Trump Left a Mess, Now Washington State Is Cleaning It Up

This is a very exciting time to be a lawyer.



Geeze cant we just move on and let the nation heal like we do every time a Republican presidential administration commits criminal acts on a massive scale, thus ensuring the nation never truly heals?

The next few months are going to be rife with the Fuck Your Feelings Trump That Bitch Dont Be So PC crowd calling for civility and compromise. Weve already seen it here with the Strangers conservative commenter brain trust.

These people should not be taken seriously or listened to. About anything. Ever.



Yeah, I can imagine him playing chess, but he would keep jumping pieces, then demanding to be crowned, and yelling "Parcheesi!" every five seconds...


Sure I can imagine Trump playing chess: "Of course a pawn can move four squares at a time! What idiot taught you to play chess? I used to beat Bobby Fischer all the time - you can ask him! Have you even played Bobby Fischer?"


GO, SuperBob, GO!!!! Checkmate, baybeee!!!

@3 Toe Tag: Maybe if Trumpty Dumpty hummed a few bars?....he could start a real prison riot.


The Trump Administration was the operational equivalent of hanging your Johnson out the window and screwing the world. Hopefully the greenish-orange howler-monkey didn’t leave a nasty surprise in the Oval Office for incoming President Biden like Clyde the Orangutan from “Every Which Way But Loose”. Special Ops should sweep the White House for booby-traps and incendiary devices left behind by that hairy sideshow exhibit the redneck lobby imposed upon an appalled, offended nation. Hopefully Attorney General Ferguson can participate in a concerted legal effort to send Trump to federal prison to be molested on a continual basis, the same way Trump was molesting America.