The cop heard there were donuts in the intersection and didn’t want to miss out.

Don’t blame you for not knowing who JoJo is. I know because the production is as big as any other mainstream pop act. She’s been packing them in for a few years. It’s a good gig.


C'mon Matt, Navalny is a nationalist. You think the Russian police would be that friendly to being pelted by leftists?


When you see a police car, fire truck or ambulance with sirens on, you move to the side of the road. Those idiots should have done that as well. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.


Well done Slog AM, Mr. Baume.

Lovin' the Larry King clips. Debbie Reynolds. Jerry Seinfeld: "Do you know who I am?!" Jerry's exasperation was the perfect puncturing of the King-ian bubble of vacuousness.

Oh, and a little memo to all the Republican members of Congress who are so afraid of their constituents. If you think voting to impeach or convict Donald Trump is some wild-eyed act of political courage, try doing what Alexei Navalny just did. Try doing what those protesters in Russia are doing.


😂wow drag racing down a Main Street in Tacoma in the middle of the night isn’t exactly ‘making a sudden move’. Also,hey let’s support every form of queerness except bisexual women and instead belittle them. Typical and disappointing



If running people down was the prescribed response for not getting out of the way of a speeding cop car ("don't you DARE make me stop at this yellow light, civilian!") half the drivers on the road would be bleeding out from some kind of LEO inflicted wound.


...Not to mention half the pedestrians...


The left is losing credibility with their 'anything goes' attitude with regards to 'Standing Up To The Man.' Tagging property and smashing windows isn't exercising your First Amendment rights, regardless of whichever words get scrawled - it's vandalism and should be punished.


Come on ... Seriously. The cop is at a standstill blasting its sirens while a bunch of people have surrounded the car and are video taping it for reactions. An obvious crime is taking place 50 feet away endangering civilians. The cop waited, weighed the consequences, and proceeded.

@9 has a a point, but I think it applies to the left, right and middle.



Back then most of our resident trolls would have been dyed-in-the-wool Tories...


well that was US
standing up to the
British East India Co.
a multinational corps with
Monopoly Power -- something
our resident conservative schloggers
can never seem to get too damn much of.


@11 Ostensibly the Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation with representation. Can anyone even ascertain what the protests in Seattle are about anymore? The litany of grievances and causes is so numerous and fluid they have become diluted and aimless. Rather it seems like it's more about causing destruction and traumatizing people because they can.

Describing the continued events downtown as vandalism feels like nothing more than downplaying the impact it is having on the community. These aren't victimless actions. I would refer to it more as intimidation as there definitely is an underlying message of retribution involved for any person or organization that is on the proverbial shit list of the hooligans.


@17 so to be clear, someone like Mr.Baume here should be able to twist the truth and be as misogynistic as he damn well pleases and anyone who says anything about it is an uneducated racist. Ok got it. Just wow 😮


@19 dude you’re a joke, good luck with that


@17, yes WITHOUT representation. Thanks for the correction.

You sure extrapolate a lot from my comments. So in summary every movement has bad actors but if we support the overall aims of the movement as a greater good for society than we should excuse the collateral damage caused by such individuals because hey, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. That's great for you while you sit in your own perch of privilege but for those people who are impacted on a daily basis, who time and time again have to watch their dreams shattered on the city streets and be terrorized in their homes, they may have a different point of view.

btw basically saying anyone who doesn't support the continued looting and destruction of our city is a racist is its own form of Godwin's law. As Moira Rose would say, "Be careful, lest you suffer vertigo from the dizzying heights of your moral ground."


@20: the Prof's little homily was a bit too much for you to comprehend... I know he used some 50 and 75 cent words.. plus strung in some logic to explain a concept. Make sure you close your open gob and wipe the dumb look off your face. It may be scary to look at in the mirror.


@21 sorry, but how are you not? I find it totally absurd to say that the only thing that matters in protest is the central organizing principles regardless of actions or bad actors it’s just some ridiculous b.s.


@25 I found his tone on the subject to be pretty demeaning


it's not taxation
if it's a corporate
Monopoly. it's just
Business. and multinational
Corps have come back to Haunt us


Professor, who does the black bloc represent? Civil disobedience in support of a cause at times can be justified but what is their cause outside of anarchy? That's not BLM out there destroying the city, its not Decriminalize Seattle, its not even Social Alternative. It's been proven time and again most of them aren't even from Seattle. It's amazing to me you are unwilling to condemn destruction without aim because you think it negates the legitimate protests.

To further say that big corporation are the only ones bearing the brunt of it is as well is completely false. There have been local business owners, minorities and marginalized groups, even a church that has been part of this reign of terror. Stop equivocating and providing excuses for these miscreants. To do so does more to undermine the causes you seek to further than the broken glass they continually leave lying in the wake.


This really isn’t about me, my original post was about twisting narratives to fit a narrow point of view that is the default for what is widely accepted as liberalism in Seattle. But I think that’s proven itself now. It just makes me sad 😔 you win


@5 said... "It's no coincidence that all this sudden unrest just magically appeared right after Biden's inauguration. The CIA's operations in Russia had been totally compromised and quashed under Trump. But they had all this locked and loaded waiting for an administration who had their back."

Interesting and not unlikely, but is this just an informed guess or is there reporting to support it? Links please. Thanks.


@3 - Sigh, why do cop apologists insist that the cops can do anything up to and including mass murder as a means of overcoming any amount of resistance down to nasty looks. Force has to be reasonable and proportionate to the threat. I know plenty of cops who would not support this Tacoma cop; unfortunately I know even more who would, if only as their first knee-jerk reaction in many of their cases.

In my experience, illegal street racers are seriously aggressive assholes, and the only thing the cop probably did to trigger their response was to show up. That said, his response to theirs was wildly disproportionate to the threat they presented. They did interfere with him carrying out his duties, and he can use reasonable and proportionate force to overcome that interference...just not that level of force, which is deadly force.

His vehicle weighs nearly 5,000 pounds and is being pushed by nearly 400 horsepower. That means his vehicle is more than strong enough to gently nudge these assholes out of the way. Moving forward at slightly less than walking pace would have parted the crowd, albeit more slowly, but very likely without injury to anyone. And this crowd could not have prevented it, given its apparent size and individual placement.

This is a clear-cut case of excessive force, and it is criminal in my professional opinion.


steroids check 'em too ok?

oh -- 'scuze us if you please
Po-po Union we got the
People's Business
to attend to

to see now
Move Along.


@31 I re-read it & you’re right about that, I read it wrong. Ive become so used to misogyny and hate that I jump to conclusions sometimes.


@38: Laying on the horn would have done some parting of the crowd pummeling the vehicle.


@42 - His air horn (louder than the car's factory horn) is clearly audible as he repeatedly activates it, and it was not working. Turning on his siren and leaving it on may or may not have, but that would have been a good first step.

@45 - Hey, this is nothing more than tough love; he had to kill the gear-heads to save the gear-heads.

As to my initial post, I forgot to add that this cop did not panic, and he was not in fear of anything. I guarantee he simply lost his fucking temper and decided to show these "disrespecting dirtbags" a thing or two. I guarantee it.


there once was a race car driver who used to cut it pretty fine and when one day on a dirt track, he got called out on it -- by a guy who GOT OUTTA HIS CAR -- IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE to do so* and the other guy ran him over -- and then held the gas pedal to the floor jettisoning the guy 50 or a hundred feet and the guy Died -- I don't believe there were ever any Sanctions -- I found it Disturbing . . . like attacking a Crowd with one's well-armed and armored modus transpo.

if we're not gonna Defund them let's
at least give them some fucking
and Weed OUT
'roid ragers and other Hot Heads

*gotta be pretty Hot under the collar to pull
over and admonish another Hot
Head from the shoulder


My nephew has always loved JoJo Siwa. And he's ok with her being not hetero.

Most people under 40 are.


that wasn't Larry King's grandson. it was his son. of course, he WAS old enough to be his son's grandfather.

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