Slog AM: Impeachment Trial Could Begin Next Week, Tokyo Olympics Up in Air, Trumpet Man Won't Press Charges Against Bike Cop



"In April 2020, [Bryson] Morgan was arrested in Wilbarger County, Texas, for being in possession of more than 50 pounds but less than 2,000 pounds of marijuana" - Sea Times.

The ersatz War on Drugs has created countless criminals just like him.


And sadly, Trump was responsible for many erections at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.


So, some National Guard troops had to spend some time in a parking garage. Oh, well. That's the Army, hurry up and wait. At least nobody is shooting artillery at you.


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say, I've got the High Sperm cum the low blood sugar [plus a pair of twitchy pinky fingers, but that's a totes different situation, perhaps more suitsable for some other Spellscaster or Magic Potions Maker?] is there Anything 'doktor' Nelson can do for ME?

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"from the Capitol grounds to a cold parking garage yesterday" -- I could swear I read elsewhere that the parking garage was heated --

@1 Not sure how arresting a guy for bulk marijuana possession 8 months ago, a crime for which he has not yet been prosecuted, convicted, or apparently even detained for any length of time, caused him to be a murderer. If arresting people for marijuana possession caused them to go out and shoot people, I feel like our murder rate would be higher.


@2 - I would have figured most of the guys invading the Capitol were erectionally challenged. Or maybe they are persons experiencing impotence.


Isn't it obvious by now? Hunter Biden is Q. It almost came out when Rudy got the laptop from the blind guy but Rudy's credibility is so low he couldn't get the press to listen.



I miss the days when John de Lancie was Q.


John de Lancie will always be the only true Q


Let's see here, National Guard troops sleep out in the rain, snow, mud, wind, freezing cold, scalding heat, sand, etc in tents and sometimes without anytime they're on field training exercises or deployed overseas...but a parking garage is an outrage?

The guardsmen who bitched are just two partisan pussies trying to stir up shit with their bullshit drama, and the media has fallen for it in a massive way, hook, line and sinker. It sounds as if the review of troops that looked for unstable Guard members missed a couple.


@11 - I was kind of wondering the same thing. Parking garage seems pretty tame compared to being out in the desert being shot at.


@1 -- You're quite sure it was the war on drugs, and not the pound of meth, that led him to blow the young woman's brains out?


@11: The Trump Hotel should be forced to provide courtesy luxury suites and rooms for them.


Uhh, the Army sent me to the Arctic to sleep in a tent while I provided technical assistance to Native Villages. I would have loved a parking garage.


we used to live in a lake.


@16: No requirement to live in one despite being told to jump into it.


@11 Morty, @12 dvs99, and @15 Seattle in Alaska: I was wondering that exact same thing, too. Those National Guardsmen could be up to their ears in shit in Afghanistan, Syria, or anywhere in the scorching heat of the Arabian Desert. They're bitching about holing up inside a parking garage? Where were they stationed before, in a Hunts Point, WA McMansion?

@14 & @17: Now, now, lil MAGA troll. Trump lost, despite all the dirty tricks he pulled to try to remain in office to retain impunity. The Orange Stain that is Der Gropenfuher is finally going to get his proper comeuppance. Get over it, Rainy.


The Guardsmen were put out by the Capitol Police. The Capitol Police all need to be vetted and most of them fired for the terrorist attack on the Capitol. And oh yeah how many National Guardsmen were relieved of the duty of even being at the Capitol after being vetted and deemed unsafe to be around Biden and Harris and everyone else. Seems like we need a big white supremacist purge of the Guard, the military (complicit in the terrorist attack via Mike Flynn's brother and others), the Capitol Police, all police in general, oh yeah and the motherfuckers in congress who voted against certifying the election results!!! That's a lot of domestic terrorists to purge and what to do with them?

So far they've sent the people who engaged in the acts of terrorism home to spend time with their mommies until their trials, except for the guy whose mommy complained to the press about how the big bad jail he was in wouldn't feed him his organic food.

It's unlikely the senate will convict Trump unless the Republicans believe they are going to lose too much money and being voted out of office in the future if they don't do it. Attorney General Letitia James of NY is still coming for Trump, though. Georgia is coming for Trump, too. When all is said and done Trump will not only be decimated and destroyed in every possible sense of the word, he just may be dead, too. Only time will tell.


Actually here's the full reality of the Guardsmen in the Parking Garage:

"The relocation of National Guardsmen within the U.S. Capitol building grounds has nothing to do with Congressman Keating reminding a soldier of the requirement to wear their mask," the general wrote.

The statement explains that Capitol building officials asked the Guardsmen to move their break area to a garage because the Senate was in session.

Keefe also said that photos of the Guardsmen in the garage have been taken out of context.

"What the stories failed to mention was that they were on a break, resting between shifts," Keefe said in his statement. "At the end of the duty day, soldiers returned to their hotel rooms."


@19 xina: I think that the U.S. Senate could and will convict Donald Jackass Trump, for committing high treason, threatening national security, public health and safety, destroying the environment, conspiring violent insurrection, and obstructing what should have been a smooth administrative transition for Biden - Harris, just for STARTERS. Der Gropenfuher has blood on his hands. 400,000 U.S. citizens have died from COVID-19 already because of Trump's willful negligence, and these numbers are still climbing.

Georgia Senators Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock have helped flip the Senate back to the Democrats. And while the Senate is at a 50-50 tie, Vice President Kamala Harris can be tiebreaker. The idea of Moscow Mitch McConnell squirming in agony delights me no end, as he is now the Minority.


@19 & @20 xina: By the way, I really like your new spot on avatar and feel the same way.
Onward and forward at last with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.


repubs Gotta get trumpfy
the fuck off the Next Ticket or
he'll drag that party into Oblivion
plus 'mainstream' repubs'd have little
chance against a hair Furor II. the trumpfturd
threw away his shot when he Lost GA for the repubs

which won't mean he's Gone
it just means trumpfy teevee'll
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if y'alls think FOX sux, wait for
the trumpf crime fambly teevee:

it'll steal your soul
whilst selling the rest.


is Two-Way teevee:
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*more Importantly


@23 and @24 kristofarian: Thank you for the reminders of why I am so grateful NOT to have a TV or a Twitter account (even though Der Gropenfuhrer's own used and much-abused White House account has since its exit from D.C. been permanently and blessedly suspended).

Now what to do about Trumpty Dumpty's neo-fascist QAnon death cult (can a good number of these people also be Tea Party goons?). Re-educating them certainly isn't working, and they can't kill each other off soon enough. They're totally lost without their criminally insane leader's willful misinformation and provocation.


yes auntie Gee I think you've hit on something: re-Education Kamps where we beat them with free further Education (oh and Medicare [for All -- even the dipshits!] and Daycare so they can fucking AFFORD to fucking go to fucking Work -- what a Novel fucking Concept, eh? Yeah. 'First World' they call it. must be Nice)...