar-a-Lunatic, will there be alligators rising in the floodwaters? I actually feel sorry for Trumpty Dumpty's surrounding neighbors. That's a lot of shit.


Marjorie Taylor Greene. Jesus--another one! How many carefully made up bleach blond Trumpian bimbos are still OUT there in circulation, spouting misinformation? They obviously crawl up from the sewers.


@8: You tell us, it's your cartoon.


The court never had the authority to force AWS to host Parler. This is at best a contract dispute and the best they could hope from that is some sort of monetary damages. They have no case. Any more money they spent on this would be better put toward their new infrastructure.

As I’ve said in another post Parler will be back just like Gab did. Chatter is they’re at the same host as Gab. It will take them a couple/few weeks to get any functionality back and it’s unclear if they can back port the content.


@10: Did you O.D. again on Cocoa Puffs just because Wal*Mart had another Hoard-It-While-U-Can truckload sale? I'm surprised you haven't lost consciousness yet, Rainy.


RE: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Yes, even though Georgia just helped the entire country by electing both dem senators, we still have our red holes in the state.

This last weekend I was way up North of Atlanta near Dahlonega visiting Georgia's wineries (The Cottage winery has the best viogneir I've ever tasted, fyi) and along the route passed several trashed out houses and mobile homes that looked nearly abandoned for lack of maintenance. Cars on cinderblocks filled the yards. Half barrels. Empty cable spools. Just trash. And every single one of them still had Trump signs next to the garbage in their yards. Most also had crosses or other christian kitsch littered about. Lots of pro gun signs as well. Scores of people who can't wait to vote for people who lie to their faces to make them feel better. Voting against their own interests, against their own futures. The brainwashed masses. Trump was never the problem, he was always just a symptom.


@13: Good leaders not only listen to the needs of their constituents, they also lead. The phrase "voting against their own interest" is like fingernails on a blackboard to them. So codescending. You'd find it condescending to if that was said against you. Get real.

No, Trump was the problem. Having a narcissist sociopath with no interest in governing the nation to see better days was the problem.

Also a problem is lack of respect among constituents. Lack of listening. Everyone polarized into their own bubble into grievance politics and inter-sectionalism. Bad attitudes, unhelpful condescending attitudes against our fellow Americans is the worst problem.


Trump wasn’t THE problem as much as Trump was the result. Then he became one of the problems by encouraging and amplifying the message. Just because someone is offended when they’re told they were voting against their best interest doesn’t mean they aren’t.


Not offending people is progress.


People should not refrain from speaking the truth because it offends some people, particularly when said people are offended on behalf of others. Republicans have been voting for politicians who use populist rhetoric about abortion, immigrants & queer people to convince poor white christians to support politicians who prioritize tax cuts for the wealthy. Meanwhile abortion is still legal and trans people can pee wherever they want because that’s just window dressing.

It’s been 4 decades of bait and switch and it’s not doing anyone any favors to refrain from calling this out because it offends a middle aged gay techie living in a fancy coastal city. These people are being emotionally manipulated for their own detriment. Deal with it.


"These people are being emotionally manipulated for their own detriment."

Exactly. And that's what you do when you insult or ignore them. Say their just bunch of deplorables. Telling them that their vote is wrong, and against their best interest.

Like raising children, you lead them to understand better options. Not just talk down to them.



Gawd, you are such an idiot. Do you think 70,000,000 people just suddenly turned into bigoted neo-fascists on June 16, 2015, like flipping on a light switch? They were ALWAYS bigoted neo-fascists; he just gave them license to crawl out from beneath the slime-encrusted rocks they'd been hiding beneath - which in a way is good, because now we KNOW there are 70,000,000 bigoted neo-fascists living among us who would happily sell their own children up the river if it meant there was even a chance of returning to those by-gone days when white males held absolute power over everyone else; and women, BIPOC, LGBTQA, non-evangelical Protestants, and anyone with political leanings to the left of Ted Fucking Cruz were kept perpetually squirming beneath the heels of their steel-toed Wolverines.


And no, not offending people is rank pandering and impotent appeasement; things you've been doing since the first day you logged on here. Taking offense is a choice you make, it's not something inflicted on you; and frankly, choosing to take offense is at the very least an indicator that someone cares enough about something to make that choice. Only someone as dull and soft-brained as yourself would make a conscious, deliberate choice to never be offended at anything.


@18 - Children are too young to know better. Adults that believe in lizard people, are full of hate toward s others because of skin color, etc don't deserve much leeway or consideration. i'm not wasting a breath to lead a grown adult away from believing in lizard people.


18 im not talking to them, we’re here on slog talking shit amongst ourselves but for some reason you have anointed yourself the hillbilly whisperer and taken offense on behalf of these people (who probably hate everything you stand for btw, even if you’re a pretty mainstream conservative by any sensible definition). Were I speaking to one of them I would probably be more artful in explaining to them the folly of their voting behavior, but im not. Im here talking to you.

To me, it’s far more degrading to avoid delivering hard truths to people who need to hear them. I wouldn’t expect to have much success trying to reason with them bc their voting behavior is wired to their emotions & unlikely to be moved by logic. But your pearl clutching feels like the bigotry of low expectations, like you think these people are too delicate to handle it.


"But your [dipshit's] [constant] pearl clutching feels like the bigotry of low expectations, like you think these people are too delicate to handle it." --blip

maybe that's cause our dear
ole rainer was only simply
Projecting their hard-earned
Delicacy on those too freakin'
Emotional to think straight,
let alone critically. blast
away, blip. and let the
Chips land where
they Must.


You're making progress blip:

"it’s far more degrading to avoid delivering hard truths to people who need to hear them."

Then next you strategize how deliver the hard truths to unreceptive ears. That's the challenge most partisans and too reluctant to pursue.

@19: I always disregard anything you have to say because it's as insincere as hell, packed with hostle rage and stereotypical sophomoric babble. Not just to me but to any slogger who has a difference of opinion. You're only a more verbose GermanSausage, and at least he was far more real than you could ever hope to be.



I don't care if it's condescending to tell people they're voting against their interests. They are. I'm telling them the truth. And I'm not even doing it to try to sound superior, I'm doing it because they're voting against MY interests too. Like it or not, I have way more in common with the white trash hillbillies than I do with the 1%'ers. Tax cuts for billionaires will hurt both me and the hillbillies. Removing regulations on polluting coal plants or regulations that banks must be responsible with their lending will hurt both me and the hillbillies.

I'm not going to pretend that the hillbillies will pay any attention to me because I cannot compete with 24 hour fox "news" and the decades of lies and brainwashing they've been fed. But damn right I'm going to tell them they're hurting themselves because they're also hurting me in the process. I'm looking after my OWN self interest by telling them they're voting against theirs.



You don't "disregard anything (I) have to say" by continually responding to and attempting to argue against it, dipshit - that's literally the OPPOSITE of how you disregard something.


@25: "I'm looking after my OWN self interest by telling them they're voting against theirs."

And that's what they need to hear. Maybe, after covid, strike up a conversation with the next table at the Wagon Wheel in Dahlonega with the premise that politics is crazy (everyone agrees with that) and then subtly work in a reference to some local environmental problem and note that Jon Ossoff is working on it. Then leave or change the subject to the weather. Just plant a seed, that's all.

@26: Disregarded



You're STILL RESPONDING, dumbass...


@28: You can assist by not provoking responses.


don't make me
axe you again
she said



You can assist by shutting the fuck up and just stop responding - or are you really so weak-willed you simply cannot resist the reflex urge to respond, as if I'm standing next to you with a gun pointed at your already empty skull shouting "RESPOND! RESPOND RIGHT NOW, DAMN YOU!" I mean, if that's the case then -

Di di mau, motherfucker...


@31: Okay, I'll give you the last word.


No, you won't. That would be far too damaging to your ego...