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Inaugural Address Spills Over Into Second Day As Biden Continues To List Greatest Issues Facing Nation

WASHINGTON—Carrying on breathlessly with no sign of soon stopping, President Joe Biden’s inaugural address spilled over into the second day Thursday as he continued to list the greatest issues facing the nation. “Child poverty, crumbling infrastructure, cyber warfare, wildfires, opioids, domestic violence, hunger, and homelessness plague our nation—not to mention sex trafficking, automation, hurricanes, obesity, and misinformation,” said Biden, who clutched the podium with both hands in exhaustion as his speech to the nation stretched into its 26th hour, continuing to list immigration, unemployment, offshoring, guns, the wage gap, and water contamination as just a few of thousands of challenges waiting on the road ahead.

“Gerrymandering, the decline of manufacturing, sexual harassment, and food deserts. Chlamydia, the cost of insulin, water privatization, credit card debt, dog fighting, and teen drinking. High murder rates on indigenous reservations and rising sea levels and smog. Low teacher salaries, E. coli, data breaches, voter suppression, animal testing, and PTSD. Plus, you can’t forget the student loan crisis, lobster overfishing, the structural inequalities of the Senate, home foreclosures, the loneliness epidemic, toddler drowning deaths, cyberbullying, and suicide.”

At press time, Biden had continued rattling off gang violence, robocalling, and asthma as EMTs transported the dehydrated president into an ambulance.


For the sake of entertainment, let's hope QAnon Shaman will be testifying at the the upcoming impeachment hearings.


Parler isn’t being served from Belize nor does DDoS Guard has a technical point of presence in Belize. In fact recently LACNIC, the org that assigns IP address blocks in Latin America and the Carribian, issued an order to revoke the use by DDoS Guard effective Feb 26.

Using address blocks from locales where one is not located is often used by those that need more but for whatever reason can’t or won’t get them where permitted. For example people operating from the former Soviet Union that don’t want to necessarily want you to know where they are. Bottomline is Parler will change to another address block used by DDoS Guard.


Forensic examination of Trump's efforts to keep the White House are proceeding day and night. No telling how far they will get by Feb 8, but it may be far enough to blow away the procedural fig leaf to which spineless Republicans cling in a transparent attempt to avoid acquitting Trump on the merits,

NYT just dropped yet another journalistic bunker-buster, and it won't be the last.


Parler... the only way true Americans can communicate their pat- riot free speech. for flag and country and God. Using Ru$$ian infrastructure. An idiot Savant script writer for a B movie mockumentary couldn't make this shit up.


RIP Larry King


One had to be pretty stupid to belong to Parler to begin with, but it would seem to me that it is almost terminally stupid to give you personal information to something being hosted by the Russians.


@8 I found a number of very intelligent people on Parler; all fellow Leftists trolling the shit out of the Fascists.


@7: What, like an email address? How frightening.


There is a more than an email address. They could phish, inject or other nefarious ways to manipulate the service. In fact DDoS Guard is one of the leading hosts of phishing and criminal enterprise sites on the net.

To get a confirmed Parler account, similar to a Twitter blue check, you had to submit government ID to them to verify your identity. If you had what they called an influencer account, one that was able to be monetized, you also had to submit an SSN or EIN so they could generate and report any earnings to the IRS.


@11 - You're right. This is astonishing - in Googles aggregated results of "requirements for Parler account":

Parler says its user data is stored securely, and that it deletes social security numbers and other identifying information once users are verified. But even if Parler is honest about its data policies and keeps your information safe, the mere act of giving your social security number is a major risk.

@Greenwood_Bob: oh dear


And a heavily armed white terrorist used his vehicle to back up and run over multiple Tacomans.


their blatancy
becomes Alarming
they must really miss the
good ole days of Slave Patrols
and R E S P E C T. Heavy on the latter.

'and when they say 'HAIL to The Chief!'
ooooh they're pointin' the Canon at YOU

woo woo woo woo'

coppers' Unions
have the Citizenry
By The Balls. why?

whose idea was that?


Cannon not camera.

kinda like the dif
between lightning
and a lighting bug.